Our Old World is Rapidly Dying

“In other words, the latest BP gusher is not about a pocket of oil that will soon empty out,

BP has pierced the circulatory system of the Mother and she is bleeding!

This is the great cataclysm of our times that will likely cause mass extinctions of many species. (Barbara Hand Clow)”

My only daughter, Isabella Camille, died of dysentery when she was two years old.  She died in my arms.  Actually she spent the last moments of her life in my arms breathing her way to another dimension.

My aunt, a very religious woman, upon hearing of these circumstances, held me in her arms and whispered that this ways God’s gift to me.  A gift?  I couldn’t imagine anything about Isabella’s death being a gift.  It was heart-wrenching, to say the least.  It was a terribly tragic family event that was shared by my friends and the island community at large.  It was devastating and continues to be the most painful memories of mine and my immediate family’s life.  There was no gift, in my opinion, in my daughter dying.

Isabella died over five years ago.  I was the first one in my family to acknowledge and accept that she was dying.  My husband and sons were still running around, making phone calls, talking to doctors, crying, hoping, and doing anything distracting.  Most obviously, they were in denial that she could possibly die, that the universe could possibly be serving us such a reality.  Meanwhile, I understood the immensity of what was occurring and decided to be very present with Isabella in her last moments.  Like a master yogini, she used her breath to carry her spirit away and I took every one of those last breaths with her.  Like a doula who assists a mother during her birth process, I was a mother witnessing her daughter’s passing.

From the moment BP’s disaster occurred, I knew we were in the deep end for real now.  The world that we have known is dying. If you do not see this simple fact, it is because you choose not to.  It might be easier for you to distract yourself through theses times with action, movement and unending service.  I know the longer one remains in frenzied motion or denial, the harder it is to awaken to the truth.  I find it interesting how many people, in regards to the oil spill, are saying, “Obama isn’t doing anything, he isn’t doing enough”.  I am sorry to be the harbinger of this information but there is nothing truly to do at this point in time. We are desperately in need of divine intervention, nothing short of a miracle will suffice.  Meanwhile, we must gently hold our mother, be present with her through these end times, accept the forces of nature that choose to express her pains and breathe with her as she moves into the fifth dimension.  We must bear witness to her death throes; and be present with her as doula for her imminent re-birth.

Today, many moons away from Isabella’s death, I think I understand my aunt’s comments…

Since I have already traversed this death terrain with my daughter, I am fully beginning to understand that I am a strong bridge from our old world to the promise land.  I seem to have a foot in both worlds having full well experienced the peace of death and the miracle of birth; death and birth:  their energies are the same.

earthquakes shaking, breathe

volcanoes erupting, breathe,

hurricane coming, breathe,

oil spilling, breathe,

economy crashing, breathe,

species, systems, people and our old world dying, breathe,

painful labor contractions, breathe,

and through your deep, steady breaths, you will be guided to right and timely participation in the birth of our new earth.

For all those already thriving in the new energy, you are so blessed, lucky even…

for all those attempting to find their way… cross my path, I am your bridge.

As the Maya say, our world will go dark for three days and three nights, then, we will wake up under a new sun, a new earth;

we are almost there, (less than 500 days til calendar completes itself- Oct. 2011(www.mayanportal.com)).


“What is about to transpire now is in other words not something that has ever happened before in the history of the universe. Maybe this impending change, partially unknown, causes the widespread denial that I feel dominate many people at the current moment.” (Carl Calleman)

The Great Awakening

Welcome Conscious Ones to Mothership Earth.  We made it!  And like all our conscious spiritual writers have been saying- the ascension gates are locked shut, the portals have indeed closed!  The conscious level you have achieved thus far in your life is your navigational steering wheel, for better or worse.  Some of you have chosen to grow and learn through love, others through pain, loss and death.  Please do not judge, critique or attempt to intervene in this process for others, as each person has their lessons to embody. Michael Brown recently stated in his last Gregorian New Year letter of 2010- there is no more working on spirituality and/or ascension as that “time” is over.  Now, more than ever, humans must all live fully present in the moment as the speed of existence is shifting into 9th gear on this  galactic vessel.  So it is pretty simple – Be Present!

