Be Aware: The Nexus Approaches!

10-10-10 Star Gate Portal

The human race is headed towards a great change, many spirits will return to the stars and something magnificent is going to happen!” Astral Walker

Can you feel it? The race is on, the diaspora has begun and souls are scrambling to make sense of the intensifying energies on Planet Earth. If only our history books had documented the truth of the astrological cycles as the Maya, and many other indigenous tribes, have long done for their own people, then there would not be so much uncertainty and fear. Unfortunately, that is not how this part of our homo-sapien history is to be played out. At present, the 3D world is going crazy and the only way to manuever these times is to understand the facts. And so, without further ado, here is some of our history…

26,000 years ago, the galactic center of the Milky Way emitted an enormous energetic wave better known as the Nexus. It does this every 26,000 years, as they say, there is nothing new under the sun. This emissions are what have caused the tumultuous transitions from each of our previous world eras. If you are not familiar with these facts, simply research indigenous tribes and their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and soon to be 5th worlds.

What was released all that time ago will soon reach our earth in full strength. The Nexus has its own personal rhythm and does take some time to cross the galaxies and skies. I believe its arrival correlates to the Mayan Long Count End Date of December 2012. Afterall, the center of the Milky Way is where the Maya believe their Creator Hunab Ku resides. Our Creator has sent out an energy impulse, this Supreme Being is blowing us/creation a kiss. Unfortunately, our consciousness resides too far away from our original empowered selves to simply receive that kiss in bliss.

That incoming energy is meant to completely change our world, in other words, to wake us all up to who we are: infinite Gods and Goddesses with incredible abilities and powers. This incoming beam of bluish-white light will alter and restore our DNA from its current state which only uses 3% of its capacities to a renewed state of 100% remembrance. Translated: 97% of what scientist call junk DNA will be reactivated. WoW…a jolt of electricity that courses through our veins, awakening our souls and minds. No one is going to escape this phenomena. Thank you Hunab Ku!

Our main problem lies then with the Dark Lords who currently control the 3D world. They are also fully aware of the approaching Nexus and have set out a program to depopulate the Earth as much as possible. Why would they do that? Who are these Dark Lords? It’s an old story, again, much of our missing history, but the short and long version of it is there is an inter-galalctic battle on right now, a war that is being waged for souls. If the Dark Lords, negative Et’s, have their way, the coming earth catastrophes will take people into fear and fear is a place where they can trap one’s soul, one’s consciousness, forevermore. On a distant planet, in a distant place, maybe somewhere that looks exactly like our Earth, a new slave race can be created with the trapped souls. The Dark Lords know, full well, that their “time” on Planet Earth is over. A new era has cometh… the age of peace and enlightenment…and they must flee. They intend to flee with as many captives as possible. Sound like a bad sci-fi movie? I wish it were, but these are our current events and the facts are unknown to almost everyone. How frightening! Wake up, please, before you are whisked away to another dimension without personal agreement to do so.

“Right now the realm of darkness is not interested in this (peace). They are organized to block it. They seek to unbalance the Earth and its environment so we will be unready for the alignment in 2012.” Carlos Barrios, Mayan Datekeeper

Take a look around…. ecological disasters leading to worldwide famines and extinction, environmental catastrophes that destroy the lives of millions, economical collapses that create a fearful, dependent race and threats of terrorism and world wars loom over our existence. Is this the four horsemen spoken of in the Book of Revelations? It clearly is the workings of the Dark Lords and its about to get more intense, after all, these are their death throes.

“From that 1987 date until now, Mr. Barrios says, we have been in a time when the right arm of the materialistic world is disappearing, slowly but inexorably. We are at the cusp of the era when peace begins, and people live in harmony with Mother Earth. We are no longer in the World of the Fourth Sun, but we are not yet in the World of the Fifth Sun. This is the time in-between, the time of transition.
As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth changes. All this, Mr. Barrios says, was foreseen via the simple, spiral mathematics of the Mayan calendars. It will change, Mr. Barrios observes. Everything will change. He said Mayan Daykeepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from — and signified by — the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.” Carlos Barrios, Mayan Datekeeper

Meanwhile, the Family of Light is exerting every effort for a mass awakening, for gathering, for consciously uniting as we know on some level that everything is dependent on us to do so. We are supposed to be creating an astral force field around the planet and ourselves in the shape of the Flower of Life (see Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work on this matter for more information). This symbol can and will prepare us for the enormity of the approaching Nexus. We are supposed to be clearing our fields as much as possible of debris, creating no new karma, so that we are a crystal clear channel for receiving the Nexus energy. We must give praise and thanks as we have received, and will continue to receive, so much help from the inter-galactic hosts of positive Et’s.

