The Grandmothers Speak


Hiking a short forested trail with my dog on the foothills of Ashland, Oregon, I come to a soothing assortment of Standing Stones. Here I sit at the base of a Grandmother Madrone tree with a panoramic view to this picturesque mountain town I call home. At some time in the life span of this Madrone, she has been struck by lightning. I love the energy she holds from the fire that must have ensued. Some of her branches are charred, burnt and dead, but mostly, her branches are gorgeously rejuvenated and continue to grow in a myriad of directions. She is currently loaded with berries, she stands atop this mountainside, a glorious specimen, a true testament to the resilience of Mother Nature.

I was drawn to this place to make an essence. I open my 1 ounce dropper essence bottle filled with Icelandic artesian vodka and Mt. Shasta spring water, both ingredients hold importance. I am deeply aware of the current struggle for fresh water being led by the woman in North Dakota and of the woman in Iceland who seem to be standing strong in their fight for equal rights. I call out to Grandmother Madrone, “Come bless my essence with your energy, I call forth the energies of a woman, struck by force, who wills her own rejuvenation, so that she may bloom again”. I named this essence, the ‘Grandmothers Speak’… through thunder and lightning… of the end of the patriarchy, of the healing of the woman. It is rejuvenation energy medicine.

This particular sacred Earth place is where my mother has chosen to make her presence known to me this year. “Be still daughter”, she says. “Bear witness to the women rising.” My mother was the victim of domestic violence. She has called me to Grandmother Madrone to impart wisdom. She is making it clear to me that although her life was short, and sad, that she created me, who lives on. Although she could not, by example, show me the home of an honored woman, she has led me to the very lessons needed to realize that women are sacred.  She insists that I would create the balanced home of a woman well-loved. She marvels at my fastidiousness to heal the lineage of the women of my family and bloodline. She bows in reverence to the challenges of my path.


My mother started communicating with me in earnest last year when she nudged me to go to the shrine of Lady Guadalupe in Mexico City. This annual day of reverence, 12-12, is the Feast of Lady Guadalupe, it is also my mothers birthday. Serendipitously, I embarked on a shamanic training with Sergio Magana, Ocecoyotl in which I found myself in a moving crowd of nine million Catholic devotees and indigenous pilgrims. Sergio’s students, honoring the old religious protocol of the Aztec, walked along with clear intent as we performed various prayers & movements to heal our blood lines and to release our underworlds. Our six-hour walk will eventually lead us to the mound of Tonatizin Tlalli Coatlicue, the original Aztec Mother Goddess, Mother Earth herself, who the Spanish conquerors displaced hundreds of years prior with the current Basilica of Lady Guadalupe.

Mexico City

I was slightly amused by the perfect crossroads of Christianity and Shamanism, where my mother and I could actually, peacefully, meet. On this annual religious pilgrimage, I was able to light a candle requesting the Lady Guadalupe to assist me in my healing desires for my family, I was able to kneel on the earth offering deep gratitude to the original Earth Mother who provides all, and I was able to find an inner peace with my own Mother who had departed twenty-eight years prior from bone cancer.

Shortly after her death, I was called to Joshua Tree, California for my first plant medicine initiation. I lay under the desert night sky, riddled with more stars than I had ever seen, aware that some of those stars were speaking to me; they were my ancestors voices whispering. I was able to feel my mother safely in the Mictlans, the land of the dead. Throughout that night, the Sky World Ancestors kept urging me to remember. Remember. I have often been haunted by that particular spiritual quest as I never quite understood what message was being transmitted.


Nor did I know, it would be years later, in a pine forest, at the base of a madrone tree, after many life lessons, marriage, motherhood, loss of love, divorce, and maturity, far from the land of my birth, at the dawn of the 5th world, I’d finally realize the simple and potent message being imparted on that starry night: Remember who you are!

YOU are a Holy Being. You are the center of this universe. You are the creative life force. You are the beginning and the end. It is in your arms that all is well. YOU are the Holy Grail. Front and center. To be honored, respected, heard and seen. “Violating a woman is a violation against God, a sin against yourself; karmic suicide.” (Gina Loring)  Any world, family unit, work environment or religious system that does not operate with this foundational belief is doomed to fail.

Woman, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Warrior. Remember!

It took years upon years of untangling, unraveling and re-patterning to believe these simple truths. It has taken centuries to reach this juncture in history, the dismantling of the patriarchy, the empowered woman, the supportive male. It is time.