I would like to share with my readers the most important ground rules and laws of this ship as we are all fully aware that the old Earth rules and paradigms have become obsolete and our souls have now been re-programmed for the Great Awakening of these times.  Consider these guidelines:

1.) Calendars, clocks and watches are still in use to synchronize meetings, appointments, etc.. but do not rely on them.  Imagine they are sitting on the back seat of your car for when the need may arise to consult with them, kind of like a GPS tracking device.  Rather, become an efficient user of your internal clock, divine timing and instinctual movements.  These tools will guide you to the most harmonious situations, always.

2.)  Write your power name on a card, toss it in the welcome box and be ready to meet new souls.  Do not be overly attached to your current spouses, partners, lovers, children, grandchildren, friends or acquaintances.  The name of the game is growth, which will be expediated through new relationships and new relationship dynamics, and sharing, something the patriarch did not do well.  Marriages and many other forms of intimacy will collapse.  Co-dependency is intolerable.  Possession is unacceptable.  Open hearts and minds are all that is permitted.  Love flourishes!

3.)  Plans do not work.  Live in the moment. Allow the flow of life to be your guide.

4.)  Money has almost been rendered meaningless as heartfelt appreciation becomes our exchange currency and in the Western world everything is processed through numbers anyway. Basically, we can all send each other credit card numbers which will be reduced from our personal monetary accounts which have an infinite, abundant supply that increases exponentially as your purchases reflect your support of ethical Earthly products and services.   Do not “think” too much about money, it is a waste of time.  If you have not yet figured out how to make money through your soul purpose, then simply send out a daily prayer to Great Spirit to please align you with your rightful work and pleasure to make a living.  Worry will get you no where, so why indulge in this low level feeling?  Like my grandmother always said, “when you don’t know what to do, do nothing!”  Simply wait on the movement of the universe to guide you and remain open.  A gentle reminder- the universe is eternally fertile.

5.)  Pleasure, dance, party, ceremony, ritual, love-making and joy are expected, anticipated and mandatory. No old fogies here- they are not welcome.  This is a fun place to be, and like the Zen buddhist saying goes, “every day is a good day”, so make the most of every moment.  We are alive, well and informed in the most auspicious times on this inter-galactic spaceship- Planet Earth.

6.)  Ownership of people (slavery in any form including our enslavement to the system) and land (possession of Earth) is over. We will learn to share, to care and to “give-away” in the Native American pot-latch ceremony way.  We will learn the true meaning of sacred space and respect versus ownership.  We will learn to talk to our neighbors and find real solutions to real problems.  We will understand, maybe even painfully, that we are all in this current predicament together and there are no “we and they” only us- one planet, one people, one mind, one body, and one soul.  Until everyone on the planet is cared for, no-one is cared for.  If millions are starving in Somalia and a whole population is in need of aid in Haiti- then we have a worldwide dilemma which requires an Earth council of capable leaders.

7.)  The old unhealthy ways are over and the sacred, ancient laws have returned.  So remember to celebrate all the Pagaen holidays (especially the four seasons).  As Jesus said, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”.  Guess what, meek, earth keepers and light workers?- It’s our time now and we shall flourish!

8.)  Activism is unnecessary unless you feel absolutely compelled by Spirit to participate in new solutions.  Sure there are real problems out there in the world.  Prayer, meditation and any form of relaxation are your most powerful tools to illicit powerful changes in this current world age.

9.)  Truth, honesty, and integrity are demanded NOW for a harmonious quality of life in the new ethical Earth.  No lies.  No greed.  No corruption.  No violence.  No abuse.  No misrepresentation.  No control.  No deviant behaviour.  No politicians. No slavery.  No genital mutilation.  No disease.   No neediness.  No lack.  No starvation.  No hoarding.  No ownership.  No cheating.  No adultery.  No hidden agenda.  No false information.  No gossip.  No low level actions.  No envy. No prostitution.   A powerful NO is indeed needed!  So that we may all go on to experience the satisfying YES of a creative, peaceful, and light filled world-garden.

10.)  Use fewer words, they are unneccessary, as everyone is truly telepathic. If your third eye skills are weak, practice reading other people’s body language and etheric vibes in order to increase your potential.  Then practice sending out intention through meditative thought- it’s easy, it works.  Be careful.  We do manifest what we think about and pretty quickly in this heart-space round womb ship called Mother Earth.

11.)  Daily movement helps keep your body active and able to respond to the new level of energies.  Sufi dancing (spinning) is especially beneficial as we approach the spiral galaxy alignment of 2012.  Spin yourself into new dimensions, often!  It will ease the shock of meeting our inter-galactic brothers and sisters who display a very  “different” look than us.

