Sacred Union in the New Earth

(Creation Myth of India)

In the beginning was the One, and It was Infinite in all directions, neither male or female.  But it was alone, and loneliness is not good for the soul.  Alone, the divine yearned to love and be loved, to know and be known, to touch and be touched.  And so It split itself into two.  One half was male and one half was female.  The male half we call Shiva- pure, formless, unmoving spirit.  The female half we call Shakti, our mother who is matter, energy and form.  Shiva and Shakti have always been One, but to our eyes, they appear as two.  The minute these two caught sight of each other, they fell in love and had no greater desire than to reunite.  Always, we desire the opposite of what we have.  This is how things are with the gods.  The one wanted to become two, and the two wanted to return to their former oneness.  Shiva desired Shakti and she desired him.  And so they made love and the Goddess gave birth.  She gave birth to the sun, the moon, and the stars, to the animals and the plants, and to people like you and me.  And because we are children of these lovers, we too yearn for sacred union.  ‘Tat twan asi”, says the Holy Scriptures, You are That!  You are the divine light playing with Itself.  Always creating, always molding, always seeking shape and form and expression.  Therefore, you see, we must honor desire.  Without desire, there is no creation. That is why we humans tell so many tales of desire and love .

Whether we are brought into relationship by love, desire, lust, past life entanglements, agreements, contracts or obligatory situations…relationships in this day and age are in absolute breakdown.  I am witnessing people either cycle through their relationships at lightening speed or they are remaining stuck and stagnant for far too long.  Rules and expectations, obsessiveness and jealousy, unhealthy patterns and responses and a host of other archaic imprints have been left behind from previous generations.  Most people are unable to live in the light and truth of their “desires and heart yearnings”.  Certainly, the playing field of relationships seems to be just another natural disaster on the Planet.  Look around at the circle of people with whom you are acquainted…  Whose relationship do you admire?  Whose do you wish to emulate?  How many unhealthy relationships do you witness?  How many healthy ones can you bring to mind?  Like most everything on the current 3-D Earth plane, relationships are just another arena requiring a deep seated paradigm shift.

“There is a new paradigm of partnership that is being birthed right now and there are many who are being called to step up and midwife it by bringing it into their conscious experience and living it by example. These are the wayshowers for others who feel called down the road to do this inner and outer Union work, and it truly is work of the Soul/Spirit variety. This new paradigm of partnership asks that we take the courageous leap of commitment and service to the sacred Other, while also embracing independence, individuality and freedom in our connection. This is not about ownership but it is also not about formlessness. It is a creative kind of love that is in constant movement, constant flow. It is free in the sense that constraints are not put on it, but it is contained in the sense that there is commitment by both parties to do the sacred dance of Love in both the light and the dark aspects. ‘”Both light and shadow are the dance of love”, says Rumi. This kind of partnership requires radical honestly, radical integrity, and radical respect of the Other. This kind of partnership is organic, it has no guarantees, and it requires risk.  It is much like jumping into an abyss. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, but you just know in your heart of hearts that there is something in that abyss for you.” (

I just came across Aluna Joy’s article of March 2009 entitled “THE ONLY THINGS WE TAKE WITH US – A VISION OF OUR FUTURE WORLD”.  This enlightening article was about a dream Aluna had had where she crosses fully into the New Earth possibly after the Mayan prophesied three days of darkness.  For some reason, the feeling and tone of this article resonated with me strongly- as the place and people described in her lucid dream is a place and a people I already knew, a place and a people awaiting my arrival and a place and a people of utter acceptance and freedom. Since I have always been a free spirit… this new harmonious earth, populated with kind and compassionate inhabitants, is obviously my natural bound destination.  Although this particular article did not reveal what “type” of relationships exists in this New Earth- you could just feel through Aluna’s writing the utter respect and allowance that the souls’ gave each other.