“Aztec myth tells how the deity Quetzalcoatl, who in the Nahuatl language means “feathered serpent,” journeyed to Mictlan at the dawning of the Fifth Sun (the present world era), in order to restore humankind to life from the bones of those who had lived in previous eras. For bones are like seeds: everything that dies goes into the earth, and from the earth new life is born in the sacred cycle of existence”.

At Grandmother Madrone, high up on an North American earth mound, I carry a candle to the Lady Guadalupe to thank her for cradling me in her Mexican Basilica while hearing my prayers. Here, on this mountaintop, I bow down in prayerful thanksgiving to Tonantzin, Mother Earth, for everything. Everything.

Here, in Ashland, Oregon, I feel my Belizean mother’s full presence as my main ancestral guide. The Original Sky World Ancestor. It is my deceased mother, after all, who has dedicated her bones to the earth to offer me life and it is she who has called me to this rejuvenation tree to connect with my stars, and to make good medicine.

-Denai Grace Fuller, Cihuatochtli
is a Tarot Guide who offers hand-crafted flower & earth essences:
The Grandmothers Speak is a rejuvenation Earth essence which heals mother/daughter wounds and the female spirit $12.00.

Winter Solstice 2011 to Winter Solstice 2012: The Promise

Winter hibernation, cold, snow, retreat, rest, retire,
gather, share, meditate, cook, ignite with fire,
embrace, retrospect, die to be born…
take a deep breath, as we catapult into the Great Unknown-

Winter! The word and the concept have taken on a whole new meaning… I still cannot quite wrap my mind around the fact that I am no longer in my Caribbean home, but located now in the small and extremely privileged mountain town of Ashland, Oregon. I met a man here who claims to be the gatekeeper of Mt.Shasta heralding 22 years on the mountain as a guide. He profusely thanked me for bringing the south to the north, for carrying the energies of Mayaland to the Pacific Northwest, but specifically to this area. He firmly believes that the mountain called and I answered. To tell the truth I have no idea why I was moved (spiritually/geographically) but I was… and now I am here to embrace an earth winter (which incidentally will be the first one in my 42 years on the Earth plane as I have always been located in very warm places). I am sure it is no accident that this is where I will be for the Winter of 2011-2012. Did the polar shift occur? Possibly, I missed it, cause my whole world sure is turned upside down. Not to mention that my menstrual cycle has once again done a flip-aroo placing me back on an old and familiar cycle time.

Last year started off with a bang as all the animal die off stories rolled in and collectively we knew we were in for a very intense year…I don’t know of anyone who escaped big lessons, big moves, big losses, big gains, big pains, big releases, big grief, big rage as an unrelenting energy pulsating with change poured in from the galactic unknown… Hunab Ku- we feel you, like never before. Most of the time I simply wanted to get away from myself and yet, there was nowhere to go and nothing to assist with that form of escape. It was time to simply turn and face the mirror, hence, greet the light (which is blinding). “This last year has been difficult for many of us. The amount of energy coming to our planet now exceeds anything we have ever experienced before. Energy and life itself has been sped up! Many of us are experiencing significant changes in our personal, professional, spiritual and public lives. This is because, as Grandfather Eesawu taught, in the days of great change we will each go through being put into the great sieve and shaken up, letting everything that does not support your highest self and greatest good fall away. Not one of us can escape this.” (Little Grandmother)

2011 was a practice run for what we will now all greet in 2012… if you have become proficient in the new energies, then you shall fare well in these next moons and months, which promise to be historically monumental. Just think, 2012. Collectively so much fear has been instilled into the mass consciousness that humanity can’t help but create a few disaster scenarios. On the other hand, 2012 is the date for the much awaited alignment of the Sun with the Galactic Equator, a planetary sigh and pause of our Creator, Hunab Ku, as the Great Source speaks to humanity, “aahhh, perfection has been achieved!” Afterall, a multi-thousand-year strategy to reorient Humankind back to its intended, healthy polarity is about to occur” (Ken Carey) or I would say “is occurring”!

“On December 21, 2012, something will occur in our galaxy that happens only once every 26,000 years. Our sun will line up with the center of our galaxy, or the “galactic equator”, during the Winter Solstice. Many present-day astronomers, as well as those from the Mayan civilization 1500 years ago, believe this will cause a catastrophic event. Others believe it to be little more than a cycle – which has taken place since the universe was formed – and will be just another day.”

