The Quickening

full moon caye caulker

I awoke on the first day of the Mayan Calendar 6th galactic night, November 8th, 2009, believing, as so many had foretold, that there was a possibility for the US dollar to crash, rather, what crashed, in a sweeping whoop, was one of my prime interpersonal relationships.  If I am honest with myself, the buildup to this catastrophe was in the making for 5 years due to a series of suppressed emotions, and yet, the suddenness with which it all revealed itself, came out of nowhere, like an unexpected natural disaster.  Ever since that day, the energies pouring onto our planet have almost rendered me speechless.  We are in the quickening.

I would like to again compare this time to a pregnant woman.  From conception through the 8th month, the baby has the comfort and security of its mother’s womb:  warm, dark, & safe.  Sometime in the latter part of that 8th month, the baby’s home, the womb, will no longer offer enough room for growth and the baby will have to prepare for its eventual journey through the birth canal.  The first step will be “to drop” from its position up high in the womb to a lower place in the pelvic cavity.  We are the baby, the Earth is our mother, we are in the 8th Era (the Ethical Era which can be likened to the 8th month of pregnancy), and it is time to drop, to quicken.

In order to drop, a baby will go through a lot of physical movements, he/she may need to turn themselves completely around in the womb.  As you can imagine, this can be uncomfortable, even painful, for the mother.  I remember in my own pregnancies experiencing nausea and feeling as if my equilibrium was very off.  In the next year, we will bear witness to monumental amounts of personal & earth movements as we, the babies, seek to find our new positions.  Remember, our old spaces can no longer offer the much-needed room for growth.  Breathe.  Breathe deeply.  No doctor, hospital, drug or entity outside of yourself can assist you through this process, there is only one way through these times and that is with your breath.   Interestingly enough, a mother whose baby has just quickened will carry an energized Auric glow, she will be “high” as a kite in her expecting phase. I am sure our blue planet is glowing magnificently. The mother will then get a period of rest (2-4 weeks) prior to her labor contractions.  Our period of rest will be the 7th galactic day which begins next November 2, 2010-February 11, 2011.  Our birth pains, contractions and labor will then begin in the 9th Era which synchronistically will last 260 days (the period of a woman’s gestation).  We still have a wee bit of a way to go before birth, or as many are calling it- our planetary ascension!

destino 8 months pregnant

Until then, we will be movers and shakers in this cosmic play.  Be aware, we have one more gateway/portal remaining- the 12/12, the last portal, until the “movements”, the quickening, begins in earnest.  A portal is always an entryway, a gateway.  Will you step through it?  I beseech you not to miss this opportunity as this portal offers an ability to bring to completion anything in your life that is “not working”, that is not serving your highest good and purpose.  You are being offered a shifting perspective, a new view into what can be,  a new dream, and a renewed world.  Won’t you embrace this portal then?  Do not be afraid of  its immense energy and power…like a tsunami wave reaching its peak, turn and face it.  I promise, it will not consume you, rather, it will embrace you on its wave of bliss and ecstasy.  On the Mayan Calendar, the glyph associated with this portal is called Manik:

“Fearlessly let the great tsunami wash over you,

for it is the surf

of the return path to the stars!

Ride its lilting electromagnetic waves

through the universes.”

(The Mayan Oracle, Spilsbury & Bryner)

Some people are questioning why the Gregorian Calendar dates are important if we are discussing the Mayan Calendar?  I tell you, do not underestimate the authority of numbers.  Numbers for the Maya can represent deities that carry specific powers and even an incorrect calendar can embody certain combinations that may deliver malignant or benevolent energies depending on their arrangement.  Kali, Indian Goddess of both destruction, violence & darkness and birth, cleansing & renewal will be our hostess of 12/12 portal.  Her gifts will be available in full force right through to the Solstice 12/21 as she bequeaths her powers unto you.  She says, “Go now- destroy all areas of your life that are being held captive by the Trickster energy” (Tarot Card Major Arcana #15 ):  stagnant, heavy, draining, or abusive energies.  Release this dead wood to the cosmos for renewal.  Allow gentle Mother Kali to help you birth a new day!

In Barbara Hand Clow’s astrograph report of new moon November 16, 2009, she states that the most important thing to do right now is isolate what change occured for you in the 6th galactic day.  She stresses the importance of continuing to bring this change to life in the 6th galactic night, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  For me, I began this blog.  It is clear I must continue to write- that is my purpose  and my contribution to the quickening and actually it is the very gift that must be offered up as my part of the co-creation of the new world.  What is yours?  This quickening will be managed so much easier if you are living and breathing your soul calling.

Planet Earth and all her inhabitants are ascending, quickly now, and if you can’t feel the tsunami wave of these times then you are simply over medicated.  And I can imagine you are on your way to a very challenging, breech birth.   Does anyone remember Kenneth Graham’s “Wind in the Willows”?  We are about to embark on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride; a treacherous, bumpy, adventurous journey into the unknown.  If you have tools to remain centered, then like any birth, you will become one with the forces of nature and reap a successful harvest as you move through the abyss.

My blessings go out to you as you prepare for our quickening on Mother Earth/Gaia/Madre Tierra.


(hoping everyone can hear their birth song and find their way to their path of purpose)

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