The Animals Speak of the Need for Accelerated Change

Chief Dan George, Salish,
British Columbia, 1899-1981
“There is a longing among all people and creatures to have a sense of purpose and worth. To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other. In the olden times man and creature walked as friends who carried the beauty of the land in their hearts. Now each one of us is needed to make sure the salmon can find a place to spawn and the bear cub a tree to climb. There is little time left and much effort is needed!”

“The Animals Speak” is a wonderful book by Ted Andrews which offers an in-depth analysis, as well magical and spiritual meanings to many of our worlds animals, birds and reptiles. In the indigenous world, every animal carries a medicine and a message. It is always crucial to pay attention to the animals that cross ones path and their particular significance in one’s life.

Presently, on a global scale, the animals seem to be screaming a few messages at us… Pay attention now to
the whales beaching and dying,
the dolphins aborting,
the millions of jellyfish and hundreds of tons of fish washing ashore dead,
to the bats dying,
or the bumblebee colonies collapsing,
to the birds, birds, and more birds found dead,
or the cattle, buffalo, and other livestock mysteriously dying off,
the bald eagles gathering in mass only to drop from the sky from starvation;
all over the planet there are new animal death stories everyday.

It’s sobering, sad, worrisome and disconcerting. Even the average Joe must ask himself, “what in the world is going on?” I have learned to breathe more deeply, to enjoy the moment more fully, and to have gratitude more often as I say farewell to these magnificent creatures who have graced our lives with their presence. It is becoming painfully clear that we are indeed an intricate eco-system, interdependent on one another and at a loss when large numbers of any species exits the planet unexplainably.

Somewhere in my bedroom right now is a very stinky, rotting and dead lizard. I cannot find where he has chosen to rest his carcass, I can only smell him. It’s truly obnoxious. Lizard can be symbolic of our unconscious dream state. A dead one is telling me to PAY ATTENTION. Dead lizards portend fears and sometimes foreshadowing of dangers ahead. Clearly, I have interpreted this animal’s death as a warning… I make my living on food and luxury services in a tourism industry…where will this industry be in a year from now as food prices continue to sky-rocket and fuel becomes unaffordable? Dead lizard tells me to prepare for a new timeline.

In one day from now, we will all be thrown into hyperspace speed acceleration as the Mayan Calendar enters its last phase of a very long and complex counting system. What we are witnessing is an overtaxed eco-system that has probably reached tipping point. We can soothe are minds by saying that the fish and bird deaths are due to the changing magnetic fields, but how do you explain all the other animal deaths? I take solace in the fact that these events were prophesied and are part of the web of creation back to wholeness, health and planetary balance.

Our world is severely out of balance, has been severely out of balance for quite a while. All of our systems, be it financial, educational, political, religious, health, military, energy, marital and most obviously, environmental are straining under the stressful conditions of an imminent collapse. The animals are merely screaming their message loud and clear: the end of this unbalanced living is near. What is beautiful about every death is the rebirth that follows. Ted Andrews says, “there is no life without death, and there is no death without rebirth. Death always has a loss and a gain balance. All life is sacred and all life is essential to other life.”

So let us look at the meaning these animals carry…
whale: brings us creation, the power of song, & awakening to inner depths,
dolphin: the power & healing of breath and sound,
jellyfish/fish: represent the health of our worlds’ waters,
bats: speaks of transition and initiation,
bumblebees: fertility and the honey of life,
birds: flight, freedom, lightness of spirit and upliftment,
buffalo: manifesting abundance through right action & prayer, and
eagle: illumination of spirit, healing and all creation.
(My list is a reduced version of the hordes of animals deaths!)