Just another day, now that’s funny, and it might be true, December 21, 2012 may be just another day but there will be nothing ordinary about all the days building up to that particular date. Can you feel it? We are in the time of no time, the prophecies are being fulfilled, the much awaited signs have been accounted for and we are heap deep entrenched on entering the new age with some unforgettable moments… Little Grandmother is constantly reminding us that the poles are indeed shifting. I just love Ken Carey’s view and opinion on this topic as he believes the poles are shifting in our minds.

“Our species mental polarity shift is by far the most critical of all—for it will fundamentally flip our perception upside down and inside out, and I mean that literally. It will also instantly negate many of our still primitive (and some downright reptilian!) assumptions. This reversal will trigger tremendous and monumental changes across the face of the earth. When we change our minds, the world is changed. Simply described, it is the polarity reversal that will result in human decision-making no longer being distorted by fear, but instead becoming creatively super-motivated by one or more of Love’s countless intentions to bring out the full universal potential of our now-earth-bound experience. Our every thought and our every action will soon be harmoniously motivated by Love, as they are now disharmoniously distorted by Fear.” (Ken Carey, The Starseed Transmissions)

So like the caress of a lover, the hug of a mother, the smell of a rose in bloom, the taste of delectable chocolate bon-bons, the first sip of a fine wine… the promise has been extended, and that is our arrival into the heartland, a world where the mind has awakened. Believe it or not, all 7 billion of us are in this awakening process together and if you are alert then you will hear the stories of the ancient and the modern and the future… and in these stories, you will find your own divine blueprint which will be guided by the heart and motivated by love. Will it be easy? Haha, Is childbirth easy? No, this labor of love will be accomplished unmedicated, mostly unassisted and always with the forces of nature at our side. we are actually knee-deep in birth fluids and blood, just a few more primal screams and one good push…

I have become aware in this birth process of my own deep cellular memories of catastrophe, gripped by a core fear of impending earth doom, uncomprehending of the true ascension energies, I gave way to a vision of doom and believed in a tale of tragedy. I am birthing and purging, I am pushing forward while vomiting energetic debris. I wouldn’t mind exciting the Earth but it’s not to be as I am here to witness the grand finale of this tale being told. I am here to usher in a good birth, after all, that is my expertise.

Navajo Changing Woman

An Indian Prayer

Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
hear me! I am small and weak, I need your
strength and wisdom.

Let Me Walk In Beauty, and make my eyes
ever behold the red and purple sunset.

Make My Hands Respect the things you have
made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make Me Wise so that I may understand the
things you have taught my people.

Let Me Learn the lessons you have hidden
in every leaf and rock.

I Seek Strength, not to be greater than my
brother, but to fight my greatest

Make Me Always Ready to come to you with
clean hands and straight eyes.

So When Life Fades, as the fading sunset,
my spirit may come to you
without shame.

(translated by Lakota Sioux Chief Yellow Lark in 1887)

The Great Purification: Cauac

“I am Cauac,

initiation of fire on the water,

purple flaming pyre,

and winnowing rain of final surrender.

If you seek my rapture,

my unspeakable passion for wholeness will purify you,

searing the very foundations on which

you have built your most cherished illusions.”

(The Mayan Oracle)

On the Mayan Calendar, this glyph portends a time of profound quickening and extreme purification.  Cauac’s known qualities are purification, transformation, reunion, light body, activation for ascension, thunderbeings, lightning path, initiation by fire and the ecstasy of freedom.  My guides kept whispering the words “purge” to me for over one month but I couldn’t quite grab the gist of what they wanted me to transmit.  It took my husband actually getting very sick with food poisoning to make the point painfully clear.  In his 9 days of illness, he physically purged “everything” held in his system, then he had to revive his body with good nutrition, rest, sunshine, love and gentleness in the days that followed.  He told me he came to his personal wall of death and had to make a decision to stay or go.  He went about the Great Purification quite literally, I believe most of us will accomplish this same feat, literally or figuratively.  It is more than clear to me that the time has come to shed all unwanted debris, if you choose to or not.

