Criticality Leads to Inter Dimensional Shift

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud became greater than the risk it took to bloom.” Anais Nin

Criticality! I have been hearing this word all around me as of late in regards to current situations on the Earth. My own life had reached a critical plateau as my structure and foundation continued to disintegrate. I had given myself a deadline of Spring 2011 to make a change. Unfortunately, as spring crept in on me, nothing was forthcoming and in fact, I was only feeling stressed and anxious over a wedding invitation.

My close cousin was to be married and I was scheduled to be a bridesmaid in this gala event. The pressure was certainly on as the financial demands of this event were larger than I anticipated, quite honestly, I could not foresee my way to the wedding. One late evening two women customers managed to schedule themselves into tarot appointments with me. This in itself was strange as I usually do not work in the evening hours and surprisingly, upon conversation, it tuned out these beautiful characters were from Las Vegas, Nevada. How strange and how funny, that was were the wedding was to be held. I proceeded to share my angst over this situation with the women who wholeheartedly encouraged me to travel, promising that they would line up clients for me to do tarot readings in order to pay my way through the trip.

A sign? Possibly but I wasn’t too awake to the information yet. Over the next weeks, as I continued to spin around and around in my own reality, becoming increasingly frustrated with my life situation, I happened to pick up the calling card of the woman from Las Vegas for the first time…on the back of the card were the words, “Make It Happen”. If anyone remembers Paulo Coello’s Alchemist, then you will remember that the universe speaks in symbols and signs. Here was my first guidepost! Without further ado, I booked my ticket and since I was throwing financial caution to the wind, what the heck, I booked a second ticket to my girlfriends in Ashland, Oregon. At that point in time, the shift began to happen. I wasn’t quite aware of the momentum yet, but all those around me who loved me were feeling the immensity of this journey.

Packed and ready…I was off, casting worry to the wind (saying adieu to my husband and four kids), I pledged to just have a rocking good time; rejuvenation was the name of the game. Las Vegas is intense terrain for a sensitive being so thank the Goddess, the higher powers had thought that through and put an incredible energy healer on my path. I would bounce in and out of Lisa’s space every few days to share stories and receive energy from her space and her crystal stone collection. On my last day in Las Vegas, we were doing a healing session together where the energies became so overwhelmingly intense that they sent us both into deep trance state. Upon returning to waking life, Lisa kept asking me, “What the heck was that?” and I would reply, “Our lives just underwent a deep shift.” Although, I really had no clue what that meant. When Lisa and I got in the car to drive me to my exit, there was a mosquito flying around. For those of you who know and love the desert, there are no mosquitoes! Interestingly enough, on the other side of the States, her logical, linear thinking friends, whilst at a barbeque, witnessed a fleet of saucers flying in formation at exactly the same time. Upon this synchronicity, Lisa called her expert energy healer to ask for some clarity into our session; Patrick merely responded that “a portal had opened”. My translation on these events is that the 5th dimensional gateway is fully activated and available to anyone willing to follow the universal clues, signs and symbols!

Okay, another plane, another place…destination, arrival Ashland, Oregon for some real girlie fun, I thought. Haha, the universe does have a sense of humour. It is said that Ashland, once upon a time, was healing & birthing ground for the Native Americans, a vortex of sorts. From the first hours after touching ground in this healing place, I was catapulted into terrain beyond my comprehension. Now before I launch on the magical events in Ashland, allow me to digress.

In Las Vegas, I performed 12 different readings. In each and every one of those readings, Eagle appeared. One client, in fact, had actually found a primary Eagle feather on his land near Hallelujah Junction, Nevada. A primary Eagle feather can symbolize so many things, but what I know from experience is that a primary Eagle feather is going to illuminate all you need to know about your primary relationships, your primary source of income, your primary home, etc… When Eagle flies in, be ready for change, for surely, Eagle is offering the much-needed perspective we have called into our lives. Primary Eagle feather simply sat in Lisa’s space throughout the duration of my Las Vegas journey as she beaded it into further beauty.