12.)  Creatively pursue your life purpose for all that it is worth.  It is your contribution to successful management of this vessel. Without your efforts and art, our Planet weakens.

I would like to offer everyone some homeopathic motion sickness pills as we will all need to be well prepared for a terribly bumpy, turbulent ride.  I would like to leave off with a recent poem by  Dana Shino, written on 1-1-2010…

gregorian new year on caye caulker, belize


“Nothing small about 2010 (or 2011 or 2012 and beyond),

it’s been the writing on the wall for decades, eons,

that few have chosen to see, coming to pass.

And it’s here now, Don’t you know?

this is what we came for?

The Mayans knew.
They left their script on rocks.
They told us.
The Masters in the Ascended Realms,
they’ve been preparing us for centuries:
Buddha, Jesus, Kwan Yin, Mother, Mary
and so many many others.
The Crop Circles have been vibrating
this message for years
from the green fields of Britain, the land of the Celts.

And the Star Light People from the Heavens,

they are visiting us now, holding us in the Divine.

2010 . . . big.
Big transformations, Big crashes, Big grassroots, Big lessons!

Everything we soul-learned in 2009
we apply now.
And everything we soul-learn in 2010
we apply immediately.
The mighty planets are pulling us in new ways, 2010.
The Earth is tilting in new ways, 2010.
The energies are rising in new ways, 2010.
The feminine and masculine are shifting in new ways, 2010.
Nothing faint-hearted about 2010 —
2010 . . . big.

Big Heart Chakra Openings.
Blazing Heart Chakra Openings.
No more hidden heart.
No more peek-a-boo heart.

The heart is the power, the engine,
the knowing, the time of the new way.
The mind, the brain, the logic cannot fathom
what the heart knows.
The heart knows the heat,
the vibrations of this new path
guiding us through this big change.
Bold heart. Big Heart. Wise Heart. Knowing Heart.
Step big into heart.
the joy and
light and new knowledge of the new children
vibrate around the world.
Lighting the new world.
These beautiful Crystals, Rainbows, Stars, Indigos,
they are the new way, just by their being.
Lean, lean closely, listen closely,
old old souls in fresh bodies

glistening with new knowledge,
dewdrops of the new time.
2010 . . .
Big Connections.
Big light bonds of powerful connections.
Big Being with Others.

When the government doesn’t rescue us,

or even turns on us,
and the corporations have forgotten us,
and the relief organizations are tapped beyond tapped,
and the technology blinks out for awhile,
and the money in our pockets means nothing,
and the cavalry never comes to save us,
and everything hesitates,

tipped from the scales of the race,

finally, finally, finally, we see our neighbors.
Finally, we see our humanity in one another.
We see the beautiful, powerful beings that we are.
We see that we already know our truth.
We see one anothers’ heart chakras
pulsating with fresh, new light.
Finally, the mask comes off.
The mask comes off.
the wisdom’s of gardens grow,

chickens cluck and crow,
bees buzz
rivers run and
all these seeds know that
Mother Earth
is teaching us more.
And like Hopi Prophecy speaks
(the great brothers and sisters of the Mayans),
neighbors connect with neighbors
teaching us more.
And the Native wisdoms’ from around the world
vibrate in the peoples across all lands and teach us more.
And the Star Light Peoples in the sky
resonate their truth
brilliantly lighting our dormant DNA
and teach us more.
And the children at our feet grow
and teach us more.
And then,
we choose.
In the middle of the great change
we choose
and we reach forward into a future,
an unimaginable future filled
with the possibilities of light,
the new technologies of light, peace, love..
It’s right at our fingertips.
It’s right on the tips of our consciousness.

2010 and beyond . . . big.
Bigger than big..
The door to the beyond of the new time.”


beautiful new doorways

Honesty in the 6th Galactic Night of the Mayan Calendar

“confess with me

your inner most thoughts,

your deepest desires,

your darkest secrets,

your most desperate longings,

for I shall not judge thee,

but embrace thee!”

-author unknown


chakra woman art by mary hettinger

In the Mayan evolutionary theory, we are in the Ethical Era, and in order to evolve as a species, one must be living truthfully.  Any white lies, large lies or areas of your life where you have misrepresented yourself or been dishonest will become so very painful in this, the 6th night of the Mayan Calendar, November 8, 2009 to November 2, 2010. The final purge has arrived and for some individuals their way of life is about to dismantle.  Confession time is imminent!