Some people have been experiencing the purge as their structures fall away to be rearranged, or their relationships undergo endings and transitions, or their emotions overwhelm them to the point of medication and/or their physical bodies experience daily unheard of  aches and pains.  In the time of Cauac, one must clear the old karmas, release the old stories & judgements, let go of the unhealthy patterns and basically get your bodies in shape to be a light vehicle and sacred temple.  Afterall, we are on a spiritual journey and light mission, remember?

Facebook is so timely.  I have never experienced anything quite like this networking & communication tool that allows the timelines of the past, present and future to collide.  Did you think you could escape the old lover and your issues/karma together?  Oh no, he/she just found you on facebook!  Even your enemies are asking to be your facebook friends.  You can’t run, nor can you hide in this energy…it is time to face all one’s thoughts, for better or worse, and to reconcile all one’s feelings towards others, for better or worse.

Facebook is also an incredible marketing tool as so many of us have come to realize as we create personal or business fan clubs.  But Facebook is currently under scrutiny having experienced “privacy issues”.  The world is in uproar that their privacy has been invaded.  Kid yourself not- there is no privacy left.  As we move towards a telepathic, transparent planet, there is nothing that can be hidden, nothing to safeguard from the masses, no secret contracts to tuck away into the safety boxes by night.  Like the original people of Jean Auel’s  Clan of the Cave Bear, no-one can lie or deceive.  No-one would even attempt to lie as it would be painfully obvious, unheard of, strange and absolutely without dignity.  Behave now as if everyone can read your mind because  in a blink of time everyone will be able to read your mind and yes, we can actually thank visionary Mark Zuckerman and his Facebook for blasting open the telepathic paths & portals of the future.

Our world is so full of magic, it always has been.  On May 8th a new crop circle was created and discovered.  The design shed more clarity on this “purge”.  A world below ascending towards a new world.  A world above, descending to give assistance.  A new world created by the merging of the two.  Imagine though, in this new world created from the two- heavy, dense frequencies cannot be imported.  They must be purged from our systems so that we can safely arrive to meet our galactic neighbors.

At the moment our world is so riddled with dangers.  Volatile, unpredictable, insecure moments.  We are truly in the pregnancy time, 8th month, when Mama Earth herself is feeling overwhelmed by her upcoming birth.  I can remember this time in my own pregnancies when all I wanted to do was vomit due to the immense realization that I was in a situation that was going to be very intense.   Yes, we, as the human race, are all in the very, very deep end of the sea.   And at this moment, the sea is about to choke us for lack of oxygen or slick us full of seeping oil that can’t seem to cease its flow.  I am requesting all shamans to kindly step to the scene to play rescue on this ridiculous man-made disaster.  Or maybe its just part of  the plan:  part of our current earth game, “as the purge continues”.   Our galactic friends do seem to be reminding us that even through the overwhelming purge symptoms, we can actually be beautiful pregnant mama awaiting her birth in joyful anticipation (see first crop circle of 2010 below).

We have moved through the frist half of the 6th galactic night (mayan calendar).  The second half is suppose to be more action packed, more intense in the astrological alignments we will be facing and faster, so much faster!  See if you can wrap your mind around that.  Barbara Hand Clow said, ” Personally, I’ve found the pace of time acceleration during the Galactic Night Six to be almost unbearable.”   I couldn’t agree more. I am getting a royal ass kicking at the moment.  She further states that “There is no longer any question that time acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the middle of a new level of increase. Since the Spring Equinox, there has been a rapid wind-up of events in the world that makes many of us feel like reality is transforming three times faster.”  Faster and faster- round and round we go- there’s certainly no stopping the show now.

And Aluna Joy who felt the energies of the first crop circle descend on the evening of May 8th as she was in group meditation says she is  “noticing many symptoms of this new activation. Time and space is beginning to wobble even more erratically than before. We seem to be loosing track of time easily. The day simply disappears. We are not sleeping very well . . . again. There is lots of tossing and turning in the night. We are hearing reports of many unusual dreams. We are feeling huge power surges followed by energy drop-outs. There were many reports of nausea, and body aches and pains. Many felt deep grief.  Some felt like they were walking on water. Others said that when they closed their eyes at night, everything was spinning. There have been visual disturbances, inner ear issues, throat and thyroid issues, cold feet (from being between worlds) and even a weird symptom of having tongue dryness. These symptoms are already subsiding here in Sedona, but they seem to be spreading across the earth quickly.”

Cauac, the great purification of the body temple.  Cauac, the lightning storm that shatters all illusions.  Cauac, the initiation by fire that moves us from separation to ascension.  Cauac, the final transformation.  Welcome- it is your time!