Simultaneously, my clients kept choosing a card called “Exemplar of the Pipes” (The Medicine Woman Cards, Carol Bridges) which is symbolized by a woman decorated in a head-dress of Eagle feathers, holding onto her wooden walking stick, sitting contentedly on an orange stone while her decorated deerskin shield sits behind her as protection. The meaning of the card is a wise woman has reached her spiritual pinnacle, she has lived her path and purpose so she deserves to be at home, to play, or to rest, as she is fully adorned and wholly recognized by her community.

I had purchased a walking stick three years prior in Ashland, Oregon but I could not take it on the plane due to length & size restrictions. I left it in the care of my good friend who upon my arrival placed the stick back into my hands. The spiritual significance struck me like a choir from the heavens. I was exactly where I belonged.

I must say, unbeknownst to me, I hit the ground running as 24 hours later I had a career offer that boggled my mind and part of the offer required that I make an immediate decision to stay and work. That would mean no return to my island home, no return to gather up my family, no return to sort through my possessions, no return to have closure… the immensity of the situation was making me distraught, to say the least. Logically, I felt as if this cannot be accomplished and spiritually I knew it must. As I jaguar paced the floor attempting to make my decisions, I passed the clock only to see that the time was 3:33.

A quick check in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, “Serpent of Light, Beyond 2012” told me the answer. If you are not familiar with this book, in it Drunvalo breaks down the meaning of triple digit numbers in our lives:

111 – energy flow: something is flowing to you: money, water, sex, etc…,
222 – new cycle: something new is beginning, wait on next triple # for guidance,
333 – decisions: a fork in the road where your decisions will lead to a 666 which repeat past lessons or to the 999 which means completion and lesson learned,
444 – mystery school: life lessons, real lessons, study, learning about Reality
555 – unity: highest number Christ Consciousness, when someone has attained unity
666 – can represent pure evil, watch out for physical events and exercise caution
777 – mystery school: practicing all you have learned
888 – completion of a lesson
999 – completion of a cycle of lessons or events, spiritual mastery
000 – meaningless

The 3’s were showing me my decisions centered around continuing in life as it was (an unimaginable gorgeous Caribbean dead-end dream) or make a new move, take a leap of faith. Obviously, here I AM in Ashland, Oregon. What I am beginning to realize is that this is my new 5th dimensional learning ground as life has unfolded with supreme ease, where everything I need simply floats my way. As all the spiritual writers have been verbalizing, manifestation happens swiftly after clear intention in the 5th dimension if you are aligned with your path and purpose. Raven, bird of high magic, sat stalking & talking to me as I began my new work project and life path. My life has undegone an extreme paradigm shift…

“Paradigm Shift is the Great Wind.
It is change on a scale that warps
the capacity of our imagining,
and boggles our ability to manifest
the visions we know to be true.

Black becomes white,
high becomes low,
the way becomes uncertain,
as new foundations
replace that which has ceased to

We must arise, and together
create on a scale so vast
that the extinction of species
and the poisoning of the Planet
is swept aside & life is renewed.”

Seventh Annual MidSummer’s Dream, Ashland, Oregon

Environmental criticality, spiritual criticality, financial criticality, emotional criticality, mental criticality, physical criticality… in everyway, as a species, we are at a critical junction. For some, this critical life junction will lead to disaster given an inability to evolve, while for others, criticality will lead to ones’ personal Hallelujah Junction.

The Native Americans have a prophecy that when white buffalo returns to North America, world peace can begin. A white buffalo is born 1 out of every 10 million births, therefore, they are considered most sacred. The new earth, the new dimension is here… and in case you have any doubts, take a peak at this video regarding the birth of 3 sacred white buffaloes in Bend, Oregon:

I A currently bombarded by the 999-

For all those who have inquired, I am finally available on Skype for Tarot Readings!!!