André Agassi, former World Champion tennis professional, considered to be one of the world’s best players ever, recently revealed in his new autobiography that he engaged in taking drugs to win a tennis open one year when his form was off.   Failing his drug test,  he proceeded to lie to the sports council regarding the matter.  I am not surprised to witness his revelations to the public in his new book as the incoming Mayan evolutionary energies of the last 10 years has been revolving around the theme of truth & integrity.

I went to school with the Agassi’s.  André’s sister, Tammy, was one of my good childhood friends.  They were a lovely family filled with integrity, strong opinions, and a good conscious.  I am convinced André confessed his actions as his consciousness got the better of him.  He revealed his truth and in doing so said to the public at large, “I made a mistake.  I am sorry.”  We, as humans recognize his infallibility, commend his brave admissions and release his actions.  He may lose his title and cash prizes- every lie has a consequence-but he will be forgiven and the heavy load of his lies will be all the lighter.  Sooner or later, it will become a distant past memory, embodied, learned from, not to be repeated.   Life will usher in renewed, powerful experiences for Andre Agassi and his rebalanced spirit will triumph once again.

Although I am new to the Mayan calendar theories, I am schooled and versed in the Tarot.   This era can be compared to the “20” card named Judgement Day/Reckoning Day.  In the traditional tarot imagery, the brilliance of  the angels shines upon the people in the card, rendering them naked in truth before a higher power.  The meaning of the card is that each and every individual will have to search their heart and mind to see what illusions persist, what games are being played and what lies will be revealed.  Celestially purged of the unnecessary, one can finally wake up to a new and exciting reality.  In the next year, no stone will remain unturned as the 6th night seeks to complete its final creation mission which is to lead everyone on earth into integrity.  Every soul will have to hold a mirror to themselves and face their reflection.  Do you like what you see?  Are you a sparkly, multifaceted diamond filled with light?  Are you a magical kaleidoscope of shapes?  Are you a crystal clear ball of luminosity?  Are you a midnight shining star?  If not, you have some work to do!

No worries though, jaguar is here to help you.  Jaguar is the Mayan animal that teaches us about truth, integrity & impeccability.  Jaguar’s mission is to devour any unclean aspects of our behavior.  Jaguar dishes out penalties for inappropriate behaviour, meanwhile offering rewards for those who have operated in honesty (Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson).  Jaguar says that he must roam our dreams now.  Jaguar rules the 6th galactic night. Some people, and you may know a few of these, would rather die than be honest or live honestly.  I am from the Belizean Creole culture.  For the most part, we are a chancey, sneaky and liared (creole for deceitful) tribe.  We are descendants of slaves & pirates and have inherited a few undesirable behavioural characteristics along the way.  My Belizean tribe is in trouble in this 6th night.  I send a prayer out to all those with ears to hear that they may learn to embody the new spiritually awakened energies.  We live in the heart of Mayaland and jaguars literally roam around us:  here the energies will be brutally intense.


as the ship sinks…

What most people worldwide require at this time is the “inipo” ceremony- most commonly called the sweat lodge.  Inipo is a Lakota word which means “you should purify yourself”. (The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards by Chief Archie Fire Lame Deer and Helene Sarkis).  The intense heat and steam of the Inipo Lodge forces all disease, fear, and maladies to leave the body.  Often sacred herbs like copal, sweetgrass or sage are used to assist the spirit.  The Inipo prepares one for a sacred journey.  Our sacred journey is the Mayan Galactic 6th night. We must tread this time in wonder and with reverence.


Copal Sacred tree resin used in Mayan smudge ceremonies

Remember in a previous article I likened the Galactic 6th night to the 6th night of Biblical creation- God’s last night of creation before the 7th day when he shall rest. This is it- our Creator’s final glory! If you have done some inner work, life will be offering you beautifully, powerful growth & creation experiences in the next year; if not…woe be to your nervous system.  Dhyani Ywahoo, Shaman, Cherokee Tribe says, “The denial of the fire of truth in yourself is going to be the denial of your heart’s beat- maybe you make your arteries get hard or something like that.”  This has always been my understanding- an inability to evolve leads to death.

