The Great Awakening

Welcome Conscious Ones to Mothership Earth.  We made it!  And like all our conscious spiritual writers have been saying- the ascension gates are locked shut, the portals have indeed closed!  The conscious level you have achieved thus far in your life is your navigational steering wheel, for better or worse.  Some of you have chosen to grow and learn through love, others through pain, loss and death.  Please do not judge, critique or attempt to intervene in this process for others, as each person has their lessons to embody. Michael Brown recently stated in his last Gregorian New Year letter of 2010- there is no more working on spirituality and/or ascension as that “time” is over.  Now, more than ever, humans must all live fully present in the moment as the speed of existence is shifting into 9th gear on this  galactic vessel.  So it is pretty simple – Be Present!

I would like to share with my readers the most important ground rules and laws of this ship as we are all fully aware that the old Earth rules and paradigms have become obsolete and our souls have now been re-programmed for the Great Awakening of these times.  Consider these guidelines:

1.) Calendars, clocks and watches are still in use to synchronize meetings, appointments, etc.. but do not rely on them.  Imagine they are sitting on the back seat of your car for when the need may arise to consult with them, kind of like a GPS tracking device.  Rather, become an efficient user of your internal clock, divine timing and instinctual movements.  These tools will guide you to the most harmonious situations, always.

2.)  Write your power name on a card, toss it in the welcome box and be ready to meet new souls.  Do not be overly attached to your current spouses, partners, lovers, children, grandchildren, friends or acquaintances.  The name of the game is growth, which will be expediated through new relationships and new relationship dynamics, and sharing, something the patriarch did not do well.  Marriages and many other forms of intimacy will collapse.  Co-dependency is intolerable.  Possession is unacceptable.  Open hearts and minds are all that is permitted.  Love flourishes!

3.)  Plans do not work.  Live in the moment. Allow the flow of life to be your guide.

4.)  Money has almost been rendered meaningless as heartfelt appreciation becomes our exchange currency and in the Western world everything is processed through numbers anyway. Basically, we can all send each other credit card numbers which will be reduced from our personal monetary accounts which have an infinite, abundant supply that increases exponentially as your purchases reflect your support of ethical Earthly products and services.   Do not “think” too much about money, it is a waste of time.  If you have not yet figured out how to make money through your soul purpose, then simply send out a daily prayer to Great Spirit to please align you with your rightful work and pleasure to make a living.  Worry will get you no where, so why indulge in this low level feeling?  Like my grandmother always said, “when you don’t know what to do, do nothing!”  Simply wait on the movement of the universe to guide you and remain open.  A gentle reminder- the universe is eternally fertile.

5.)  Pleasure, dance, party, ceremony, ritual, love-making and joy are expected, anticipated and mandatory. No old fogies here- they are not welcome.  This is a fun place to be, and like the Zen buddhist saying goes, “every day is a good day”, so make the most of every moment.  We are alive, well and informed in the most auspicious times on this inter-galactic spaceship- Planet Earth.

6.)  Ownership of people (slavery in any form including our enslavement to the system) and land (possession of Earth) is over. We will learn to share, to care and to “give-away” in the Native American pot-latch ceremony way.  We will learn the true meaning of sacred space and respect versus ownership.  We will learn to talk to our neighbors and find real solutions to real problems.  We will understand, maybe even painfully, that we are all in this current predicament together and there are no “we and they” only us- one planet, one people, one mind, one body, and one soul.  Until everyone on the planet is cared for, no-one is cared for.  If millions are starving in Somalia and a whole population is in need of aid in Haiti- then we have a worldwide dilemma which requires an Earth council of capable leaders.

7.)  The old unhealthy ways are over and the sacred, ancient laws have returned.  So remember to celebrate all the Pagaen holidays (especially the four seasons).  As Jesus said, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”.  Guess what, meek, earth keepers and light workers?- It’s our time now and we shall flourish!

8.)  Activism is unnecessary unless you feel absolutely compelled by Spirit to participate in new solutions.  Sure there are real problems out there in the world.  Prayer, meditation and any form of relaxation are your most powerful tools to illicit powerful changes in this current world age.

