Homo-Sapiens: Our Time is Over

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
Germain philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)

Beware! This is not a fluffy, light, new age message! Proceed to read if you are ready for some planetary truth! My friends have always been bemused by my presence- a blend of an indigenous soul as well as a light-fairy worker, earth and sky… in this post, my earth soul has taken over to speak-

This summer has continued to give me a creepy, restless, anxious and nagging feeling. I have felt tense, irritated, exhausted, fatigued beyond belief, and, in all actuality, like a dying creature. Now I know why! I stated many moons ago that the BP oil spill had taken us into the deep end…I had no idea how deep the deep end was going to be.

The seventh sign of the Hopi prophecy says that the sea will turn black and many living things will die. Indigenous elders have continued to predict famine and war. A Mayan prophet proclaimed if humanity did not unite in natural, earth time, that biospheric destruction would be our fate. The new age writers claim that we are creating our future, be it cataclysmic or benevolent. I have always been a strong believer in reaping what you sow, the simple law of cause and effect. “We are now within the purification of all things. Non-Natives call this the “Apocalypse”. The Native call this the “Purification”. Lee Brown, Cherokee Prophecy

A fact, we, as a race, have spun out of control. We, most people, live disharmoniously with nature. We, modern-day citizens of the world, count time in an unnatural sequence. We, almost everyone, has insatiable wants and desires. We, exempt the indigenous souls who know better, have led unhealthy lives and created a very polluted world. Another fact, according to the Mayan Calendar, we have very little time left in these ugly patterns. Last fact, the masses have no idea how to make deep, sustainable and life-lasting changes.

Have you ever asked yourself, what would it take to awaken all humanity? What would it require to jolt everyone into a new harmonious world? What event would need to occur to remind us of our interdependence as species to all of the natural world? Would an ice age arrival awaken your neighbors? Would mass extinctions of planetary life crack open hearts? Would crop failure and famine finally lead humans to a path of sharing? Would oxygen depletion from the oceans with no chance of survival humble humanity to our knees praying for solutions?

Believe it or not (most people will not, as they choose to remain in the safety cocoon of the denial and other deep rooted belief systems) all these possibilities and more are our current predicaments on Planet Earth. Scientists are just beginning to discover that the North Atlantic Drift and the Norway Current are dying due to the oil spill and use of dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico by BP. The Thermohaline Circulation System, which is the oceans conveyor belt controlling temperatures and weather, is in danger of dying everywhere. Without the Caribbean warm waters drifting into the northern hemisphere this year, all residents of those geographic areas can brace themselves for an early and severely icy winter as our next Ice Age begins to descend. As the rest of the currents die, the world can brace itself for the deep unknown. Crop failure has already begun to occur in many places resulting in increased food prices and embargos on shipments. Forest fires, flooding, drought, heat waves, famine… etc. will be the daily events and news on our planet from here on out as the forces of nature bring home to roost hundreds of years of imbalances on Mother Earth. The game is over for everyone.

“And so they say there’s going to be a Third Shaking of the Earth. It’s not going to be a good thing to see but we will survive it. We will survive it.” Lee Brown Cherokee Prophecy

So many people are going to want to blame BP or President Obama. If you insist on playing the blame game, then go ahead and blame yourself for participating in the madness of the western world. There is no time for blame. We must collectively use our energy to find solutions and if the problems are beyond our modern technology, then we must bow down our heads to our forthcoming predicament and at least learn to live out our dying days as a peaceful species. Maybe then and only then will our galactic neighbors choose to intervene.

Ascension can be reached through death or ascension can be reached through consciously partaking in these times. The choice is yours. Most people, I am afraid, have already, consciously or unconsciously chosen the death option. Those of us who have chosen the other path, our lives are going to be full of burial, grieving, crying, releasing, purifying and living 100% in the moment with the power and glory of our respective paths. Afterall, this is a closing age known as “The Age of Purification”.

In my world, I can no longer think of investments, mortgages, bills, creating business, vacation, clothes, etc. and the whatnot. It’s all steam forward to the rainforest, to a clean stream of water, to an organic farm, to sustainable energy sources and to co-creating this reality with like-minded individuals who have chosen to stay to master the new fifth world. Spirit has released me from keeping a writing schedule for this blog of information. I have written diligently for over one year on the Mayan Calendar, ascension, evolution and other spiritual matters. Now, I will retreat, with very few posts hereon, as I secure a future for my family, friends, and newly founded friends who will be joining my path.

Lee Brown Cherokee Prophecy, “In the cycle of time, from the beginning to the end, this time we are in now will change the purification of all things. They say this is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive and see this.”

When the last waves of the Mayan Calendar have completed itself, the Earth will be a lot less populated. I had hoped we would have chosen another route. Those of us remaining will have evolved to homo-pacem as the intensity of the times will demand nothing less. Those of us surviving will be living from our hearts as we would have learned that nothing else ever really mattered. Its do or die my readers, make your move now or forever hold your peace!

