Hello world! It’s full moon

Mariette Ravet Artwork Native Woman Collage

Mariette Ravet Artwork Native Woman Collage

and its a tense one once again, sleepless nights, slight depressions, acutely bothered…

there is a reason for all this…

At this time of the moon indigenous cultures are doing ceremony, they are together celebrating the magic of life, thanking and communicating with the spirit world, reaching into Great Mystery while offering up a moment of silence in awe for this existence, and requesting healing where it is needed.   Drumming, singing, chanting, psychotropic plant medicine partaking and overall witnessing what it means to be alive. Spiritually renewing their psyche’s for more of lifes’ ultimate challenges is what its all about.  Celebration with those you love is an intricate and necessary part of life which is woven into their existence as much as possible.

In our spiritually bankrupt western culture, of course, we feel tired, sleepless,  and depressed.  Knowing deep down that we are missing something, we are.  We have forgotten the importance of social ceremony and celebration.  Not just for weddings and sweet sixteens, but because, for instance, today was great-grandmothers’ birthday.  We have forgotten to honor and remember the ordinary importance of life:  each other and the love we share!

The cure- initiate some sacredness  into your life.   At least once a month on every full moon make a routine of a womans’ circle, or a promise to oneself to take full moon walks, or a momentary hour to turn off all the electronics and sounds of the outside world.  Anything that says,  “”I remember, I am alive” and I am in tune with all the healers who are celebrating life on Mother Earth.

Naturally, the highest form of celebration to the God/Goddess is dance.  So if all else sounds silly, trite even, make a commitment to get out dancing every full moon.  Dance, like no other form of self-expression, has the ability to set your spirit roaming wild and free. For all of you who have reached ecstatic dance plateaus, you are well aware of the power of releasing your spirit in the dance.

This September full moon was about infusing the Earth grid with a remembrance in our core belief systems of our own magnificence.  If the last month has turned you upside down emotionally, swung you back and forth on the pendulum of mood swings and maybe even had your digestive system in uproar, don’t panic!   We are being coded for magnificence.  In case you haven’t realized it, the vibration is foreign to our systems and actually scares us a wee bit.  Breathe it in, digest it, accept it – magnificence is here, and its available to you right NOW.

Shine my friends and stars in this reality!  We are at the end of the Mayan calendar (3314bc-2012 ad).  Yes, systems are breaking down and chaos is in the air.  This is as it should be.  Don’t worry or focus on the problematic disarray- simply find your place on the grid of magnificence and we will dance ourselves into the next world (2012ad-7138ad, more or less)  The next realm is about harmony, love, community and spiritual magnificence.

We have just lived to witness an evolution of the species.  Like any adaptation of the species, only those who have embodied the new requirements will survive.  If you are reading this, you’ve evolved.   I’m glad you made it, it’s so nice to see you here at my heaven on Mother Earth!!!


Navajo,    May it be So

2 thoughts on “Hello world! It’s full moon

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  2. Katy O'Leary says:

    Dear Kin ~

    Thank you for reaching out to me, another female human on this beautiful Planet Earth. I have read your stories and resonate with them deeply. You have said it so well! I am grateful to you for your beauty and your joy ~ to spread it this way on this computer. I also follow the 13 Moons of Peace and feel as if it has been thrown out as a lifeline to me from the cosmos. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm after all and nothing is to be taken for granted anymore. The sacred ness of life is returning. Hold on, and I will too as things are getting very interesting. My strength comes from synchronizing with people like you who understand what is happening and that there is no accident we find ourselves here right now. Thank you for sharing your heart with me today.
    In Lake’ch,
    Katy O’Leary
    Irish Midwife
    living in San Francisco Bay ARea now

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