26 thoughts on “Criticality Leads to Inter Dimensional Shift

  1. nadeanna says:

    Welcome home!
    I hope your family will be able to join you when the time is right.

    • mayasoma says:

      as in immediately…this is the hardest part of the transition- being away from my loved ones;
      a nine year old boy named Rowan asked me if I could have anything right now, what would it be- I said plane tickets for my husband and kids… I am asking spirit for a benevolently wealthly patron who would like to gift me those tickets and transition funds or for my property in Belize to sell fast/NOW!!!

  2. carmilla5 says:

    Lovely Navajo
    I so loved this post like all your wonderful posts it lifted me up immensely! It is so exciting being in the times we knew were coming & seeing most everyone else getting on the magic carpet as well. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more of your journey. Love lots, Lisa, Melbourne, Australia ;^)

  3. Dragon says:

    Amazing Destino, I’m so happy for you!! Just one little thing I wasn’t sure after reading thru..are you going back home to your family..or did you just up and leave them?? lol!!!
    Man, I wish there was a portal here where I live..I would just disappear. Life has been so hard in the last month..the energies are really crazy, I’m going crazy. Just trying to focus… hugs xxx

    • mayasoma says:

      I could never leave my familly…imagine? I have taken a 90 day position and either I will return at the end or relocate the family-

  4. Dragon says:

    *phew* I thought so, was scared for a moment there Destino! 😉

    • mayasoma says:

      honestly, just hearing their voices and I am ready to throw it all down the drain… 90 days is an eternity, I am beseeching spirit to make their transition happen sooner!

  5. chris says:

    holy shift great article. xo

  6. You were in my home state! If you are ever in the Portland area I’d love to help you in your travels or be your host! Thankyou again for your insights and personal experiences.

  7. Heather says:

    I know it must be hard, but it is a test.. Your family relies on you immensely. You will all be a stronger unit on your reunion. Stay the 90 I have faith i you and your path… Bless you and your faimly that you stay strong and focus on the goal at hand.

  8. Bear says:

    Nothing happens by accident,, all is as it should be. Keep your peace and vision.
    Your mate and children will follow.

    Whidbey Wizard

  9. J says:

    Much love and good wishes from the UK. I thought you’d like to see this, it kinda is along the lines of what you talked about:)
    I so wish for a miracle too right now, and this concerens my partner just having a crital physical condition in this limited reality, so i wont buy that, i to say we must leap in faith and not go down with the doom we are cast.
    This is a snake crop circle, and a code along its body, i cant work out if it has a meaning as such, only the light codes …
    Theres also been another since this one, this was on the 9th!
    Simple concepts and symbols are there for us now, so congrats on using them, and may i also do this:)
    Many blessings to you and your family. J. xxx

  10. leopardfeet says:


    Wow! What a journey. I am so proud of you. You have always followed your intuition and lived on faith.
    I am sure your property will sell or tickets will appear for your men.
    Now I will learn how to use skype so I can get a reading asap1


  11. amy says:

    Yes. Jah children. Stay away from war and strife. Stop all your fuss and fighting:

  12. Dear One,
    I have been called to Ashland as well..I was SO excited to read this beautiful post…it brought me to daughter and I will be relocating there in ten days. I feel as though my true path and journey is just beginnng. Blessings to you and yours as we welcome Peace to All!♥

  13. S.a. Amarant says:

    Dear Destino…I aaplaud you and your family..each playing out their part…be ready for the benevolence and mercies to expand thier flow to everyone in you heart Now. Offering thanks and praise for true goddess courage. Feel that love sister, it is always surrounding you and yours. your brother in the Sierra Nevadas of California, The Mother Lode. Steve

  14. Mom says:

    I’m so happy for you, I am also feeling this change coming very rapidly but I feel stuck. I have to find my own way out of it or like my daughter said to me and also as you said it here, just let go. It’s hard for some one like me who is always trying to get control of the situation. This has really help me, blessings, love and light to you and your family.

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