Swedish biologist and Mayan scholar Carl Calleman says, “What is about to transpire now is in other words not something that has ever happened before in the history of the universe. Maybe this impending change, partially unknown, causes the widespread denial that I feel dominate many people at the current moment.  If my understanding of the Mayan calendar is correct we will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What seems clear however is that people will be divided as to whether they want to flow with the incoming energies leading towards a new world or if they will resist them and seek to hold on to or go back to the system of the past” .  One recommendation he makes to successfully come through the next year is ethical living and telling the truth.

The urgency here stems from the fact that our telepathic powers are returning in full force.  As this happens, the current hologram ( “reality” ) we live in is quickly shifting.  Cataclysmic pole shift, I don’t think so, intense magnectic realignments leading to hologram renewal is more like it.  In order to access our own powers, in order to survive, you must be standing upright and honest-you must be transparent. A quote from Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner of The Mayan Oracle deck states, “In transparency, (new) worlds are created”. Reread that line- it is simple and profound.

Enlightened Souls, once again these times can be manuevered with grace, our new world is here- let us then simply live transparently, telepathically sharing our thoughts without shame or manipulation.  Back in our delightful earth garden (the Garden of Eden), innocent, joyful, passionate, with absolutely nothing to hide.  Baby butt naked if you like!


May It Be So


panamanian molas

(calling all her loved ones to clarity and reminding all that the truth shall set you free)

Celestial Speed-Up

celestial speed

celestial speed

Once upon a time, in a far away, hard to imagine past, billions of years ago, Earth began its long and delicate journey into consciousness as a cell.  These cells multiplied, they grew, they expanded, they evolved in a never-ending spiral of movement into the living lifeforms of whom we are today.  Along the way, there were a few plants, animals and some humans that could not adapt and change, therefore, they could not evolve. These distant relations, our brothers and sisters, were left behind in their respective eras.  According to  a well known scholar of the Mayan Calendar, humans have undergone nine stages of creation, evolution and consciousness on the Earth (cellular, mammalian, familial, tribal, cultural, national, planetary, galactic, and universal) in the last 16.4 billion years. Each of these respective stages has had its challenges and set-backs, as well as its successes and triumphs.  Each of these stages has been successively shorter, while gaining in advancement.  Creation, evolution, and consciousness (these words will be used interchangeably in this article) has never ceased to occur but very soon will reach its climax.  Peak closely at the nine steps on the Mayan Temple below.

mayan temple 9 levels of consciousness

mayan temple 9 levels of consciousness

This temple is a living monument to our time on Earth and our human growth.  This Temple represents our evolution from 16.4 billion years until its imminent completion in 2011/2012.  Each step is a stage of evolution, each step is very steep, and each step becomes increasingly shorter.  We are currently on our 8th step known as the Galactic Era.  This era, which began in 1999 and will complete its super quick cycle in February 2011, is about behaving ethically!  Guess what? Greed, corruption, control, manipulation, slavery and all forms of left brain dominant thinking modalities leading to unethical behaviour has reached its zenith.  If you haven’t learned to behave ethically, you will be joining the dinosaurs, the cromagnums (cavemen) and the other extinct lifeforms that were composted.   At which time, the rest of humanity will enter the ninth and final stage of human evolution:  the Universal Era- a time when we remember how to consciously evolve and co-create our realities; a time when we remember we are truly the Gods and the Goddesses.

So, dear Gods and Goddesses, does it feel like time has sped-up? like the world is moving faster and faster?  In all actuality, time has not changed one bit, the movement of natural time is ancient. What has sped-up is human consciousness. Consciousness which originally took billions of years to develop in the Cellular Era, now only takes 13 years to develop in the Galactic Era.  To understand this is to understand a little math.  The Maya believe that each stage of consciousness requires 7 “days” and 6 “nights” (or 13 phases) of time in which to develop creation to its full potential.  Sound familiar? The Biblical creation story of Genesis, the 13 moons?  Unlike the Christians though, the Maya believe it takes 9 stages to create the world whole.  The Maya also believe that we cycle faster and faster and faster through each stage.  The Cellular Era began 16.4 billion years ago.  If you divided this number by 13 (7days+6nights), then you will comprehend that in this era, one day or one night of creation actually equalled 1.26 billion years each. It took that long to graduate from the first era into the next, the Mammalian Era (see chart below, a “kin” is equivalent to a day).

