Dragon Wind Chime Sing Me a Song Through This Core Meltdown

I have recently read a fascinating article by Richard Sauder entitled Fuk U Shima
(http://eventhorizonchronicle.blogspot.com/2011/03/fuk-u-shima.html#comment-form). In the article he discusses his ayahuasca ceremonies & experiences as he is led to see that the Earth, the ecology and all creation including humans are under vicious, unrelenting attack. That would be right in line with what Little Grandmother said, that lightworkers everywhere are indeed under attack. He also had a vision that was a precursor to the Japanese incidences of late, hence, the name of the article, Fuk U Shima. Richard’s premise is that we cannot fight the Dark Lords in the traditional sense, with violence, but we have an obligation to become spiritually enlightened , what he calls UpWising! He believes we better upwise real fast, or die a cruel death at the hands of the beast. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

I have immense respect for plant medicines and their messages, and for anyone who has had the fortitude to embark on one of those journeys, you, and only you, know full well that plant medicines are no mushroom/LSD play day in the park, but a serious ego ass-kicking that offers enlightenment not only for ones personal state of mind but for the planetary collective at large. Plant medicines do not offer FUN hallucinogenic experiences, but deep-seated, long-lasting healing on the physical and astral planes.

So here we are…oil spills, extreme weather anomalies, genetically modified foods, bee colony collapse (and we all know what Einstein said about this event), genetically modified microbes, orchestrated genocides, Middle East/African Wars, the new bacterial Super, superbug and most frightening a media cover-up of an impending world-wide nuclear holocaust. “In my view, we are seeing Black Magic of the darkest sort at work, and I mean that very seriously. We are seeing unimaginably deep Evil channeled into our realm by the very darkest and foulest of entities. Whether those entities are human, or non-human, or humans in the thrall of non-human forces, you can be sure that the Fukushima crisis is no ordinary event. The groundwork for all of this was laid decades ago, awaiting the present day.
First Hiroshima. Now “Fuk U” Shima.
The deadly malice is transparent. Connect the dots for yourself.
I reiterate: either a lot of humans urgently Upwise and real soon, or we are toast. Done for.
The fate of humanity and this planet hangs in the balance. How much do you love the Earth and life itself?
” Richard Sauder

Following his article is a plethora of interesting comments. One of his readers had also embarked on the infamous ayahuasca journey, Picasso Dream says, ” In several of my ayahuasca experiences, I have seen a dark future. After the oil started spewing in the Gulf of Mexico, I drank the medicine. I saw earthquakes, water, the destruction of the Gulf, strange images of destruction and despair. I was told it was karma, that people had stopped caring about the planet and humanity. I also saw glimpses, just tiny glimpses, of beauty beyond the darkness. It is the birth of a new paradigm, a new level for humanity. Vibrating at a higher level is the key. I wrote about that here (http://www.picassodreams.com/picasso_dreams/2010/02/kat-tales-trippin-through-the-jungle.html). My last ayahuasca session was on March 3rd, 2011 – all I felt was a connection to humanity and pure love, stronger than I have ever felt before. I want to drink the medicine again, but I am afraid of a dark vision. I will wait until she calls me. March 24, 2011 3:52 PM” Kelly Ann Thomas

Spiritually awake souls have been working on themselves for a long, long time now….and even they, we, are going to be severely challenged in this quickening as what we are experiencing right now can only be termed a core meltdown. Forget tipping point, that has come and gone, humanity now finds itself in a much deeper predicament, and this predicament will lead everyone down roads not yet traversed.

I feel like I am a baby in the birth canal and I have to get out fast as there is feces floating in the womb with me… I can see and hear this beautiful doula who is urging me out, who is urging me down the canal… I can sense the fear and anxiety of my mother, she feels danger: there is real danger. The light beacons me, the sights, sounds and taste of a new world are calling me. I want to push through.

Core Meltdown…its all around me and all I can do is focus on the sound of my new wind chime. One of my readers, inspired by my life or my writings or our connection sat down and freely, from the generosity of her gorgeous heart, hand-made me an exquisite wind chime she named Mayan Cenote. That Wind Chime is my call to the new earth as within the vibration of the chime is contained love, beauty, honesty, generosity, integrity and talent… all the vibrations of our new earth. I urge anyone reading this to support her heartfelt creations (https://sites.google.com/site/dragonwindchimes/), to be conscious of your purchases, to be aware of who you give your energy to these days.

Our time is short… our days are numbered… for those who know how to breathe, meditate, stay centered, relax, stick to the center of the river, believe and have faith in the dawning of a new cycle, we are so ready… we have no fear… our vibrations are exponentially uplifting. We have UpWised! The masses though are so extremely prozac-numbed, media-dumbed and eternally contributing to the planets demise, their fate will be sealed in the 2012 doomsday prophecies and end time future scenarios that Hollywood purports.

