Radiation is Light

A Lakota warrior said a great Light will come from the sky to heal the Earth.
He promised ”There shall be a shifting, a great shaking and all things shall be touched, even the stones, and in a moment there shall be a newness in a great swelling of light that will fill the heavens and block out even the light of our own sun in its brightness…and the worlds shall split as will the heavens… in a moment. And in that moment you shall be where your heart is for time as we have known it shall be no more.” Crazy Horse

Day after day after day, as of late, the atmosphere has felt increasingly strange. After the last nine days of foggy haze in the skies, I began to wonder if it wasn’t because of all the forest fires in my region? But when I energetically tapped into the air, I knew it had nothing to do with fire and everything to do with the radiation circling our planet at the moment. The thought of this is actually so overwhelming that most people cannot even hold conversation around the subject for more than a few sentences. Notice how the media has dropped the topic entirely? No use sending everyone into a panic, as even specialist nuclear scientist Dr. Caldicott when asked, “what can we do about the radiation streaming our way?” replied, “absolutely nothing.”

“The email to and from Helen Caldicott.
From: john xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx @ yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 8:21 AM
To: Helen Caldicott
Subject: RE: Japan. Looking for your take on the disaster

Dear Helen, Thanks for you and thanks for your reply. I have visited your site and read what you have written about Fukushima. Is there any way to prepare for the fallout from the Fukushima event.?
Thank you in advance.
John xxxxxx

No I’m afraid there is not John
Helen” GLP

Scary? Ponder for a moment, an x-ray. You are lying on the doctor table and snap, like a photograph, a beam of light goes off and your x-ray has been taken. X-rays use radiation, radiation is actually light. Fact: radiation from the Japanese is busy circling our atmosphere right now, if your government is prepared to tell you these details or not, simply go outside and breathe deep: something is not right! But there is something that can be done and this will take due diligence and all our spiritual training.

After Chernobyl, a group of Soviet doctors, working with dying children, would build salt rooms that resembled crystal caves, so that the children could lift up their vibration. Herbs, indigenous to the region, were administered as medicine. Yoga was daily and mandatory.

“A group of doctors and healers were having success with their groups of children. I inquired into what they were doing. They described the environmental conferences they held with their affected neighbors of the Scandinavian countries. They were concerned about contamination to the fish in their seas, to the grass-fed milk cows, to the lands, rivers and lakes. They were concerned about the air they breathed and the earth itself. They shared all of this, and then said they would tell me their secrets of offsetting the effects of radiation. I moved forward in my chair totally attentive to hear of a miraculous substance.

They told me that radiation is light and has a high vibratory frequency. Through their spiritual practices of meditation, prayer, Yoga, eating less dense foods and faith and love of God, they could raise their own cellular vibration to that of radiation to offset the harmful effects. They were smiling and even joyful. “

You see,” one Russian doctor bubbled with excitement, “We are using radiation as our spiritual guide. It forces us to be more fully conscious each moment of every day. If we have a negative thought it reduces the vibratory frequency of our cells and we become more susceptible. If we are angry or critical, our cells vibrate at a slower pace and we can become ill. If we become lighter, we become light and become one with the light of radiation. You see,” they beamed, “radiation is our spiritual practice.” http://stevebeckow.com/2011/04/rama-jyoti-vernon-japan-radiation-and-spiritual-emergence/

Like it or not, radiation has become the spiritual practice for all of us. How appropriate that we are in the last days of the Mayan Calendar, our birth to ascension, and now, more than ever, it is crucial to think light thoughts, be of light frequency and practice light ways all day long. Lightworkers, we have our work cut out for us.

The biosphere, our environmental home, is being systematically destroyed. Jose Arguelles has been telling us that for quite some time. He said do not fear, simply become part of the changing, positive thinking noosphere. “As the Earth’s “mental sheathe,” the noosphere represents the breakthrough to a new consciousness, a new time and a new reality arising from the biospheric crisis. This is known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.” Jose Arguelles, Law of Time. Arguelles believed that by 2013 our calendars would be obsolete, along with all our systems that follow tick-tock beat to the calendar. All we have to do is arrive, arise, upwise… “The biosphere-noosphere transition marks the point when the consciousness of the planet goes from the cosmic unconscious to the cosmic conscious. This is a specific geological-evolutionary event-point that coincides with the prophetic cycle: 1987-2013.” Jose Arguelles, Law of Time

