“More Truth Will Set You Free”

Derek O'Neill

(click on his name to watch his humorous, enlightening message)

Let me transport all my readers to Stephanie Lash’s most recent Monday night Meditation in the Havurah Jewish Temple here in Ashland, Oregon (http://www.thegracefulpath.com/index.html). The topic of last Monday during that super charged, larger than life, most volatile solar flare, was opening & receiving prosperity, money, currency and gold, while clearing any beliefs and blocks to ones’ inherent abundance. Stephanie invited everyone to imagine a triangular base that turned into a pyramid. It came as no surprise to me, that I transported myself to Xunantunich Mayan Ruin, Belize. Holding my left hand as my guide was IxChel, Mayan Goddess of Healing, accompanied by her black jaguar companion. Holding my right hand, was Shoshona, my current Pacific Northwest guide, accompanied by her brown cougar. These powerful women and totems led me to the center of the temple, where we were asked to invite in our guardian angels. Archangel Michael was invoked to protect the temples.

No angels arrived for me… rather, an entire collective lineage of my ancestors filled the temple with unconditional love, support, and gold coins. It was quite overwhelming to be bathed in the glory and presence of my daughter, my mother, my grandmothers, not to mention my aunts, uncles, grandfathers, cousins, etc… all who were vibrating to the presence and magnitude of heaven, free of karma and earthly issues, while emanating light, pure light.

Stephanie Lash is a trained facilitator of the “More Truth Will Set You Free” Workshops as taught by Derek O’Neill, as such, these meditations are guided visually by music. During my temple vision, my mother stepped forward, she wanted to cradle my head… at just this moment in the meditation, Stephanie played a rendition of the song chosen at my mother’s funeral. Occasionally, Stephanie walks around, laying her healing hands on various people, in order to help them accelerate their process in opening to the meditation message. Stephanie was guided to lay her hands on my forehead during this song… mysteriously, though, it was not Stephanie embracing me, it was my mother’s gentle touch, crossing time and space and dimensions to express to me her unfailing, omnipotent love.

In my own mind, in my own experience, I was having an incredibly sad, deep, and moving meditation that not only shook me up, but also took me deep into my core issues. I thought this was about money? Why was I having to revisit the pain around the loss of my daughter and my mother, both of whom exited my life at all the “wrong” times? The ancestors then proceeded to gift me gold coins in large amounts, so much gold, that I could never be without abundance on the material realm ever again. If I ever step in fear around this issue again, I will simply kick myself, as the ancestors were overwhelming assuring, “that all my needs will be met, that the earth is truly eternally fertile.”

And yet, the deeper messages here were transparent, love and money: they are the same currency and any blocks to receiving prosperity in large amounts were blocked by my inability to allow my heart to feel deep grief, sadness and loss of loved ones. I was blocking and protecting from…? In blocking the deep grief, I was also blockading deep unconditional love, in essence, blockading the depth of receiving that the Universe is continually attempting to provide unto us. As I witnessed in that temple, pure love is never lost, it reaches across dimensions when necessary. Pure love is our support systems and when they are in balance are bank accounts are fine, just fine!

This triggered a memory. Right after Isabella, my daughter passed away, I decided we, as a family unit, needed a televsion/dvd set (we had consciously always lived without this modern-day appliance so that the children remain “unplugged”). At this point in time though, I believed we needed entertainment in the home to lighten up the seriousness and the grief that the whole family was dragging itself through. The first movie we magnetically drew unto us was Dragonfly with Kevin Costner. If you have never seen it, put it at the top of your list… in a nutshell, it is about love crossing the dimensions to deliver a message, and a gift!

In 2012 we are going to discover “more truth” than most people can handle. One truth which become glaringly obvious to me this last week is that love, money, creativity and life force energy are all the same and if you are blocked to receiving this energy in any form it will cause blocks in other areas of your life. Another realization I’ve had is that many people prefer, are comfortable, living in, their delusional lies & worlds and would prefer to stay right there, stagnant and tepid, rather than face the truth about their lives. And yet, what a powerful force truth is when it wakes you up to enliven your life. What a breath of fresh air truth is, when it is finally realized, spoken, and embraced. What a light and airy feeling my life has today, on some level I cleared a deep lineage issue around grief and love and money.

Then my week spun into huge manifestation of miracle and magic… business funding arrived from 2 investors, sample products rolled into my mailbox in an absolutely unbelievable time frame, some new luxury french furniture was gifted unto me, orders filled my email accounts, new woman and men offered their friendships unto me, clearings happened in relationships facing challenges: the faucets were opened and the flow was definitely flowing, gushing, in fact, making up for lost time.

2012…If there is any area of your life were you are living a lie, be brave, embrace the moment, speak up, now is the time. If there is any area of your life were you are lying to yourself, dare to face the truth. This article contains an absolutely powerful title and fact, more truth will set you free!

So in case you want the truth to just keep rolling in: make a pot of tea, curl up some place cozy and listen to Gregg Braden’s latest information, “Something Big is About to Happen”.

something big

Magically embracing this most auspicious winter, and finally digesting that solar flare,

4 thoughts on ““More Truth Will Set You Free”

  1. karen says:

    wow Destino!! So happy for you, yet I didn’t know you had a daughter… 😦

  2. Lisette says:

    Hey Des! I am truly impressed by your words of wisdom, advise and your writing skills. Beautiful, I am proud to be your friend! Love, Lisette

  3. Steve Amarant says:

    Dear Navajo, what sublime sharing dear star sister. I am letting all the good and golden stuff come right to me. Gold awareness for Children of Light is upon many of us now. Au mmmmm : )

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