Be vigilant though, if you think these next months are going to be a stroll through a new age store, please keep in mind that Jose Arguelles passed away while channelling the planetary shifts. That’s right, he died. Now, anytime I speak about people dying, someone says its doom talk. Death is not about doom, it’s about death, a transformation from the physical body to the spiritual world and back again. This shift we are all in is going to be mind-blowing and many people are going to die. If you think the GFL is going to descend and save the day then I invite you to visit Somalia, Haiti, the Gulf of Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. Ethiopia and now, Japan (to mention a few places of heavy human suffering on the Earth) to witness the unfolding situations and wake up to the fact that only we are going to save the day.

“All that is needed for evil to succeed is that decent human beings do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

With that said I will tell you about my plant medicine journey. I was taking yopo (a different type of plant medicine that must be snorted) with a Shaman here in Belize for the third time. In my vision, I found myself on the Earth in a terrain with no water. I was so dehydrated, death defyingly thirsty. There were dead animals and dead people everywhere and there was no clean water to be found. I could hear drums far off in the forest. If only I could cross this desert terrain to the trees and the drums, I would happily die in peace, I thought. I passed out momentarily and when I opened my eyes there was a angelic, beautiful young lady who resembled my stepdaughter, Sarah, giving me blessed, holy water from a gourd. I still wanted to die, but my body insisted on movement and I made it to the forest where I encountered a group of South American shamans playing drums. As I approached them, their tempo changed to one of such intensity and fearful build up that I willed them to stop, just stop with that horrible beat. They began to speak in an ancient Andean language that I understood well and they said, “She must live through the big bang, she is needed.” All I was thinking then was, “No, no, not the big bang, I don’t want to go there.” But they played me to that place I was fearing with their anxious drum beats. In the end, as with every fear you meet and greet, it was intensely beautiful: the big bang was our forcefully, exceptional, evolutionary altering Earth birth.

When I came through the yopo ceremony, in real life, there was an incredibly sexy Mexican man playing the flute for me and singing my soul back into wholeness.
All was well-
All is well-

2011 Time collapses,
the economy collapses,
unfit structures collapse-
people collapse-

Core Meltdown,
Reactors 1,2,3,4,5,6
what is truth?
what is lies?
our human drama intensifies;

meanwhile I am busy picking flowers, making spiritual baths, and listening to the sound of my wind chime.

Three things you can’t hide: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~ Buddha
I love my life!

Full Moon: It’s About Time!

new timing frequency

new timing frequency

Disharmoniously plodding into the 21st century, humanity has managed to bring itself devastatingly close to the threshold of extinction. Like a cancerous cell on its path of destruction, we have decided to take as many plant and animal species as possible with us. Inevitably, Mother Earth will heal and recover from our hedonistic plunder, the question that remains at the end of each day, is, will we?

Turn on the news, tune into the media and you will certainly be overwhelmed by the global environmental crisis, global financial crisis, global health crisis, along with the ongoing wars, immune system break-downs, food shortages, terrorism, racism, and religious intolerance, etc.. Ask any religious fanatic or doom & gloom daysayer- it is the end of the world. Ask any Maya (Hopi, Cherokee, Dogon, Apache, Navajo, Qero, Iroquois, or Maori) Elder- it is certainly the end of the world as we know it.

One simple reason why the world will “end as we know it” and be renewed is because the calendar, the way we count and keep time, will have to change. Now ponder for a moment our current Julian/Gregorian calendar; 12 unnatural months made up of 28,  30 or 31 days, except, of course, leap year which has 29 days in one month, all mechanized to a 60 minute clock: ticktock, ticktock, the mouse ran up the clock… the clock struck one and down it run, ticktock, ticktock.  If we truly investigate the meaning of these calendars we will see they were created to keep a race of people enslaved, to keep the masses marching to the tune of an unnatural time.  Efficiently working and producing as this counting frequency is built on a belief that “time is money”!

If you think things are upside down and topsy- turvy on planet Earth, let us just begin with the simple premise of how we count time. It is unnatural, read unhealthy, hence, causing stress and anxiety in our bodies which in turn begin to reproduce a host of unnatural rhythms on the world around it, creating an endless cycle of unhealthiness. If we want to speak about real solutions on our planet, we must speak about living on natural time.  If we want to live on natural time we must consult with an indigenous culture who mastered the art of time, keeping time and writing calendars.

The Mayas are the master timekeepers! In the height of their civilization, 250 Ad to 900 Ad, they kept beat to 17 different calendars which kept beat to Mother Earth, the stars, the moon, the sun and the astrological movements of the planets & galaxies. Imagine, their astronomers were able to chart events back as far as 16 billion years ago and forward to our present day & age and beyond.  Scientists today stand in awe as they are just beginning to comprehend the accuracy of their calendars.  One of the Maya’s more simple calendars, one which we could begin to initiate in our lives, follows a 13 moon/month cycle, with 28 days a moon/month, syncing itself with the natural rhythm of a woman’s body. This calendar gives us 364 days a year and one day out of time.

my purple garden hammock

my purple garden hammock

Isn’t it interesting to note that the most current cycle (13 baktuns) of the Mayan calendar, which will complete a grand cycle on December 21,2012 actually began on our Gregorian date August 13, 3113 Bc? This date coincides with the start of recorded and dated western history in Babylon/Mesopotamia. This cycle for the Maya, which is counted every 5,125 years, portends the start of the dark ages, the age of tribulations.  If we peer onto a time line of recorded western history, it has certainly been dark:  wars, genocide, slavery and brutalities yet unspoken.