Japan and its aftermath are far from over, its only just begun…
Radiation worries?
Plutonium fears?
Worry and fear will only lower your vibration, no matter what the 3D world cooks up and serves in this purification process, it is crucuial to stay in sync with the Light! Understand the light is intensifying…

First off, Nasa says there will be an increase of CME’s from now through 2012. What that means in an increase in solar radiation. Accompany that with a weakening and possibly collapsing magnetosphere and we are talking about a lot of light energy. Can you feel it? The Sun feels intense to me. For the first time in my life I have purchased a super expensive, all mineral make-up, mostly zinc oxide, sunscreen. I don’t believe in the chemical cancer causing sunscreens, and have never really resorted to using one, but at the moment, something was needed to protect mine and my children’s skin.

Secondly, the scientific world has also just announced that our sun is emittting a particle that is actually mutating matter- the impossible has happened; “Something being emitted from the sun is interacting with matter in strange and unknown ways with the startling potential to dramatically change the nature of the very Earth itself.” http://dublinmick.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/little-darling-here-comes-the-sun/
“The mutation may go so far as to change the underlying reality of the quantum universe—and by extrapolation-the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even the uniform flow of time.” Quoted from Above Top Secret
Forum Post

Further, on December 21, 2012: The winter solstice will take place at 23:11 GMT, better known as 11:11. When it does, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way galaxy as seen from Earth— the first such alignment in 26,000 years. Starting from December 13, 2012 through March 2013, we will be inundated with the sacred rays… (notice the dates match Arguelles timeframe for a geological-evolutionary event)-

“The 12 Sacred Rays are perceived to be intelligent,
Infinitely subtle and penetrating,
Extremely high in frequency,
Multicolored like rainbows
Positive or Loving
The parents of gamma rays and tachyon energies,
The ultimate forces behind Nature and the Tao,
The essential ingredients of the Great Spirit -as Shamans use the term,
The common denominator of all religions,
The real creators of the universe,
The triggers for galactic super waves
The basis for karma and dharma
And Indian Kundalini, Psionic and Taoist Shein powers
The impetus behind Archangels and various human races, like the Yellow race
The guiding force of conscious and physical evolution,
The programming behind DNA,
The Life behind all Life
The 12 energies of the 12 Chakras
The 12 tests of the 12 houses of the Zodiac
The 12 notes in a musical octave
The 12 months in a year
The real inspiration behind personal enlightenment.
And many other descriptions” author unknown

Are we beginning to feel their approach already? The more we are prepared for the light, the more we are prepared for the light, because what I have been feeling as of late, atmospherically, emotionally, spiritually, etherically is that the planet is only vibrating Light! “Mayans call for a rise in consciousness, religions speak of the coming of Light, scientists indicate matter is transforming.” Dublinmick

Be the light you came to be…
It is our only hope!


16 thoughts on “Radiation is Light

  1. christina says:

    Thank you! This helps me understand what I!ve been feeling. I have been receiving the message “shine your light” for a while now it all makes sense why my guides were insistent. Much love x

  2. Carolan says:

    Thanks, this confirms and enlarges upon what I’ve felt and sensed recently. I was pondering the radiation effects and levels of fear around them when I sensed a very large angelic presence – a being previously unknown to me. This presence said that the radiation levels are a necessary part of our evolutionary journey and that the radiation will produce changes and recombinations of our DNA that is in order with the greater plan for human evolution. The Angel announced himself as Lucifer, the Lightbearer, and said he was charged with overseeing this part of the plan for Earth and that though he has played a negative role in our dualistic system in the unified whole, he never left God’s presence.

  3. Dragon says:

    wow Destino! What a wonderful way of looking at Radiation! When you mention the radiation encircling the planet, is it all the radiation that has been leaked from the reactors in Japan, if so..that is a lot! All I know is that I have been feeling wierd as of late..the air feels wierd, like it is wired…I really can’t explain it. It makes me feel anxious, especially when I try to sleep at night, I get up often about 3:00 in the morning. My daughter and I have been having wierd, intense dreams. Last night, I slept like a baby, but had a strange dream that I remember as if it happened. I dreamed that I was in a home (not my own, in a village) where people were running down the streets yelling, ” he has started the war, there is nothing we can do!” and the sky turned gray, snow started falling, or was it ash? I tried to run and hide, but there was no place to hide, I was always found by someone…strange, yet disturbing. I was also amazed about the children that had been exposed during the Cherynobol fallout being put into crystal salt caves..wow…funny, yesterday I put my wind chimes outside for the first time now that the ice and snow have finally left..the strange thing is that I had the urge to surround my home and protect it more than before..my daughter also found a huge 15 lb pure crystal rock that washed down from the mountain we live on during the heavy rains. She found it in our stream bed…she also picked up a load of smaller rock crystals and gave them to me, saying: “here mom, to surround and protect us.”” just out of the blue like that. They are all sitting on the back balcony..I will put them around the property tonight and making extra cystal chimes too..