I ask myself though, have enough souls awoken to make this transition happen with ease? Can geological earth disasters be diminished? The Dark Lords are earnestly working hard to create as many earth catastrophes as possible in these last days in order to capture their slave race of unaware humans. Many will succumb to this fate due to fear, many will go to the stars as their earth contracts are complete, and a handful of ascended beings will remain on the New Earth.

If you happened to be a person who was to die in shock and fear, your consciousness would be lost and confused on the astral plane for a moment. It is in those crucial moments that the negative Et’s can and will capture your essence in a containment vehicle if you are not aware. As quickly as you come into consciousness, get to the benevolent blue light. I have been warned not to be drawn down any tunnels or caves, nor gravitate to any bright yellow-red lights and by no means go with any beckoning ET’s.

The benevolent ET’s, the light ones, are calling us home and their bioluminescent blue-white light is the signal. You can feel this with your heart. They have said Operation Victory is at hand. They have stated that the Dark Lords cannot succeed and all disasters will be minimized (let’s hope so as some seriously dangerous threats are presenting themselves on the earth right now). They have also said the Dark Lords are at their most dangerous as they face defeat, so it is crucial to be fully present! Be aware! Vaccines! Genetically modified foods! Chemical spraying! TV screen emissions! Understand, these are some of their tools for mind control and keeping the masses asleep. Whatever cometh, wherever you find yourself in these last days where we count days, simply remember, you have only one thing to do: get to the bluish-white light, reach out for the Nexus. If you do, your full consciousness will be re-instated and you will be safe and empowered.

Let us recall the last sign in the Hopi prophecy which states that a blue planet from the Heavens will crash into Earth causing earth destruction, this last sign is what all elders are awaiting as our entry into the 5th world. Possibly, it is not a planet, but an energy wave: the Nexus?

Lightwalkers, we are going home now. We have felt the Nexus approaching for years, even if we could or could not put words to it. Our Creator desires our remembrance and this collective shift to magnificence is welcome. Stay in your heart and the Dark Lords will lose power. It is promised and all is well!

awaiting portal 11-11-11 and 12-12-12 to the Nexus!

21 thoughts on “Be Aware: The Nexus Approaches!

  1. amy says:

    Onward! Forward! Together!

  2. Duaine says:

    Very interesting! Thank you! 🙂

    According to Calleman, the Mayan Calendar ends in October 2011. What are your thoughts?

    • mayasoma says:

      I have followed the Calleman theory, I really like his mind and reasoning…
      yet we cannot ignore the fact of the galactic milkyway alignment which does occur in 2012-
      in many ways what does it matter? so the calendar ends in 2011, and we have a limbo or sorts til 2012? I really have no idea at this point in time, all I know is time is moving quickly towards both of these dates, so we all shall soon see!

    • amy says:

      in my humble little opinion … the calendar is one of process so the ‘actual date’ is hard to pin down….it is happening now

  3. mayasoma says:

    thank you!

    Many seem to be accusing those who present possible events, predictions and truths of inciting FEAR. Understand that choosing to believe only the things that don’t frighten you is self delusional and irresponsible. If death frightens you then you truly do not understand that you are eternal spirit. People suffer and die every day. Nasty beings torture others every minute in this existence and in the astral realm mindfully or should we not talk about that? Can you be lucid in your dreams? Do you have nightmares and experience things you don’t want to eve if they aren’t terrible things? That is because you have not mastered your MIND. You can’t expect others to only say things that don’t frighten you. That is NOT being responsible for managing your own fear.

    It’s really nice that so many of you lightworker’s are so happy and in light and love but if it is because you ignore FACTS that seem frightening to you then you are in denial. There is nothing wrong with fear as long as you face it. Fear is due to your illusion of separation and not knowing that you are eternal and sovereign as a soul. If you ignore it, it will resurface in a nasty way. I am pretty sure that not many people on this site have actually integrated conscious death or even death (release of the physical body). They believe that they are just going to live forever just as they are and gently morph into an angel. Life doesn’t work that way. Have you actually imagined letting go of your physical body and material existence? It is difficult enough to let go when I am astral projecting. You will go into the Bardo (astral realm) and you will be confused if you don’t know (are not lucid) where you are. You may not know you have left your body. You may think you are still on earth and alive and beings are there to take you to another planet. You might experience your greatest fears that you were denying in your material life. IF you are a master of self you will KNOW that you are in your light body vehicle and can be and so and experience anything you desire. You will not need a space ship or a car or food or gas or a house.