The ancient 7th century Mayan prophet, Pacal Votan, foretold of our advanced technological age and how the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time, thus causing deep rooted schisms of imbalance on the planet. Even though the Gregorian Calendar came into effect in the late 1500’s by order of Pope Gregory XIII, it wasn’t until the early 1700’s that England, the United States and other parts of the world adapted to this calendar from their own Julian calendar (the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time). It was at this same time in dark history the clock was being perfected.

It has only been 300 years since we began to use the Gregorian Calendar, yet, how many people even question its accuracy? In order to change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, societies had to lose 15 days of time so their counting systems could be in sync.  Imagine now if we lost 15 days of time- no work, no bills, no responsibilities- just waiting on a new calendar to begin. What fun! Pope Gregory XIII actually put in place his new calendar as he was trying to adjust the inaccuracies that the Julian Calendar was causing.  His, I must admit, is a finer tuned unnatural counting system.  He succeeded!  Long before the Julian or Gregorian calendars existed though, over 5000 years ago in Babylon, the cradle of Western civilization, the model calendar was created  (an artificial counting system)  a man-made, mechanized, and irrational schedule. Using this model, the clock was created (the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time). It took centuries to perfect these tools and now these creations are literally killing all of us.

Pacal Votan’s prophecy continued by outlining a return path for humanity to the ancient cycle of harmony and unity which existed prior to the year 3113bc. The premise of his instructions is that in order to save ourselves from biospheric destruction everyone must connect in time, natural time, moon time. In my previous full moon post, I spoke of the necessity of keeping the full moon sacred. In my new moon post, I spoke of honouring our female cycles in the red tent, monthly. In this post, I urge you to find your way back to earth’s natural timing frequencies.  On Mayan time, on any of the 17 calendars, time is not money;  “time is art”.  We are here to live out a purpose, our own personal art form, we are here to keep time to our own heart beat.

In order for us to survive as a species, immediate and permanent solutions must be implemented worldwide and there are no lasting solutions to be implemented in our current systems which are based on the Gregorian Calendar.    Bail outs, health care reform, peace talks- there are no solutions unless we return to natural ways and natural time!  There simply is no choice in this matter. We are presently placing band-aids on open oozing sores, unless we disinfect and heal the sore, our band-aids cannot help. Our oozing sore is our Gregorian calendar which has caused a host of problems, is outdated and is about to become obsolete.

I have a business I must open at 8:00am and a class I must teach at 1:00pm, I have kids to feed at 6:00pm and a host of other duties that keep me on the ticktock. As much as I can though, I live by my own natural timing and instinctual gut feelings. Do I feel like eating or am I eating because the clock struck one? I arrange all my bills by new moon and full moon. I even asked my landlord to allow me to pay my rent over 13 moons (I won’t mention his reaction).  I recognize the new moon and celebrate the full moon. I honour the 4 holy days, fall and spring equinox, winter and summer solstice,  I take one day out of time (July 25) and I study the Mayan calendars.  I am still in and of the secular world, but I am trying to line up with what feels right, what feels natural!

The Mayan Elders, I believe, have a small chuckle at all those who believe the world is ending, for they know we are simply in a change of cycles, a change of time. The Mayan Elders, I believe, have a heavy heart for all those who are not awake to this information. Mother Earth can no longer wait while allowing us to live on an unnatural time frequency.

Over 2,000 years ago, Mayan mathematicians, astrologers, and astronomers mapped out an astrological alignment that will occur three short years from now,  December 21, 2012, Winter Solstice.  Three Mayan cycles called the Great Cycle will close all on the same day:  the 13 baktuns  (1 baktun is 144,000 days and 13 baktuns is 5,125 years), the long count (which is 26,000 years), and another long count (which is 104,000 years).   This date will bring an end to history, our dark age history, the history we have known and recorded.  This date will usher in the new era of spiritual consciousness, environmental harmony, planetary unity and galactic interactions.  We are already in this transition! Although many people speculate what the exact result of this alignment will bring, all indigenous elders are in agreement with one simple fact: humanity will be brought to its knees, humbled, if I may, to the the truths of the universe and by the forces of nature.

Sound scary? It is three short years away .  All I know is if we return to natural time in our own organic way, we pave a path for a smooth transition.  If we are forced to that awakening, our very survival is at stake. Wake up my friends, be awake, be aware, question everything, a (r)evolution of the soul is at hand, in the words of an esteemed Mayan Elder- “It’s About Time!!!”

The clock at the volcano

The clock at the volcano

by:  Navajo Changing Woman

(Scholars of the Mayan Calendar dispute the closing date, some claim the cycle will close earlier:  link onto Jose Arguelles, MayanMajix or the 13 Moon calendar from my blog for more in-depth information on the Mayan Calendar and End Cycle Prophecies)