I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to Aluna Joy ( and the Star Elders.  I have followed her work and the Star Elders messages for years, but nothing has touched me as much as this particular article.  It came when I was in a great low from our most current vibrational upgrades and it enabled me to understand so much about our ascension journey.  Everything we embody at the end of this great purification cycle will help us set the imprint for an ease of adjustment into the New Earth.  She says, as we “truly” cross into the New Earth, we will be in kindergarten in terms of our knowledge and behaviour.  With all our memories erased from our previous world, only true/pure love and eternal spiritual truths will remain intact. We can advance ourselves now by loving wholly and passionately those who matter and diligently practicing & living our spiritual truths.  Again, the only “things” we are taking with us is our love and our truths.  Our intimate relationships will need to be crystal clear and of high vibration (just like our much coveted quartz stones)!

We are at the end of a huge cycle, we are clearing karmas and patterns on a daily basis, therefore, it is my theory, that relationships are turning over very quickly as we need to learn so many lessons in such a short time span.  “In these times, our greatest fears and greatest light is being revealed”(  Desire and pleasure, rooted from the heart, must be honoured, lest it turn to lies and hidden agendas.  Desire and pleasure is our birthright from the gods and like the Indian creation myth states; desire leads to creation. Are you stuck?  Are you stagnant?  Are you experiencing lack and scarcity? Whom are you desiring? Follow that thread for all that it is worth, for within it lies your creative potential.  Possibly, the encounter will be short lived with intense life lessons, or, it may well lead you on a new adventure with your own divine light and soul essence; the reunitification of the Shiva/Shakti energy form.

Shiva and Shakti are soul mates, life partners, and essence souls who allow each other to go where they must, to experience what is necessary.  In the old Pagaen days, the people celebrated Spring rites and fertility celebrations like Beltane.  Married partners took off their weddings rings and set each other free.  Free, free, free! Those are the key words of the New Earth.  In Aluna Joy’s dream speculation of the New Earth, she was amazed that no-one was getting ready to go to work, no one was worrying about the future, and no one was communicating or mis-communicating with words, rather the people were simply living their truth fully in the moment…the New Earth is a playing field and who we feel like playing with today may not be who we feel like playing with tomorrow.  Like children who go from moment to moment, and whim to whim, in utter excitement and delight, we too are meant to be free spirits of play and creative purpose.  We will bond, mate and spend our time with the people who bring us joy, challenge and delight; nothing less will do.

I have heard it on the wind from great Tate himself, that when the earth goes dark for three days and we lose our minds (memories), we will wake up under a new sun, a New Earth, we will have ascended – this will be a very solo journey and experience.  If we are able to truly release, to be without possessiveness of our loved ones right now, then, when we cross over, we will relocate them with ease as we would have already learned the intricate lessons of self-love.   For it is only when we are secure in our own self-love that we can attract our rightful divine essence partner.  It is only when we truly digest our own inner magnificence will we be ready to share this light with another (and another and another).  And it is only when we are very healthy individuals can we be active participates in a Sacred Union.  Until then, we play many manipulation games, with ourselves and with others.  Manipulation games are over.

Be Well, my friends and readers.  Love purely, my peers and partners.  Live freely, my lovers and foes, as quite frankly, nothing less will do.


(enjoys being married and free)

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8 thoughts on “Sacred Union in the New Earth

  1. Erica says:

    Wow! Your writings always seem to be on track with my thoughts and emotions! Love it! Love the pictures of the babies!

  2. nicolas prassinos says:

    always thank you for your faithfull intent and persistace in the beauty of what is in the feeling relations ………thank you…your stories and sharings encompass an inspire sacreness and alone is so important that you are sharing.nicolas prassinos from cusco peru.

  3. john owens says:

    peace to you sista

  4. alicia says:

    “she was a woman to herself; she would not give herself for a surface glow, nor marry for reasons. She would wait for the lotus to stir.”
    — D. H. Lawrence

  5. Miles Alldritt says:

    Raphael is gettin’ so big…hope we see you soon. Love, Miles

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