I send you blessings even in this last hour as I continue to pray for miraculous solutions.

Last Drop of Oil, Last Grasp of Air
by Zaccai Free

Nonstop the gushing
healing so necessary
why waste time on the blame game
One finger at you three back at me,
lets turn these fingers into a helping hand and set the captives free
Mr BP CEO you messed up so how can we come together in full responsibility
cause you’re only sucking the planets blood to feed my insatiability

Last drop of oil, Last gasp of air
not even enough for a prayer
searching for Nemo in BP’s oily inferno
as above so below
there must be a (chakra) leak internal
energy flows with no end in sight
buttons pushed lead to bad nights
youth on the street express love as a fight
we stuff emotions to work in a box
we profess free while holding tight to all we’ve got
as above so below there’s no separation
the Gulf gusher simply models our multinational/internal/external/ desperation

How many species must die so my car can go?
how many wetlands turned to oily wastelands for the sake of convenient transportation?
In a nation built on slavery and genocide who feels a pinch when filling up the ride?
So separate from cause and effect we wonder if we need to slow down after the wreck
Business as usual, profits at all costs
discounting 7 generations or more, smiling on the way to the mega-store
constantly extracting with no way to give back
no intent to return what’s been taken from the ground and burned
no reciprocity to the support of our humanity
lost in the insanity of unlimited growth fueled by vanity
What are we without fresh water, fertile earth & clean air?
If we can’t sustain life here it’s hubris to think we’ll do better elsewhere

there’s no security in oil more disasters than we care to admit
the corporation is the gun, greed the bullet
we the people squeeze the trigger making decisions oblivious of consequences
the dead children of Operation Iraqi Liberation (oil)
afghani-pipeline-istan, Nigerian fields awash with crude hued blood
strange fruits from Alberta tar sands, oil mixed with mud
We have found the enemy and he is me
i must embrace the other, make the criminal my brother
unconditional love like the fully engaged mother
then we transform pain into joy
blame into opportunity
our oily reality into a sun-drenched, wind blown future of sustai

27 thoughts on “Homo-Sapiens: Our Time is Over

  1. rainbow warrior says:

    Dear mayasoma,
    I can totally relate and understand what you are trying to say and I thought it would be good to share this idea with you: http://www.solarhealing.com :)) It gives answers in these challenging times :))
    Love and Light

  2. JK says:

    What seems to be, is, to those to whom it seems to be, and is productive of the most dreadful consequences to those to whom it seems to be, even of torments, despair, eternal death.
    William Blake –

  3. carolyn says:

    Thank you, I feel the truth in this. I will meet you on th eother side of this, with my seeds of many herbs to plant!

  4. City Dweller says:

    The birthing of Earth to a higher vibration
    Predicted by ancients, known to us all
    The sadness the grief was known long before us
    So there are many amongst us who’ve come from the future
    To rebirth and upgrade us and our precious world
    No death of our beauty inside us awaits us
    For we come from the Source and to the Source we return
    No matter our culture, religion, imprinting
    We’re human with spirit united as one
    We echo the moment, we free up to beam love
    We blossom or perish – one day it will come
    A test of our trust, our love and our courage
    We only are sent just what we can handle
    All our lives and dimensions have prepared us for this
    For we are entangled united by physics vibrations
    In the desert or space, in the cities or fields
    We are all linked together on this little planet
    As it’s shifted and buffeted by magnetic fields
    As they stream in from the galaxies to our own section
    Impersonally lifting our vibration to love…

  5. City Dweller says:

    Have faith in our beauty resilience and strength
    Let’s be in the flow of our hearts and the moment
    Let’s quiet our minds and tune in to what’s right
    Moment by moment let’s listen to spirit
    To move through tomorrow as a divine being
    Transforming awakening and trusting in life

  6. Loren Elmaleh says:

    Thank you for the truth. I guess we’re ready or not.

  7. od says:

    At this time, I can’t help but take in the unvarnished truth you’re telling. Still, there’s something under it all for me, under the criminality and the most ridiculous round of brainwashing this past couple weeks…they’re going to lose. Not when we’d like them too, but they will. I’ve never felt this way before, and it is based on nothing. I regularly hear the song ‘You’re Gonna Lose’ by Royal Trux (available on youtube) as some kind of refrain when I see the now-totally-transparent efforts of the figureheads of the old world order.
    I doubt ‘everybody’ will get it – only those who will use the information wisely. But they will be enough to almost invisibly reroute where we’re going…

  8. Carole says:

    I am so surprised to read this blog because all other blogs from you Destino have spoken straight to my heart. This one is full of fear, and my heart refuses it. What about ASCENSION ? What about living beyond this 3D fear and being true lightworkers, being able to navigate between the invisible and visible ? With all due respect to you and to your “followers” I do not recognise this energy emanating from you… it is NOT you the Destino I am used to reading. I wish you all the best ! I choose to continue to resonate only with POSITIVE energy. I remain grateful for that wonderful “interpretation” of Calleman’s Mayan calendar October 2009, and we will all meet one day at Creator and enjoy our earth journey experiences ! Sending you many blessings and good luck !