This full moon is known as “baptism under fire”,

maybe they are going to light up the oil on the sea as some have discussed-

In light and love,


The Ancestors, the Maya & the Calendar

children's book

children's book


It’s that time of the year when I climb into the attic and find my two boxes of family photographs.  I’ve never bothered sorting these photos into albums, they are simply a hodge podge mess of hundreds of photos stored in small boxes.  I once again promise myself, as I do each year, to file these ancestral photos separately so I wont have to go on this annual hunt for faces that have long since passed this world.  Even as I promise myself, I come to a realization, I actually love this ritual which takes me down my life’s memory lane.  Slowly, I flip through each photo after photo in search of my daughter, my mother, grandmother, great-grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, animals, family homes, and anything else that has come and gone. Sometimes I even pull out people, not dead, but long-lost in my life.  I am preparing myself to build our family’s annual ” Day of the Dead Altar”.  I gather flowers, candles, incense, chocolate, perfume & oils, tobacco,  and alcohol as I arrange the photographs into a beautiful table display which depicts my genealogical lineage.  Voila!!!  The ancestors and I are all together again.

In the Mayan belief system, humans and everything in our world are sung into existence from the Otherworld.  The Otherworld is where the ancestors live as spirits.  The spirits love to watch humans with their bodies.  They love that there are hands with which to paint, draw, write, bake, cook, massage, and farm.  They love that there are feet with which to walk, dance, or run.  They love that humans have bodies with which to feel and make love.  They, the spirits, are mesmerized with our existence, so they continue to compose creation songs which sing the world continually into being.  Interestingly enough, I remember reading about an African village where upon birth, a musician had to hear and capture the emerging child’s birth song.  Then he would teach the song to the whole village.  That song would be sung to the child throughout their respective life, but especially in the tough times that required discipline.  The purpose of the song was to always remind the child who they were.  The song would lead the child back to their path and purpose if they had strayed too far away.  There are many shamans that heal and restore health to a body with the power of song and sounds.

When we arrive here, on the Earth, via the birth canal, we are beseechingly overwhelmed by the colours, the beauty and the human forms on this Planet.  When we arrive, unbeknownst to us, we have been coded with a purpose and we have been fully equipped to fulfill that mission.  As many of you are aware, Mayans are born under certain glyphs/signs and tones that reveal their life purpose.  Arriving souls subsequently develop an acute amnesia regarding where they have come from and how they were created.  We will not “remember” the Otherworld in detail until much later in life as we begin to draw near to that lovely place again.   That is why in the Mayan belief system, the elders are revered for the wisdom they impart within the community, for it is these very elders that hold the necessary information regarding the Otherworld.  The Maya are born with original debt, unlike the Christians who are born with original sin.  It is the Mayan elders role to hear what the Otherworld is saying, what it is sometimes demanding, and to convey these messages.  The elders are a constant reminder to every one of their debt and their inherent obligation to pay their debts.

It is crucial to understand that there is a delicate balance that must be maintained between our world and the Otherworld.  We actually make an agreement, a binding contract, with our ancestors to remember them and most importantly, to remember to feed them once we are on the Earth.  We must feed the ancestors the things that they love.  The ancestors love art & beauty, they love eloquent speeches or exquisitely composed music, they love hand-made meals or objects of interest, they love dances and parties, they love altars and flowers and quite frankly, the ancestors love to see humans lose their minds with alcohol when used ceremonially for ritual or celebration, and they love deep expressions of heartfelt emotions.   In an ancient Mayan home, (pre-/Christopher Columbus) you would consistently find a house altar containing idols, icons and mementos to the ancestors.  On all festivities, the ancestors would be welcomed and ritually fed.  At all difficult moments, the ancestors would be summoned and ritually fed.  The Mayans were more than aware that in order to live harmoniously, a fee was extracted, and that fee was the ritual foods being offered which must hold all of life’s beauty.   It is no surprise to the Maya that in our present times, the world at large is so dangerously unharmonious.  There are centuries of unfed, starving ancestors.  It is no accident that 1 in every 6 person on the Earth is malnourished and dying of hunger.