Exact length according to ancient Maya
Beginning date
Resulting state of Consciousness
End date
13 x 20 kin =
260 days
11/2 2011
Transformation Cosmic 28/10
13 x 360 kin =
4 680 days
5/1 1999
IT revolution Galactic 28/10
13 x 7 200 kin =
93 600 days
Industrialism Planetary 28/10
13 x 144 000 kin =
1 872 000 days
16/6 3115
Writing National 28/10
13 x 2 880 000 kin =
37 440 000 days
100 500
Spoken Language Cultural 28/10
13 x 57 600 000 kin =
748 800 000 days
2 048 000
Human Beings Tribal 28/10
13 x 1 152 000 000 kin =
14 976 000 000 days
40 998 000
Monkeys Family 28/10
13 x 23 040 000 000 kin =
299 520 000 000 days
819 998 000
Complex life Individual 28/10
13 x 460 800 000 000 kin =
5 990 400 000 000 days
16,4 Billions
Matter Cellular 28/10

The Mammalian Era is when creation worked on complex lifeforms.  It began 1.26 billion years ago, simply divide by the 13 phases of time to understand each day or night actually took 63.4 million years.  The Familial Era is when monkeys’ organized themselves by family units.  It began 41 million years ago, each day or night actually took 3.2 million years.  The Tribal Era is when the first humans arrived.  It began 2 million years ago, each day and night took  160,000 years.  The Cultural Era brought us the spoken language.  It began in 100, 500 BC, each day and night took 7900 years .  The National Era was a time when humans developed writing.  It began in 3114 BC,  each day and night took 396 years each.  The Planetary Era was about industrialism.  It began in 1755 AD and completed its cycle in 1999,  each day and night required 20 years each.

The Planetary Era is when most of us, and everyone we knew, lived, worked and created. Think about this time in history:  the inventions, the creations, the movement of our lives prior to 1999.  I remember the microwave oven, cable t.v. and arcades being highly technological.  I remember that stores definitely closed on Sundays, if not Saturdays and Sundays, and that weekends were sacred.  I remember you had to walk into a bank to get money and that ATM’s revolutionized banking.  My husband is 21 years older than me, his memories differ.  He remembers his mother purchasing her first washing machine, the first time they had a television set in the house and his boyish excitement upon receiving his first record player.  Case in point, life moved at a steady, slowly creative pace.


We now find ourselves here in the Galactic Era.  The Galactic Era is an information revolution age.  It has only 13 years to its cycle, 1999-2011, divide by the 13 phases of time, each day and night actually takes only 1 year (compare this to the Cellular Era).  Think of the inventions, the creations and the movement of our lives since 1999:  computers, email, world wide web, dvd’s, ipods, mp3’s, digital cameras, etc…  Work weeks that require 60+hours of your personal time, no weekends to speak of, shopping available at all times at the push of a button and rumours of tourism travel to the moon. Naturally, since we have lived in the pace of the Planetary Era for most of our lives, it does feel as if time is moving very fast; too fast.

Interestingly enough, even though our consciousness has sped up, our brains (mind) can only process so much information in a second; 24 thoughts in one second to be exact.  Our Galactic Era has enabled us to invent technology that is processing information at a rate far exceeding our mind.  Computers are processing billions of bits of information in a second.   Just think of  searching on “google”.  How quick one receives an answer to their simple question amidst a world library of information.   This new era seems unnaturally fast, our minds just can’t seem to keep up with all the information and daily changes.  This causes an extreme amount of stress in the body.  In the past, upon feeling stress or danger, one had a natural fight or flight reaction.  In today’s world, one must know how “to manage dangerous amounts of stress“.  Most people don’t!  Look around at how many of your family members, friends or co-workers are “managing” their stress with unconsciousness in the form of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, prescription pills, shopping, tv watching, video game playing, gambling and/or sex and pornography. In the final era known as the Universal Era, consciousness will move to the speed of light.

The Universal Era is about transformation and ascension.  It will begin on February 10, 2011 and will last a grand total of 260 days, divide by the 13 phases of time, each creation day and night will be a short 20 days.  In the Universal Era, those of you who have prepared your light bodies, will be evolving into fully realized spiritual beings who understand your true nature and the extent of your earthly powers.  This is the moment we all came here to witness and be a part of, our own forthcoming evolution and transcendence which has taken 16.4 billion years to accomplish.

