And On The Seventh Day…

And on the seventh day, the Goddess needed to re-seed her creation in order to ensure a strong crop and harvest!

We have been in the 8th level of consciousness on the Mayan Calendar called the Galactic Era since 1999. Recall in 1999, the world-wide web (www) achieved common household usage, which tossed humanity into a new terrain of daily global awareness and planetary communications. Each level of consciousness contains within it 7 days and 6 nights of creation (not measured as real days and nights). Now, as we have just entered the 7th day, we are constantly hearing about full disclosure of extraterrestrial life. The world-wide web and the internet, in fact, only just prepared our baby minds for the upcoming galactic communications that are imminent. Spiralling wildly out of control now, we will need to dance our way into the 9th and final level of creation: the Universal Era.

The Galactic Era is defined by a need for moral and ethical behavior. Isn’t it interesting how many people have fallen out of the publics’ high esteem and good graces in the last decade? Isn’t it fascinating how many more characters are going to topple beneath the weight of their personal lies and deceit? I had to have a small chuckle today as one of my acquaintances, attempting to be “sneaky”, “accidentally” sent out her text message to all the wrong phones. In fact, she has no idea how this actually occurred, but if you are following the Mayan Calendar, it is no mystery… not even small discrepancies will be allowed! We cannot meet our neighbors without a clean mind and slate, after all, extraterrestrials are telepathic, and we, humans, can hide nothing. Learn this the easy way or learn this the hard way, it is up to you. I believe it is a smoother journey to have trained ones mind in positive, honest thoughts and loving vibrations? That has been my training program over the last 10-11 years, like an athlete fine tuning their body, I have been working on positive thought flow and remembrance of the simple fact that “We are All One!

You are me, and I am you.
Isn’t it obvious that we “inter-are”?
You cultivate the flower in yourself
so that I will be beautiful.
I transform the garbage in myself
so that you will not have to suffer.
I am in this world to offer you peace;
you are in this world to bring me joy. – Thich Nhat Hanh

The Mayan Calendar’s progression towards evolutionary completion has often been compared to a birth. In the 7th day, we can compare this time to a woman’s 9th month. In the final month of pregnancy, there is a tendency to slow everything down in your external world as your internal world increases its frequency of contractions (Braxton Hicks) in preparation for the birth. If you have been a diligent mother, you have prepared the baby some space, clothes, toys, etc… and you have plotted and orchestrated a birth plan. As well, you will be accompanied by a strong feeling of excitement and expectation and if you are human, a hint of fear and panic will overcome you in waves. Who is this soul that will grace your presence? What does your creation look like? Will your birth plan progress as desired? Can you handle the forces of nature as they move to bring forth this new life?

We are in the 9th month now. Our Earth Mama in her pregnancy counts down her final days. For a moment think of all the birth stories on this planet. I know of a 16-year-old who remained in denial throughout her entire pregnancy and birth. As she was laboring, the nurse said, “You are having a baby”, she screamed back, ” I am not having a baby!” I also know of four Mayan women, all my former midwives, who birthed their babies alone. Yes, alone, in the forest, in the field, at the river, or in their thatch huts with only God as their witness. I have an acquaintance right now who has scheduled in a date at the hospital that fits her schedule to induce her birth in order for her two children to have the same birthday. Meanwhile, I chose to have my fourth child at home, in perfect trust, in its own timing, with only my husband as my midwife. We all know of a few Caesarian stories, in fact, we know of far too many of these. And we hear of the all too common drugged hospital births that accompany our modern-day lives. On the other hand, some of us bring to life beautiful water births and gorgeous home births. I have experienced labor to be forceful, strong, and overwhelmingly empowering. I have a rare gem of a friend that told me her labor felt like a prolonged orgasm, lucky & blessed woman!

There is an infinitude of earth birth stories, just as there are an infinitude of realities. So then as we think of our progression through this ascension/birth process, imagine how many varied stories will be told at the end of the day. It is all a matter of choice. What will be your story? Give it some thought as you take this 9th month (the 7th day will last one year) to mold and form your creation. As the earth continues to move and shake, as she engages in her personal Braxton Hicks contractions, your job is to slow down and prepare your space for a magnificent new creation. Have you heard before that each baby is a Buddha? So a Buddha is coming to town, that Buddha is you, in case you forgot, you are the miracle! It is crucial to remember your divinity so that when you come face to face with a luminous being from another Planet that you stand erect and proud as an enlightened representative from the human race.

Here we go, take a deep breath, it is time for Mama’s (or Papa’s) everywhere to clear out everyone and everything that doesn’t grow corn… as we feel and prepare and toss out some more seeds for the “time” of our approaching birth! The 7th days are also known as Heaven so try to enjoy the great unknown everyone!

6 thoughts on “And On The Seventh Day…

  1. Amanda says:

    Beautiful… very beautiful! Thank you for your beautiful offering…
    Simple…. pure…. showers my soul with hope. Blessings to you!

  2. sade says:

    Happiness. I am glad. If the sun…

    Thank you girl. Thank you.

    If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.
    when mountains crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.

    Kind woman, I give you my all, Kind woman, nothing more.

    Little drops of rain whisper of the pain, tears of loves lost in the days gone by.
    Our love is strong, with you there is no wrong,
    together we shall go until we die. My, my, my.
    Inspiration’s what you are to me, inspiration, look… see.

    And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles,
    Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one.
    Happiness, no more be sad, happiness….I’m glad.
    If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you.
    If the mountains should crumble to the sea, there would still be you and me.

  3. Rachel says:

    I love your writing. I have been experiencing instant karma for the past two years–I cannot tell a lie. I think the garbage needs constant emptying, and great thanks and LOVE to Goddess Gaia for knowing what to do with it. I honor Gaia and love her every moment we breathe. Thank you Navajo.

  4. Pari says:

    Beautiful… thank you! I needed this remembering at this time, Amanda said it perfectly.

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