photo by suzanne barbezat

photo by suzanne barbezat

Our modern-day problems are compounded.  Not only do we have unfed ancestors, but we have ancestors that were not grieved to their death in a proper, beautiful burial manner.  This creates an exorbitant amount of entities and ghosts.  According to Martin Prechtel, an infamous Shaman from the Guatemalan Highlands (, the entities, ghosts and the unfed ancestors, cannot be ignored, left unfed, or displaced into a corner of Western civilization’s emotionally sick mind as mere superstition or nonsensical primitive religious beliefs.  The Shaman says the problem is real large.  They (entities, ghosts, ancestors) will extract their payment one way or the other, they will be fed.  They, comically enough, will feed on our psyche’s causing depression, lethargy and mental or emotional illnesses.  When they are done with the psyche, they will feed on our bodies, causing physical harm or illness.  When they are done with their immediate family member, they will feed on someone near and dear who the family member loves.  Wow!  Ignoring the ancestors can cause harm to ourselves and to others we love.  How profound!

ancestral altar

ancestral altar

Pretchel says that even in the most indigenous, balanced village, all humans actually wreak havoc on the world and offend the Otherworld.  It is the elders responsibility to point out how we have done our damage.  And if the damage is too large, then the village shaman is called upon to correct the delicate balance which has been disturbed.   Many years ago, I received a shamanic soul journey with Char Sundust (  I sought out Char because I was having difficulty remaining in the present moment of life.  I was always running away from myself and anyone else who triggered off my deep emotional wounds.  Due to a childhood of ritual sexual abuse, I had learned to escape into various corners of my mind.  Char delved right into the problem and located my grandfather, the source of the problem,  in the Otherworld  (Yes, he had crossed because so many people loved him, grieved his death, and sent him to the Otherworld with glory and pomp.  Thank goodness.  Once back in the Otherworld, he understood his mistakes.)  Char was able to dialogue with him and have him communicate with me:  He came to me as a frigate bird, he was apologetic and promised to assist me on a path of  sexual empowerment.  He asked me to carry apologies to all his relations for the wrong he had inflicted.  This session was emotionally charged, tearful, deep and explosive.  One conversation, one heartfelt apology and years of abuse was forgiven.  He said he had been waiting to release his healing balm, but no-one had communicated (fed) him as of yet, so, in fact, he was feeding on his own son’s psyche, who was meanwhile sexually abusing his little daughter.  Was it Shakespeare who said, “oh, the tangled webs we weave” ?  All parts of my shattered soul were returned to me in this powerful healing session which Char facilitated.  I began to build my altars.

my altar

For the Maya, though, it is much more than building an annual altar.  ” Day of the Dead” is a Catholic custom coinciding with All Soul’s Day which was the conquerer’s compromise to the native pagans for all their ancestral worship.  The Maya’s constant communications with their ancestors was a daily, live and intricate relationship built on survival and interdependence.  We can liken it to one’s relationship with God.  They kept little ancestor altars in their own houses so that they could draw on the strength, knowledge and assistance of the ancestors at any time.  They kept these houses as a reminder of their daily debt.  Remember the Lord’s Prayer?  My new version:  ” Our Grandfather who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us each day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.  Lead us not into temptation, deliver us  from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the Glory and the Power, forever and ever.  Amen”.  The ancestors actually are the Biblical concept of God the Father.  The ancestors created our world and continue to feed us, so we must feed them. It is pretty simple…

My mother died 21 years ago.  I have not felt her spirit around me much over those years.  Most recently though, my brother was coming to visit to introduce me to his fiance.  I pillaged through a jewelry box in search of a gift for my brother’s future wife.  I spied a beautiful gold ring from my mother with a “C” initial on it.  Since the fiance was named Christina, and my mother’s name Cynthia, I thought this would be a perfect gift.  I placed the ring on my finger and awaited an opportune time to give the gift.  That time never arrived.  From the moment my mother’s ring and I merged, I magically conjured up her spirit and an ear full of information.  She kept telling me- “this wedding will never happen- do not give my ring away”.  She was so adamant, that, truly, I never gave that ring away.  One month later, my mother’s favourite brother, my Uncle came to visit.  He spied that ring up on my finger and had to manuever many of his own feelings about missing my mother.  My husband and I were in economical distress at the time of his visit.  “Hey”, he said at some point in his vacation, “did you ever go apply for your mother’s pension funds?”  Long story short, 20 years after my mother’s death- I was receiving some long forgotten, unclaimed, magic money, just in time!