9.)  Truth, honesty, and integrity are demanded NOW for a harmonious quality of life in the new ethical Earth.  No lies.  No greed.  No corruption.  No violence.  No abuse.  No misrepresentation.  No control.  No deviant behaviour.  No politicians. No slavery.  No genital mutilation.  No disease.   No neediness.  No lack.  No starvation.  No hoarding.  No ownership.  No cheating.  No adultery.  No hidden agenda.  No false information.  No gossip.  No low level actions.  No envy. No prostitution.   A powerful NO is indeed needed!  So that we may all go on to experience the satisfying YES of a creative, peaceful, and light filled world-garden.

10.)  Use fewer words, they are unneccessary, as everyone is truly telepathic. If your third eye skills are weak, practice reading other people’s body language and etheric vibes in order to increase your potential.  Then practice sending out intention through meditative thought- it’s easy, it works.  Be careful.  We do manifest what we think about and pretty quickly in this heart-space round womb ship called Mother Earth.

11.)  Daily movement helps keep your body active and able to respond to the new level of energies.  Sufi dancing (spinning) is especially beneficial as we approach the spiral galaxy alignment of 2012.  Spin yourself into new dimensions, often!  It will ease the shock of meeting our inter-galactic brothers and sisters who display a very  “different” look than us.

12.)  Creatively pursue your life purpose for all that it is worth.  It is your contribution to successful management of this vessel. Without your efforts and art, our Planet weakens.

I would like to offer everyone some homeopathic motion sickness pills as we will all need to be well prepared for a terribly bumpy, turbulent ride.  I would like to leave off with a recent poem by  Dana Shino, written on 1-1-2010…

gregorian new year on caye caulker, belize


“Nothing small about 2010 (or 2011 or 2012 and beyond),

it’s been the writing on the wall for decades, eons,

that few have chosen to see, coming to pass.

And it’s here now, Don’t you know?

this is what we came for?

The Mayans knew.
They left their script on rocks.
They told us.
The Masters in the Ascended Realms,
they’ve been preparing us for centuries:
Buddha, Jesus, Kwan Yin, Mother, Mary
and so many many others.
The Crop Circles have been vibrating
this message for years
from the green fields of Britain, the land of the Celts.

And the Star Light People from the Heavens,

they are visiting us now, holding us in the Divine.

2010 . . . big.
Big transformations, Big crashes, Big grassroots, Big lessons!

Everything we soul-learned in 2009
we apply now.
And everything we soul-learn in 2010
we apply immediately.
The mighty planets are pulling us in new ways, 2010.
The Earth is tilting in new ways, 2010.
The energies are rising in new ways, 2010.
The feminine and masculine are shifting in new ways, 2010.
Nothing faint-hearted about 2010 —
2010 . . . big.

Big Heart Chakra Openings.
Blazing Heart Chakra Openings.
No more hidden heart.
No more peek-a-boo heart.

The heart is the power, the engine,
the knowing, the time of the new way.
The mind, the brain, the logic cannot fathom
what the heart knows.
The heart knows the heat,
the vibrations of this new path
guiding us through this big change.
Bold heart. Big Heart. Wise Heart. Knowing Heart.
Step big into heart.
the joy and
light and new knowledge of the new children
vibrate around the world.
Lighting the new world.
These beautiful Crystals, Rainbows, Stars, Indigos,
they are the new way, just by their being.
Lean, lean closely, listen closely,
old old souls in fresh bodies

glistening with new knowledge,
dewdrops of the new time.
2010 . . .
Big Connections.
Big light bonds of powerful connections.
Big Being with Others.

When the government doesn’t rescue us,

or even turns on us,
and the corporations have forgotten us,
and the relief organizations are tapped beyond tapped,
and the technology blinks out for awhile,
and the money in our pockets means nothing,
and the cavalry never comes to save us,
and everything hesitates,

tipped from the scales of the race,

finally, finally, finally, we see our neighbors.
Finally, we see our humanity in one another.
We see the beautiful, powerful beings that we are.
We see that we already know our truth.
We see one anothers’ heart chakras
pulsating with fresh, new light.
Finally, the mask comes off.
The mask comes off.
the wisdom’s of gardens grow,

chickens cluck and crow,
bees buzz
rivers run and
all these seeds know that
Mother Earth
is teaching us more.
And like Hopi Prophecy speaks
(the great brothers and sisters of the Mayans),
neighbors connect with neighbors
teaching us more.
And the Native wisdoms’ from around the world
vibrate in the peoples across all lands and teach us more.
And the Star Light Peoples in the sky
resonate their truth
brilliantly lighting our dormant DNA
and teach us more.
And the children at our feet grow
and teach us more.
And then,
we choose.
In the middle of the great change
we choose
and we reach forward into a future,
an unimaginable future filled
with the possibilities of light,
the new technologies of light, peace, love..
It’s right at our fingertips.
It’s right on the tips of our consciousness.

