Manuevering the Mayan Calendar End Maze in Unity as Homo-Pacem

mayan calendar slate carving

The Mayan Calendar as decoded by Carl Calleman is not so much about a calendar as it is about an evolutionary theory. An evolutionary theory that charts the Earth’s history 16.4 billion years ago from single cell all the way through to homo-sapien and soon (2011-2012), beyond, to the newly evolving homo-pacem: peaceful person. In my October 2009 article named “Celestial Speed-Up”, I discussed this theory in depth, specifically the nine levels of consciousness which contains within each level the 7 days of creation. If you are not familiar with this theory, I invite you to take a moment to read the article mentioned above as it helps explain our current timeline on Earth.

At present, we are deep into the tumultuos 6th night of the 8th level of consciousness called the Galactic Era which will conclude in a blink in October 2010. The 7th day of the Galactic Era (November 2010-March 2011) ought to be a little sweeter and a bit more gentle (remember, God did rest on the 7th day) as consciousness fully blossoms and blooms, as all the flowers of the 8th level of evolution come to fruition. In the Galactic Era the world wide web became a first world personal neccesity and humanity was able to enjoy high speed communications. I am convinced we will see the unearthing of some astonishing forms of communication & technology in the 7th day, and hopefully, if this era is true to its name, then, full disclosure of extra-terrestial life ought to be unveiled.

Fast and faster we will progress as we move at lightening speed to the birth of the newly evolved homo-pacem. According to the evolutionary theory, consciousness has sped up progressively by 20 times each time an era ends and begins anew, and so, from March 2011 – October 2011, the last level of consciousness known as the Unity Era, which will last a very short 260 days, will place all humanity in hyperspeed. Please be aware that we will be moving 20 times faster than time has been progressing since 1999. Everyone ready for our joy ride?

Calleman says “Thus, human consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau) when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end. Obviously, we are not there yet.” The old 3d world will be collapsing in on itself and morphing into the 5d ascended state that is the neccesary vibrational home of homo-pacem. Obviously, many people, places and structures are about to extinct themselves. During this era, the mind will be rendered useless and the need to navigate ones life from the heart will become crucial. Decisions that are logic driven will cease to function and anything that flows from the heart will be supported in full.

feet on the ground, painting pamela braun

At present, I am in a tailspin from the energies of this year. Just as I feel my feet on the ground, I am picked up and spun round and round, dizzy, confused, lost again and asking myself is it it truly time to pay the phone bill already? In the last moon, all my communications were wiped out (still are) and my safety net, the internet/writing on my blog, was stripped from my daily actions, and I found myself down on ground level (with the neighbors, the crabs, and the trees) wandering through the deep, dark forest of my own consciousness. The Spirit world had imposed a personal quarantine on me that could not be lifted and there simply was to be no personal progression, writing on spiritual matters or any forward movement until I surrendered to the spiritual maze in which I found myself. I do believe this was a "practice" moment for the internet grid collapsing at some point due to overactive solar flares or the 3 days of darkness.

Like a dying person who reviews their life actions, words, beahviour, relationships and events, I traversed the details of my memory banks through many lifetimes. Cracking my heart wide open, clearing karma, making apologies, paying debt, shedding tears, consulting with and paying homage to the ancestors... like an onion stripping myself down, layer after layer, until I stood naked in raw beauty. I am here to tell the tale, no matter how confrontational and grueling this process was, no matter how I longed for my online community and escape into my old patterns, no matter how I wanted to run from the mirror of my soul, it was not in the cards for me. "You can't always get what you want (no) But if you try sometimes you just might find. You get what you need. Oh yes! Woo! You get what you need--yeah, ...Rolling Stones

Deep into this process as many of you will recognize as shaman's death, I awoke one day to a "customer", who in truth turned out to be an indigineous Ecudorian shaman. I may have missed her entirely had I not had taken the time to slow down to my ground level snails pace. After much ado, she actually came bearing gifts & treasures, a turqouise egg, a seals' tusk and an amazonian serpents' head (turquoise is used for throat chakra communication, seal medicine for creativity & inspiration and snake medicine for transmutation & transformation). I knew the Spirit world had sent her through the stargate and in truth, they were releasing me at last from my inward journey and lessons. I had finally cleared the way to embodying in full breath and beauty the person that we are all working towards, homo-pacem also called homo-luminous or homo-spiritus. I know I have many more lessons in keeping an open heart, but at least the foundation has been set in crystal stones.

"The time has come, my child, the hour is here-
When Truth Seekers must form a wall of shields
shoulder to shoulder against the coming Foe
which is Disease, Dark Ignorance and War!
You must UNITE! All shamans must join hands
Across the width of this green, tumbling sphere
You know as Earth: my pure life-giving Womb!
No matter how far the skies or wide the seas
You must join hands and start the Dance of Life!
The Drums must sound the plaintive flutes must keen
And the Ritual Fire with the Stone-Circle must blaze
Death must be crushed and foul Illness vanquished
And War be banished from the villages of men!
That is my command, that is my word to All!"

