Beyond the Veil

I love Little Grandmother, Shaman Keisha Crowther. What a delightfully light and loving pure soul. We are blessed with her presence. In her latest video presentation filmed in Zürich, Switzerland she confirmed for me what my body has been screaming at me for months: the entire Gulf of Mexico is dead and the saga of this oil spill is yet to be told. And with this information she reminded me of our agreed upon mission as lightworkers, starseeds, healers, visionaries, shamans and heart-based humans: to be love!

At first, her message caused me angst, “to be love”, now what exactly does that mean? As I spiraled further and further into a personal emotional crisis, my mode of operation under “normal” conditions would have been to shut down emotionally, close off my heart from pain. But, as we all have become aware, “normal” is no longer a working option. These extreme times, call for new solutions. Unbeknownst to me, I was on a path to learn exactly what Keisha’s message meant.

Under extreme pressure and stress, I called in a new bodyworker. As she magically worked on me, she explained that all the knots in my body were locked up in my heart chakra. Coincidentally, my three-year old son, Raphael, had been busy making me play dough heart after play dough heart telling me, “you need these Mama”. The massage therapist’s work succeeded in opening my meridians, allowing every emotion to flow freely. Scary!

Months of pain, sorrow, regret, frustration, anger and disbelief at my own personal circumstances, as well as the world predicament at large, were living on my body. As a conscious participant of these times, an empath, you simply feel too much. Somehow, I allowed the tightness of closing my heart to melt into a body awareness which led gradually to a feminine softness, which caused two and half days of tears, and eventually led to a complete and thorough break through of forgiveness. My heart was blasted wide open, once again, and that is what Keisha and every shaman on the planet says is required, living from the heart, with no ego-trips and no logical based decision-making plots. From our hearts, she says, all solutions will be found!

I had no idea that I was on a roller coaster ride of completion towards an unresolved and lingering childhood issue that had warped my adult existence for far too long. But my dream state brought the message to full clarity…

My Aunt Emma called me to invite me to church. I hesitated. I don’t really do church anymore, that is a far-off memory from childhood. But when she said it was a charismatic, evangelical church, I decided to accept her offer. I was feeling nostalgic, missing my mother and remembering our times in the charismatic Catholic churches of my youth. I loved the music and the singing and knew I could use an hour of such an experience.

My Uncle (one of whom had sexually molested me as a child) picked me up for the service. As I was back in a metropolitan city, and out of my element entirely, I was happy to let someone else lead the way. Unfortunately, he proceeded to drive the car off the wrong exit ramp which landed us in some shady, dangerous gang territory neighborhood. We were in danger, of sorts, all of my intuition was on hyper alert to leave and leave fast. I jumped into the driver’s seat and instinctively drove straight to the church, which I somehow knew was located off the next exit ramp. (Incidentally, I remember the car amazed me as it ran on water).

I heard the church before I saw it. When I laid eyes on this gorgeous brick and stone cathedral of winding stairs, fountains and flowers, I was in deep gratitude for my aunt’s presence in my life. As I climbed the stairwell to the entrance of this temple and to meet her, I became entranced by the power stones, statues and sacred objects that had been collected for this most glorious place on Earth. The singing kept washing over me, tone after overtone of healing voices and celestial sounds. I started crying. Everything that had seemed so tragic was lifting off of my soul in this moment of grace.

The singing went on and on and on. Their were so many souls in this sacred temple lifting their voices to the celebration of life, to their very existence and to the power and magnitude of creation. Somewhere in this experience, I turned to my uncle and said, “I forgive you” and I knew I had finally accepted my role in choosing to carry this burden of childhood sexual abuse, and I knew I gladly could accept my role in healing the planet of this malady and all maladies that inflict pain on our mother, hence ourselves.

Our planet’s current state of affairs is painful for me. If you watch Keisha’s video, she cries as she speaks about Mother Earth’s condition. It is not easy to witness the darkness and despair of these closing hours of our patriarchal, warring, dysfunctional society. Today, in fact, Project Gulf Impact is in Seattle to discuss the implications for the world and the world’s oceans and all life everywhere from the Gulf oil spill which has not stopped flowing. We are going to learn to live from our hearts, one way or another, there is no choice in this matter.

Some say the galactic’s will come and save the day…
Keisha, a shaman, says, no one will save the day, but us…
“we are the ones we have been waiting for”

As a shaman,
as an indigenous soul,
I feel our galactic brothers and sisters,
they are here,
and yes, they want to help..
but they will not disclose their presence in full until we lay down our arms,
until we are living from our hearts,
until we are ready to meet and greet them without fear
and without exaltation of their Godliness…
until we remember we come from the same sparks of spectacular divinity-

for now, this Earth, so polluted, so unhealthy,
and yet, so beautiful, so magical,
is our terrain to love,

it is up to us to use love to solve our problems
and to honor our Mother,
the one who gives us our daily sustenance.

Today, American Thanksgiving Day, I will sing a song of healing
for the wrongs inflicted, and
for the forgiveness that is available in a single moment of healing grace-

At present, there are many tragedies,
simply understand,
they are leading us to our ultimate tribulations of the New World-
which has been kept alive and well in all the sacred places of the galaxy!

Be the Love you want to feel, for as you have been taught, what we do to our neighbor,
we ultimately do to ourselves!

In Lak’ech,

One thought on “Beyond the Veil

  1. sade says:

    Places…..drowning in the sea of love….

    Stevie Nicks…..Sara

    Thank god for Stevie! (ed. note of my own…… xoxo navajo… sister in our mutual progress)

    Wait a minute baby. . .
    Stay with me awhile
    Said you’d give me light
    But you never told me about the fire

    Drowning in the sea of love
    Where everyone would love to drown
    And now it’s gone
    It doesn’t matter anymore
    When you build your house
    Call me home

    And he was just like a great dark wing
    Within the wings of a storm
    I think I had met my match–he was singing
    And undoing the laces
    Undoing the laces

    Drowning in the sea of love
    Where everyone would love to drown
    And now it’s gone
    It doesn’t matter anymore
    When you build your house
    Call me home

    Hold on
    The night is coming and the starling
    flew for days
    I’d stay home at night all the time
    I’d go anywhere, anywhere
    Ask me and I’m there because I care

    Sara, you’re the poet in my heart
    Never change, never stop
    And now it’s gone
    It doesn’t matter what for
    When you build your house
    I’ll come by

    Drowning in the sea of love
    Where everyone would love to drown
    And now it’s gone
    It doesn’t matter anymore
    When you build your house
    Call me home

    All I ever wanted
    Was to know that you were dreaming
    (There’s a heartbeat
    And it never really died)

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