Salutations, awakened ones, do you understand the immensity of what’s about to occur here on Planet Earth?  The entire Galactic Nation is watching us in awe.  We humans are about to birth ourselves into their universal realm. Have you ever witnessed a birth?  I have had 5 children- all at home, all natural; 3 with my husband as my midwife and 2 with traditional, indigenous midwives.  Birth is incredibly powerful, sometimes messy, often treacherous and scary, although, once successful, most fulfilling and breathtakingly beautiful. We are on our magnificent way…in the 8th month here, so to speak…

Needless to say, if the pace of the Galactic Era has been kicking your butt, imagine how we are all going to feel very soon.  Humanity, in the Universal Era, will be going completely out of their minds, and believe you me, that is the master plan.  Yes, indeed, we are suppose to “go out of our minds” in order to reclaim our “peace of mind, awaken our world mind” and find a few other qualities that we lost along the way. Our gut instinct, our intuition, our center of harmony, and our telepathic abilities; all of which have all been buried in the modern world, lying dormant, mostly unused and awaiting retrieval at this time in our evolution.  Here are a few guidelines then for maneuvering this evolution process, this acceleration that I have termed celestial speed-up.

instincts of the hermit crab

instincts of the hermit crab

Unconsciousness, tuning out (addictions) will be the most dangerous choice one can make at this point in time.  It is imperative to be awake, fully aware lest you find yourself in a undesirable or dangerous situation.  I live in a hurricane zone.  I remember the year 2000 when a category 4 hurricane whipped through my island home wrecking havoc.  For one month prior to the hurricane, I was watching the ants move their egg sacks up to higher ground.  When the crabs began to climb the trees, I knew nature was about to bring us a surprise, so I prepared my home and my mind for the inevitable. I am safely here to tell the tale.  Addictions will help you zone out, but what you really need right now is to be “in the zone” (staying present:  try yoga, conscious movement, meditation or dance).  Think back on Indonesia’s disastrous tsunami, the animals ran for higher ground hours before the tsunami hit, some people did the same, they were saved.  If you are awake, you can listen to your gut instincts, your intuition.  If you medicate your way through these next years…you have my compassion as the results will be increasingly fatal (rest in peace DJ AM)!   Operating from unconsciousness manifests outcomes that are often not the most highly aligned for our soul’s purpose.

Logic, which has served us well in the past, is about to become useless; remember we need to lose our minds, literally! Logic limits Great Mystery while locking one into out-moded belief systems.  I had a psychic reading the other day and I was trying to express to my client the need to stop thinking and start feeling what he needed in relation to work and money.  I told him I was hearing strongly that he loved the forest, the great outdoors and working with wood.  He exclaimed angrily, “I can’t make money at that for a family and a house.  I have to be an electrician.”  This type of thinking is the second most dangerous choice one can make.  There are an infinitude of  opportunities and possibilities, but you must blast your mind wide open in order to see and feel them.  We must learn to get out of our heads and back into our hearts.  Thinking too much, making choices that weren’t heartfelt has gotten everyone into one heap of trouble on the Planet.  Listening to our heart, even though it might not make sense, is the one piece of advice most Mayan elders are telling people when questioned about the “end calendar days”.  I had a beehive’s nest being formed in my business customer bathroom. I had to have three experts over, all of whom suggested spraying poisons.  I kept praying for an organic solution for these beautiful creatures who are a crucial link to to our very own survival.  At last, a Mayan beekeeper with knowledge on how to smoke them out and relocate the nest arrived in my life.  “Listen from within, your heart knows the Way” (Anahata Katkin).

November 8,2009 begins the 6th night of the creation phase of the Galactic Era.  All the prophets of the Mayan Calendar are predicting a global calamity of the old economic systems on Earth in this next Gregorian Calendar year 2010.  But deep down, we knew this, didn’t we?  Do you think the banking industry, Wall Street or the real estate market are now playing ethically because of their little shake-up? Enormous bail outs, dow jones climbing up and up, unemployment decreasing?   Somewhere inside, our gut instincts must be alerting us to the lies of the media and the disastrous conclusions of 5000 years of unnatural living.  I remember mentioning that each era had a few challenges and set-backs.  One of ours will be an economic collapse demanding fair & fail proof restructuring, the writing is on the wall.  “This fall is the real beginning of the great changes on Earth“(Barbara Hand Clow).

I leave you with these navigational tools for our imminent Celestial Speed-up:   remain alert, but lose your mind, follow your heart, not your head, listen to your body, your gut, and your instincts  and you will magically be fulfilling your path and purpose, surprisingly, you will also find that your telepathic powers are alive and well.