    • mayasoma says:

      Hi Wind Chime- As to Japan who knows, I know we are being lied to… the one Chernobyl survivor who worked on clean up said to the Japanese- run, run for your lives, the govt will lie! But, like you, the atmosphere feels very strange- day after day… and also, I am waking up anxious, further I am continually dreaming of earthquakes, I actually feel my bed shaking… but it seems, that you are protected…your daughter’s find is way too synchronistic;
      and plus your chimes are all Light! speaking of… my son broke one of the glass parts- I was so upset, but he is going to superglue it for me- urghhh!!!

      • Dragon says:

        send me a picture of the glass part broken, I’ll simply cut and grind one for you and mail it off this week if you want. 🙂

  4. Kailey says:

    Thanks for this it was very soothing to know my friends and I are not crazy. We having been feeling that there are big changes coming in the future. Beyond comprehension….and it is coming fast……

  5. Are we all going to perish? What does this mean to humans, animals and mammals? I read on the subject, but are we going to die or be re-born? Is the earth going to be destroyed? I’m a little confused on the situation. Could someone straighten me out? Thanks.

  6. Dragon says:

    Hi Destino
    I had to share this with you and your other readers!! Just about 15 minutes ago, I was reading up on serendipity, and checking my email, I got a note stating that someone had subscribed to my YouTube channel, OK, checked the person out, they only had this one video, for the hell of it, I clicked on the video and realized it was from the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music, which features the song ‘stand by me’ which, yes I have heard hundreds of times before, but as I started listening to it and realizing that musicians and singers from all over the world were joining in at the same time through the Internet, I just felt a huge ball of emotion roll up through my sternum and up my throat and I ended up crying pretty badly..don,t =ask me why, I have no clue, but I think I released something, God knows what. Somethin lig big is coming, and I feel a step closer by watching this video, please check it out and see if this does the same for you all!! http://www.youtube.com/user/beamorrison?email=subscription_create

    • mayasoma says:

      gorgeous and yes brought a tear to my eye as it was my highschool graudation song…
      and just represents change and challenge to me-

  7. Mom says:

    At Dragon and Mayasoma,
    That song always makes me feel like that. It’s a beautiful song and I get beautiful vibes from it.
    I just read this today, I think I needed to do it. Something or someone made me get here, because I had just read your last blog last week and I still had the other past two months.
    In a way this is explaining a lot to me. I also have been waking up in the middle of the night feeling as if I can’t breath or anxious. I thought it was all due to all my $$$ problems, but I couldn’t understand since I have been working on this and I thought I was making great progress. I do feel all of the time that I need to do more with my Magnified Healing and Reiki, whenever I do my meditations I always call all of my MH and Reiki spiritual guides and Angels. I can’t explain it, I have made my own system I guess? But I feel that I need to do this, and when I’m out many times I feel I have to send the love and light around me. Before, even probably a year ago, when I got angry I would just say something mean to the person and just leave but today if I get angry I turn to them and ask for help or to take that feeling away, and to help or send love and light to those people. I have been going to a big change. No, I’m not a saint and I will never be, I’m only another lightworker who loves what she does, help people, even when they don’t know it, for the good of all.
    OK I just read what I wrote and it’s a bit confusing, LOL but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. I thank you for your messages, they are very helpful. Bendiciones.

  8. Mom says:

    It’s me again, I just listened again to the song Stand By Me and it made me cry again. I even posted it on FB for my friends.
    And something I forgot, I find the article about how the Soviets have treated the children affected by the radiation very interesting, I have been always one who rather use natural medicine and it makes me happy to see how doctors and scientist are going back more and more to nature and also spirituality.
    BTW when I said “Before, even probably a year ago, when I got angry I would just say something mean to the person and just leave but today if I get angry I turn to them and ask for help or to take that feeling away, and to help or send love and light to those people” I meant I turn to the Angels and guides to help me, to get rid of the negativity. I put it in their hands.

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