  9. amy says:

    Well, I did not read ‘fear’ – reality is reality. Sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow. Change would come a lot easier if we could all work together in unity and accept reality but we as a species are not doing that yet and we are evolving. In Ho oponopono I am sorry Please forgive me I love you thank you to everyone and all that is. I honor this death and birth of the new.

  10. Sun Magic says:

    Whoa there! This is fear coming through right enough! You need to barrack up, lass! The earth ain’t ready for the big hooroo just yet. As far as 2012 goes, come by and see me in 2013 and we will tip a cold one, cause I guarantee the place will still be open for business.

    Wishing you the best and get better soon!

    • mayasoma says:

      kindly reread for accuracy…
      planet has never poofed out in any ice age-
      no person studying the calendar believes the world will end in 2012 or anytime actually-

      you say, “lets share a cold one”
      I say, “here comes the ice little darling”

  11. amy says:

    Please send address through email. I lost my computer this time around. I am confident you understand. I need hard address. kisses….. huggggggsssss…….. It is ON. Finally.

  12. mayasoma says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBaHBCVnVdM&feature=related Upgrade to awkword519 | May 18, 2010

    This is a video I worked long and hard on. I created this video when I realized the 7th sign of this prophecy has been fulfilled and is getting worse. I have come to peace with the fact that everyone will not make it through these times, which is meant to be. I hope to be one to rebuild with the other peace lovers and trust the power of the universe and our mother Earth to sort it all out perfectly as planned. I can only offer the wisdom to truly find yourself, and stop with the distractions… Stay away from religions, especially ones such as the NEW AGE religion designed to keep the truly peaceful and awake in a state of inaction, teaching them you need to change nothing and not prepare, keep slaving to the system and as long as you meditate with crystals, you will be saved by acension (kinda like Jesus returning to SAVE YOU??). You can only save yourself first, after the purification that is imminent, we will have help again, but not until this process is complete. Death is nothing but a continuation date, and life is but a school… I am at peace, if I die, I know my work here is complete. I pray for our Earth, it is more important than any life of ours, we must not be selfish and arrogant. Peace to you.

  13. MillieNeon says:

    So we die. We will anyway. For those who believe that the spirit never ceases, dying is nothing to fear. The spirit will move on to other experiences, incarnate or not. This is all part of the Great Playground on which our spirits dance and play and create and destroy.

  14. amy says:

    We must be the change we want to see. It starts with each of us. I gave up my car. I am looking for plastic alternatives. I am an attorney who just quit the system – it won’t work if we don’t “play” in it. I quit politics – I am no hamster on a wheel. It will collapse and then can be re-born if we all quit and focus on what truly is important and key to life. I am opening my mouth to my community (and I don’t care if they think I am crazy) but not with a bullhorn – by example. I save an animal from abuse as much as possible. I share what I have with others. I limit my involvement with “money” it its current form. I do not worship materialism or define myself by stuff surrounding me. We need to evolve. If someone else wants to ruin this beautiful planet then they are on their way out – I am aware and confident of that. I am not scared but so happy to see balance coming back. Blessed be to all life. MillieNeon made a good point but we cannot be apathetic either. We must be active change now.

  15. Zaccai Free says:

    Thanks for using my poem — i’d love to talk with you abt the farm and where you and yours are intending to go — Barranco is on my list still yet I have some reservations — email me so we can share

    be well

  16. mayasoma says:

    this article caused so much controversy…readers dropped left and right, said I was no longer coming from the light but from fear-
    I like to stay informed… I have no tv in my home though, so I am not bombarded by news ever- our times are crazy….and it does feel like birth- are we going to successfully push this baby through the birth canal or are we going to die trying? you be the judge-

  17. Thank you Zaccai…may I have a copy of this rap?

  18. freehand says:

    “I am neither born nor do I die” – Zen
    “Heaven above, Earth below, Nothing between” – Tao
    “On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions who came and waited, and while they waited, they died” – George Secil
    No such thing as magic, only the natural movements of the cosmos; nothing more, nothing less. – Me
    To all of you puny Humans: No amount of hocus-pocus, naysaying, preaching, praying, meditating, “greening”, or other feeble attempts of neither interference nor non-interference will stop the wobbling, winding, spinning, almost random workings of the cosmos. Observe the Ant – he just does his thing come rain or shine. A fine example for us to follow.

  19. RM says:



    Germain philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) wrote: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

    For future reference, authors of most famous quotes are listed on the internet. Just type the quote and click Search.


  20. mayasoma says:


    Zulu Shaman says half of the worlds population will not see the completion of the year 2011,

  21. Sun Magic says:

    Doom and gloom, gloom and doom. How foolish these mortals be.

    When the world does not end as predicted here, will you make your own end, as so many of the doomsday cults have done? Or will you admit to your foolishness and pull your heads back from the sand?

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