Be Safe, Be Happy and Always Flow Freely!

Navajo Ever Changing Woman in this New Moon
Destino in the garden

Destino in the garden

My Sisters in the Red Tent

My Bedroom Altar

My Bedroom Altar

sisters – female blood relations having the same parents or women emotionally bonded by choice or circumstances; (having no blood sisters of my own, my female cousins and a few good girlfriends are my life sisters)

I live in a reality filled with men (my husband, my four sons, my brother, my father, my clients, etc… ) and all their beautiful energy is lively, fun, large and always demanding.  But I cannot for a moment imagine a life not filled to the brim with female energy.   My world is also full of wonderful women and these women make my world wonder/full.

I often ponder the Biblical concept of the Red Tent (The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant). During menstruation, the women were sequestered in their private quarters- a sanctuary of sorts- where no worldly demands met them.  It was simply a time to relax and bleed.  A place where neither men or children were allowed.  A place where the young, pre-menstrual girls, and the wiser, menopausal women, tended to the needs of the menstruating women.  This sacred space allowed a woman to rejuvenate her energies and strengthen her soul so that she could meet all her worldly obligations empowered.

This sacred space tied a woman to other woman in deep, meaningful ways.  Stories were shared, strong experiences were nurtured and ever-lasting matriarchal lineage support systems were embedded.  From girl to woman to wise crone, forever and ever in the red tent.

Each month on my moon cycle, I imagine myself going to the Red Tent.  I imagine my sisters and I at last being able to share some quality time.  I imagine my mother or my grandmother meeting me with hot teas and soups.  I imagine my daughter or my nieces rubbing my feet and brushing my hair.  I imagine my girlfriends coming in to visit me for a good laugh chat.  I have to imagine these times in hopes that I may actually see them again.  You see, I believe in those Biblical times the way I believe in my mother’s love.  It existed, it was real, and it really mattered.

Unfortunately, without the red tent, we are often disconnected and disenfranchised from our female support systems.  Without our sacred spaces too many misunderstandings can occur.  There are, in fact, far too many times in our short lives when we are simply not speaking with the women who matter.   For a multitude of reasons, circumstances, or emotions beyond anyone’s control,  communications are down.

We may think of these women, fondly or in anger.  We may dream of them, fleetingly or often.  We may even believe to communicate with them, telepathically or through delivered messages.  But moon after moon passes and the passionate, real, face-to-face, no faking the body language, communication has yet to occur.  The loving experience one would need  in order to shift the relationship back into equilibrium.

I have found that during these times, devoid of an important heart ally, I must sink my roots deeply into Mother Earth searching for an underground spring that can feed my body with core strength.  In these downward journeys’, I have discovered an unending connection to that healing spring which is made possible by a matriarchal umbilical cord that has never ceased to flow with life force and love.  We may not be in our tents each month anymore with a hosts of siblings and relatives, but we have not been forsaken and forgotten.

In fact, the ancestors and spirits and ghosts of my family have me remembering and salivating for those past times where there was a space just for the women.  A space that honoured an ancient cycle of moons and blood and womanhood, in a world that valued heart connections.

Our world is different today, we don’t necessarily live near the women we value most.  Yet, imagine, that in every village, town, island, or city that the red tent existed not only as a place but as a monthly expectation.  Imagine how different our world would be if each time we cycled, we were allowed time off to do nothing but be with the women.

I am no longer satisfied to simply imagine that space, as my ancestors are beseeching me to restore the ancient ways of harmony.  I have a burning need to establish “the red tent” in my home, then fervently hope and wish that my sisters can join me here, hence, if only for a moon of their life!

Today, having recently turned 40, I am going to pick a dandelion and blow the petals to the wind while I whisper my hopes and wishes…

can you hear me?

the love we share in the Red Tent, the stories we tell, the secrets we covet, will be heard, loud and clear, by the next generation of  female ancestors and kindred spirits…

“may they learn to grow from our experiences”

Dreaming into the next world of harmony and peace,

Navajo,  May It Be So

Mud Mask Ritual

Mud Mask Ritual

(incidentally, we all know women living together, regulate their cycles and bleed together…in a balanced healthy state, we would bleed at the dark of the moon into new moon for no more than 3 days placing us all in the tent at about the same time; of course hardly anything is balanced on Mother Earth at this time in the story, even the poles are shiffting- so cycles are definitely askew, nonetheless, Happy New Moon!!!)