Now imagine these animal powers listed above in their death throes. Isn’t it obvious that our world is about to transition? Whale brings us the memory, the history, the records we need to remember…Dolphin brings us the sound and the breath to move through these times, fish calls our attention to the healing of the waters, bat tells us that shamanistic death is at hand, bees warn us that life cannot be sustained without them, buffalo enlists us to correct prayer, and eagle, sweet eagle is starving… he tells us our spirits our bankrupt and so our world is reflecting this state of being, he invites us to live in responsible relationship. Karmically, eagle says that events will fly faster now, repercussions will be realized quicker, and all you do or say- positive or negative- will come home to roost in stronger ways. The animals are speaking, the animals are always speaking, are we listening yet?

On the last phase of the Mayan Calendar which is only 260 days, the gestation period of the birth of our Mother, one must tread softly, cautiously and with much awareness, as Eagle is telling us, all of our actions do carry much weight! Kindly remember “All are part of an ecosystem. All are necessary for every other aspect. Everything that occurs in nature repurcusses upon us. Everything that happens to us, repurcusses upon nature. Though we may like to remain seperate, we are not. We may not recognize the repurcussions, but they are real, nonetheless, and She (Mother Nature) would honor that.” Ted Andrews

In all five of my births, I was excited and thrilled to be bringing a new life to the planet. In all five of my births, when the time came to labor, I was scared.
I am thrilled and excited now, I am also scared. The wave of energy on the planet is engulfing me, the forces of nature are taking over, this birth is about to happen. Who, I ask is immune to this feeling? I take a deep breath and I call upon my favorite totem, Dragonfly, to protect the rainbow warriors and keep us always and forever in the power of the light!

In Love,

10 thoughts on “The Animals Speak of the Need for Accelerated Change

  1. so well said Destino..we feel that something is coming, but when I try to explain this to others they look at me as if I’M crazy. I feel the pain of the animals, and even lately, our horses are acting wierd and untouchable..they seemed scared all the time in the last 2 weeks..what is going on? I know horses are very sensitive creatures as you have told me..they see something and it scares them that they are shying away even from us who love and care for them. It’s kinda scary.
    through all this, I still have heavy pushing from spirit to continue creating my Mayan series wind chimes……I ask myself why.
    love to your and your family Destino.

    • mayasoma says:

      why? there is an old article by aluna joy…
      that you simply must read;
      the thing you do in this world that you love is your safety net, your foothold into the next world- it is what will saave you from going into fear….
      read the article and you will know what I mean,
      as to the horses- wow, freaky- your copal ought to help a wee bit….

  2. Thankyou Navajo, I’ve been looking forward to hearing from you on here for the past month. So good to read your commentary.

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks very much. Don’t leave us alone for such a long time again, we missed you.

    • mayasoma says:

      thank you so very much, I’ve been on a long journey and so missed my tuning in to write… and I missed everyone who writes to me-

  4. mayasoma says:

    Carl Calleman
    “The aflockalypse is possibly due to the frequency increase that the nine levels of the Mayan pyramid undergoes combined with the extreme degree to which humans have now pushed the ecology of the planet off balance.”

  5. amy says:

    My dogs are not in fear. My life has had more literal butterflies around me than in ever in the past two months. Sign of rebirth on the horizon and in play. I mean in a city. Butterflies everywhere. My dogs just want to run more and keep moving more……but they also sleep harder. Like the dead. Oh and the peacocks that have lived naturally in my city neighborhood forever …. they made a “statement”. Some neighbors rounded them all up and sent them all away because they were a “nuisance”. That was a year ago. This year – there are more peacocks in this neighborhood than ever before. No one knows what happened. They talk a lot a night. Loudly but it does not sound mean….just chitter chatter ….. I am loving it.

    We all must go through this immense change together. Destino – I will always be holding your hand energetically. YOU have done so much for so many of us and the world. Truly inspiring. Thank you so very much.

  6. Alicia says:

    All these animals are the canaries in the coalmine. Will humans wake up in time or will they be just another extinction?

    Good to hear from you, Destino. Hope you are enjoying your journey…..

    • mayasoma says:

      as always my friend, just returned from the rainforest…oh the magic time, howler monkies in my bedroom window and solitude, sweet solitude!!!

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