-Written for Shaking out the Spirits
by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

And so, the message I bring back from the void is is time to unite, hence, the upcoming Unity Era. To emphasize my point another customer came in, played my drums for over an hour which awoke the whole neighborhood and then proceeded to purchase a drum that had sat still for over two years (drums are about timing)...

Greetings to all those who are evolvoing to homo-pacem, our time has come, the time is here, to truly unite, to live in peace, in harmony, to end the war of all wars, to care, to be compassionate, to see that all people, everywhere, have all their basic needs met, to view our neighbors as ourselves, to love one another and make our inter-personal relationships our number one priority, to heal our mother from the wounds inflicted, to grow, to expand, to create anew, to celebrate, to do ceremony...

The time has come to evolve, to complete the shifts in this evolutionary process and if you like this time or not, we are in the time of no time, as we leave one reality and make ourselves at home in very new and unknown vibrational spaces. Welcome! Welcome! Do not fear the old world system collapses, this time - it is good!

Joining hands, lighting up the fire, continuing the dance of Life...


(is synchronistically resonating with Aluna Joy's latest article)

9 thoughts on “Manuevering the Mayan Calendar End Maze in Unity as Homo-Pacem

  1. Barry says:

    Hi Destino,
    Was checking your blog all month for your latest post. Now I know where you were. It sounds wonderful. I too had yet another “lesson session” during July. Nearly there though, excitement building. My role is to try and communicate a physical, practical path to people to help us all build our future communities.Please see my blog for same. I call them “cities of Gold”, i.e. places that nurture the individual from cradle to grave. Unity conciousness by another name.

  2. amy says:

    Electric relaxation – relax yourself. Much love – I heard you and am sending blessings literally….this is new but it is so fo real! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. mehmetzahir says:

    Mehmet my name.
    I am writing from Turkey.
    I’ve looked at your blog is very beautiful.
    very nice.
    türk pornosu
    ankara evden eve nakliyat

  4. marylen kincer says:

    i thought this article unity and homo pacem was awesome ! so many wonderful things in our future to look forward to !! thank you blessings!! marylen

  5. Anais says:

    Dear Navajo,
    thank you for sharing this article and this path 🙂
    I found myself in a similar situation; the stripping off/being cut off and thus ‘forced’ to look at some very old parts I seem to be carrying around. still not completely stripped 🙂 big parts though…not always easy to look at.
    At least I came to the same conclusions as you did; the need for unity, caring, compassion, sharing, etc. Ofcourse… ‘known’ this for a long time, until I ran into everything that stands between ‘me’ and ‘feeling’ this in all situations…now it’s certain there’s no other road anymore…the high road or no road… and that’s why we’re here luckily… but it’s good to read your process, and knowing many of us are going through these shifts makes it all more bearable and lighter.

    it was beautiful to see what objects the shaman gave you..!

    good to hear from you again, blessings on your way!
    thank you.

  6. Carole says:

    Hi Destino,
    Good to hear and read you again ! I too was looking for you and wondering where you were. I think many of us have been “knocked for six” but we are here, smiling, and sharing, and gradually moving towards UNITY. Look forward to your next sharing, and sending you lots of love and hugs !

  7. ellion says:

    Enjoyed your blog. I am a great fan of Carl Calleman and have followed his work for five years now. Yes indeed we are All in for a surprisingly great ride> Please visit our site!

    Love and Peace,

  8. irene alomar says:

    absolutely wonderful and life enhancing material and good NEWS for homo pacem…ALL IS GOOD ALL IS WELL WE ARE ONE IN THE ONENESS OF THE MANY AND THE ONLY ULTIMATE ONE..WE THINK PEACE WE ACT PEACEFULLY WE ARE PEACE MORE AND MORE AND DEEPER AND DEEPER THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FILLED WITH TURBULENCE PEACE IS HERE PEACE/LOVE/LIGHT REIGN AND SO IT IS IT IS SO..I LISTEN TO YOU ELDERS ALWAYS…STAY CLOSE TO ME I´LL CALL YOU AT TIMES WHEN NEEDED I KNOW YOU ARE PROTECTING US…BUT STAY CLOSE ANYHOW..WE ARE THE ONES WE WERE WAiting for and you are the elders watching over deep gratitude and with so much love for humanity and also sadness for people´s choices but we have free will here and you are aware ot his too…love is the answer and peace is the natural state of BEING OUR BIRTHRIGHT..WE ARE RE-MEMBERING!

  9. amy says:

    You are not kidding. Thanks for the honesty and the verbage. First true description of the new “us” that will of course be documented. How present of you to do this.

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