2010 and beyond . . . big.
Bigger than big..
The door to the beyond of the new time.”


beautiful new doorways

12 thoughts on “The Great Awakening

  1. Thank you for that Navajo

    It is all coming together, even if a little overwhelming at times. The hardest part for me is to accept that we can not intervene in the process of our loved ones and this can be very lonely if we are not at the same place.


  2. Alicia Bomhoff says:

    Lovely Lady Madonna…remember when you wanted to do a Tarot reading for me and we both looked down to find the El Mundo card in the sand? Missing you and all the cocoplums seeing that picture of ML at the door!! Love you!

    • mayasoma says:

      Yes, the world has always been yours to choose from, I am always so proud to talk about my friend who lives in an earthship- you are a magic lady!!!

  3. thank you always for your input in this web of the words your expresions are delightfull synchronized with how i feel…at this present moment a just thank you..i work here in cusco of peru as a therapist cranial..sacral …reflexology and ayurveda ..just have a baby boy with my partener which she is from cusco a local artist previously back then two years ago in santa fe new mexico i live here in cusco peru member of the white brotherhood missiion rahma…in contact with the above…and inner..light of this new universal awakening ..anything that i can assist from here cusco peru let me know…..thank you gratitude….nicolas prassinos ( originally from athens greece)

  4. thanks says:

    redeeming reading…it can get lonely here in Los Angeles and yes, old family and friends seem to be relegating themselves to haunted corners of sentimentality and confusion…but recently, i’ve experienced incredible psychic phenomena…sort of like pinball, but unseen…it’s on

  5. john owens says:

    thanks for that oh beauty,peace and blessings to you john taos man

  6. DRAGO says:

    I thankyou for this wonderful, up-lifting story……….yes , 2010 , is the year where we relize, that we are all one , connected to each-other…love , we are LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE…CHEERS

  7. mayasoma says:

    I just heard about you through Celia Fenn’s FB posting. Thank you for your message as it is a validation of what I have been experiencing. I am curious about the last statement on the blog as you are offerring some anti nausea supplements as you claims, it is going to be a bumpy ride. I have already been experiencing a lot of nausea during the day, but especially in the morning. I was wondering if this too is part of the process and why? If you could be so kind as to explain I would really appreciate it. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.

    thank you- my feeling as I walk barefoot with my feet on the Earth- is that the Earth is shaking (violentely vibrating)…how her movements manifest may be volcanic eruptions, earthquakes,hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, tsunamis, unpredictable weather, bankruptcys, riots,etc…no-one gets to escape the dizziness of these times and the shift as there is no security in anything (only the moment and the gratitude we feel in the moment) sensitive people and even those not so sensitive may be feeling the nauea of our situation on the planet…

  8. Jasmine says:

    I LOVE your Blog. Found you on Lauren’s site. Who is Michael Brown? I haven’t heard that the “time is over” to work on spiritually/ascension…would love to hear more about that. It scares me a little actually. Thanks again.

    • mayasoma says:

      Micahle Brown wrote the Presence process, I read his new years letter from the mayan majix site- articles, spiritual articles, Michale Brown’s new years letter-
      my friend thinks we are always ascending, so she disagrees!

      • Jasmine says:

        Ah yes. I have that letter on my desktop. Didn’t note the name of the author at the time. LOL!!! I just reread it and don’t see where he says that and would love to know what paragraph/sentence you’re referring to, if you feel inclined. I read the energy alerts of Lauren Gorgo, Solara and Karen Bishop regularly and my interpretation is that it’s an ongoing process until the end of the calendar. Thanks.

      • mayasoma says:

        page 11- he actually says “working on spirituality or enlightenment” now is futile-

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