    You are going to have to work for this. It will not be handed to you. If you are not conscious and lucid when this shift happens you will be vulnerable in the astral realm. I have been saying this over and over and no one wants to hear it. This message confirms it as well as the fundamental teachings of Buddhism and Christianity in its purest sense. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not there are malevolent beings on this earth and in the astral realms that DO NOT want to see humans ascend. You can say this is fear mongering all you want but rather than ignore truth~accept it as a possibility without fear. BLISS is more than a happy face. It is a frequency that is the result of being omnipresent in love with self as one with all that is.

    ALSO~ no one is saying that all ETs are evil and we are all doomed to mass destruction. What is being explained here is that there is going to be a great deal of upheaval in the world as you know it. Some will not be able to handle it physically and leave their physical body. OF COURSE! People do this every day! Some will be able to handle it physically but not mentally and they may suffer because of it. But the bottom line is that WE MUST BE PREPARED MINDFULLY to face these changes so that we can navigate our SOUL through them. If you are a master of self, omni present and one with the creator then why would you need a lesser god to guide you around in a space ship. The reason beings have space ships is because they cannot create their own merkaba. Only fallen beings have space ships~ not angels or suns or planets. Make up your mind. Do you want to remain with fallen angels or be an ascended angel? It is simple. If you want to be an angel then you have to let go of fear and ATTACHMENT to Jesus and Germaine and Mary etc. . .as personality worship crutches and master your mind and body so that you can get your wings.

    These beings are telling you this but you are not listening. They are saying that to be one with the “father” or prime creator you have to go through the sun. Create your own gravity with bliss generated merkaba. Jesus was another name for Enlil and Tutenkamen and Moses. It’s all the same guy. The names change to protect the ones who wanted to disassociate themselves with fallen angels. HE WANTED HIS human children to know the truth about generating your own merkaba through bliss/love and not artificially through technology because it BROKE his heart to see his bloodline become fallen angels. It is far more complex than “Accept Jesus as your savior” or “Love and Light” or hugging a tree (although hugging a tree is far more effective than going to church).

    I hope my words are taken as a message from the heart out of compassion. That is how it is meant. I am not an ascended master nor am I a perfect human who knows everything. I only know what I know as truth according to my own experience, intuition and logic. In the end none of this matters unless we want it to. My motivation is in seeing humans create a beautiful existence based on golden mean creation and bliss. But we all still have the option to experience darker things if we so desire to learn more lessons. At any rate, lucidity is the only way to learn, otherwise we are doomed to repeat our ignorant nightmares over and over again.

  4. amy says:

    Wow. Thanks for telling it like it IS. I had a lesson a few years ago (about 2) that all of us were to stop leaning on the outside for answers and go within. further, in that same lesson I learned that “channeling” was impossible during these times so avoid such messages and, again, go within. I don’t read anyone or listen to anyone channeling anymore because for me they cannot hear as that type of communication is over. We are online now. Practice communicating with those around you telepathically. Get out of junior high school and move forward. Don’t tell me “love and light” – BE IT where you are right now. Actions not words. That is what matters now.

    There was another little lesson about the “now” – if you can’t handle what is directly in front of you, go neutral “stand behind the short wall and watch”….stay out of the fray. Sounds easy but boy, trusting yourself and your own instincts is a bit daunting at first but just like swimming, it gets better with practice and constant, constant, constant self-reflection. And a lot of one’s own personal relationships change drastically. All that I was raised to believe as truth has been shattered to pieces and it continues. I am ok in my lucid dreaming (I think – I am still getting used to get a hold of my mind) and astral movement is something I can’t “hold” for long. But, the KISS principle stays with me – keep it simple stupid. My mind can be very naughty but I began treating it like a dog a few years ago. If it was not “behaving” – I simply ignored it and followed some very simple principles.

    No fear.
    Stay in the Now.
    Laughing really hard at something very heartwarming or funny or good helps your vibration change to higher frequencies (hence why I stayed up and watched those miners come out; one – because I really, really cared; and two – because I wanted to check-in with those frequencies of joy, safety, success and unity working together at its best – the Nexus gave us a “kiss” I think..I call it building up my “frequency file memory bank….getting feelings “in order” can be tough with a naughty wanting to be in control mind)

    Many of “us” are stuck right now – even though they may believe they are “not”. Ignorance is NOT BLISS. Bliss is true acceptance and loving what is and experiencing it entirely and moving truly through it.

    Life as we have known it is never going back to the “way it was” – oh, no, no, no. If anyone thinks that this transition is going to be “smooth” – it already is not. Whether or not “your” life is smooth or not, matters NOT. I can feel the whole Earth and she is changing and in pain. Period. But she is healing and that healing is not so easy.

    There is no death. Only change and re-birth. Energy can neither be created or destroyed….just changed….

    Gracias Mayasoma! Muchos Gracias Amore!

  5. siv says:

    as said WOW!!! double WOW!!!

  6. vibes says:

    Thanks for creating this post mayasoma, and i just wanted to say that the comments are even more head-banging than the original post, big-up amy too, absolutly wicked both of you.

    My comment is to answer the question Duaine posed.
    Its my understanding that what Callerman actually says is that the Mayan Calendar is not really a Calendar in the sense of linea time as we might think of the Gregorian Date system. It measures the unfoldment of the nine waves of the universal under-world. Therefore its more of a Barometer than a Watch, although it may be a combination as it does also envelop time as it arrives.
    Also the final cycle of the universal level starts 2011 but runs only 20 days for each day and night. as aposed to the final 7th day we are about to enter, November 2nd (i think) So yes it does finish on 2012, that’s the date of completion of the nine underworlds. But the start of that cycle begins on 2011 November I think.

    • mayasoma says:

      yes, calleman charts an evolutionary theory that we must all progress through while jenkins focuses on the alignment and one date, this is what calleman thinks is dangerous, awaiting a date and not growing through the cycles…

  7. amy says:

    That is right people….it is all about the temperature of the water…..not where it is located…….. it is here …..we will only “know” when we look backward and “we” will probably argue about that also… It is on its way….which means for some already here….blue light real truth open xo

    I love you all. I really, really do. There is no such thing as “wrong” anymore…….Just BE. Why does everyone want to know what is “going to happen” if we are co-creating? I just don’t get that part. If we are co-creating – we are already what is. and frankly, we have work to do. that is if we are this “we” thing we keep saying “we” are. if we all just “be it” then so it is. game. set. match. transition. and no it hurts but lets co-create it not hurting anymore for the love of god….we can fucking try to do that. start with the animals. humans are too sickly. animals are healing. grab them all. stay close. this is going to collectively hurt us all. it already has. we are just realizing it. we are past the point of it not hurting but it is going to happen. 2 dogs. miami. alligators. ocean. alone yet connected. I believe. learn about rice.

    Gracias mi amore Mayasoma flaca! May butterflies surround you and dragonflies never be too far behind.

    Forgiveness and pure love. the key. why did we not figure this out earlier. so much to learn.

    And, I don’t know ca ca from sherlock…..just irish and scottish with a big mouth. But we came from the Vikings … what do you expect.

  8. siv says:

    A Simple reqest, could you possible send this page to my sister?
    We’ll be ever so thankful..
    This is so important,that it must be spread…
    the adres is :
    thank you and bless You .

  9. Hi dear soul,
    I think that this is maybe only the second time that I manage to discover one of your posts (through Mayan Majix) and I enjoyed it. And the comments.
    Significant coincidence is that I have planned to call my next website O3Nexus. O3 as a Serbian short-cut for Relax, Open and Live your potentials on the Next level. Maybe you might check

  10. vibes says:

    Amy, its not forgive. That is why the world is in this state.

    Never For-Give, Never For-Get, is right.

    When you for-give like when you work for an employer you forgive your time and sweat equity before you understand what you will get in exchange. When you get paid, they pay you on friday when your tierd and when you just want to see your friends and family and rest. They give you beer, entertainment and little time before they expect you to slave away for them another week of your most precious time that after the short weekend rest you forgot it was not a fair exchange.

    Forget, to forget is to repeat History. And i’m looking forward to hearing Herstory.

  11. amy says:

    Miss vibes…….ForGive…… never forget. It is all about the forGiVing. The world is in its state because it cannot forgive itself. To have rebirth v. Birth and i want the rebirth, sorry, I am old and irish and stubborn…..

    I have to forgive it all. Even crap i had nothing to do with. Everything is now officially my fault. I forgive I will change and I am going to be love as best I can be.

    Navajo. Look what you created. Bless us all – may we deal withe Nexus in ways that we can remember….now that would be some shit.

  12. sade says:

    Pour vous!

    Damn Sade can tell it like it is.

  13. mayasoma says:

    so its in the mainstream news…thats good!

  14. Thank you and keep it coming :-))

  15. sandra says:

    Wow, thanks for your wonderful article…The part mentioning the “incoming beam of bluish-white light will alter and restore our DNA…” makes a whole, whole lot of sense here. I’ve been experiencing a protective cool, light blue emanation in my throat and head chakras. At times when I look at physical sunlight which is reflecting off of the planet, it actually appears dull, as if it’s a projection from something outside of self. I’m not really able to put it into words. Anyways, thanks for your inspiration. God bless (you.) God bless ~ may we stay in the center of our power.

  16. Ernie says:

    I am so happy that I saved this!! It is so accurate and instructive. Thank you!!

  17. It seems still so relevant-

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