cemetery caye caulker, belize

cemetery caye caulker, belize

On October 31, 2009, Halloween, in Latin American countries, some family member will head to the graveyard to clean the family gravesites. The Halloween children will don their costumes and sing, “trick or treat, money or sweet, give me something good to eat”.  The Wiccans/Pagaens will celebrate the veil being so thin, Samhain, and commence to communicate with their dead.  On November 1, 2009, All Saints Day, churchgoing Catholics will attend mass and recite their Hail Mary’s as they think of their most revered saints and their dead relatives who have made it to Heaven.  On November 2, 2009, All Souls Day and Day of the Dead, families will convene at the cemetery with marigold flowers, toys, candy, incense, tequila and food.  Like I said, the ancestors just love a party.  In a traditional Maya home, it will be another glorious day of life with the ancestors.

As we approach the Mayan Calendar end date and our own evolutionary transcendence, I have to state bluntly, if you have residual shadows, entities, ghosts, past hurts and pains left unprocessed within your family tree; it will be very difficult to craft your crucial and necessary body of light, your merkaba.  “In order to realize and plant the seeds of a new worldview, our bodies and souls need more than the human world” (Geoff  Stray, Shaman).  That’s right, we need the ancestors.  Just as Mother Earth is currently undergoing her own earth changes (which will begin to intensify now) in an effort to shed unwanted emotional debris, darkness and heavy vibrational energies, we must do them same (as within, so without; microcosm to the macrocosm).  We must be free and clear of all emotional baggage, despair, fear, anger, frustration and depression, especially in regards to our genealogical lineage.  Turn around and face your ghosts, those frightening entities and all your ancestors.   Any grievance from the past can be healed right now! I know there are so many terrible and awfully painful stories in this world.  I have swallowed and digested enough of the global sorrow to be empathetic.  There does come a time though, when we must transcend the dark ages with grace, when our horror stories must be transformed to touching works of art (watch “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”).

In the psychological clearing work called Family Constellations, the therapist emphasizes the importance of healing all family member’s past actions; events like suicide, sexual, emotional or physical abuses, squandering of inheritance funds, incessant gambling, manipulation, alcoholism, fraud, corruption, greed, murder, adultery, etc…   All past actions of our relations left unhealed will revisit us or someone we love right here in our present destroying lives.  I have been told that all conscious souls are completing their lifetime karmas’ at this moment- cleaning up, clearing out.  Again, our light bodies have to be feather light. Build your ancestral altars and don’t bother to dismantle them.  Call on everyone who has been a part of your biological make-up to join you at a family council meeting in the ethers and begin the difficult discussions that need to take place- heal, forgive, release, let go, resolve, unravel, unwind, purge any difficult emotions- come to peace with your families, your ancestors; feed them with your life! Know that they are the source that sustains you or maims you here on Earth.  If situations are too rigidly stuck, call in a shaman to help clear the debris and restore balance.  Do this now so you can ascend!  We are at five minutes to midnight on the Mayan Calendar, be crystal clear, in the new Earth paradigm, only the healthy minds are invited and you will be too heavy if you haven’t resolved your ancestral dilemmas.  I leave off wishing you a very Happy All Souls Day/Day of the Dead.

Isa's flower

Isa's flower


concludes this post by using her birth name,

Denise Camille Fuller,

so the ancestors can find her-

and dedicates this article to her gorgeous fairy daughter that graced her life for two short years,

Shine On,

Isabella Camille Roggema-Fuller,

and to a special benefactor-who was stuck in the etheric shadows but now can cross-

see you both in the Otherworld!

Full Moon: It’s About Time!

new timing frequency

new timing frequency

Disharmoniously plodding into the 21st century, humanity has managed to bring itself devastatingly close to the threshold of extinction. Like a cancerous cell on its path of destruction, we have decided to take as many plant and animal species as possible with us. Inevitably, Mother Earth will heal and recover from our hedonistic plunder, the question that remains at the end of each day, is, will we?

Turn on the news, tune into the media and you will certainly be overwhelmed by the global environmental crisis, global financial crisis, global health crisis, along with the ongoing wars, immune system break-downs, food shortages, terrorism, racism, and religious intolerance, etc.. Ask any religious fanatic or doom & gloom daysayer- it is the end of the world. Ask any Maya (Hopi, Cherokee, Dogon, Apache, Navajo, Qero, Iroquois, or Maori) Elder- it is certainly the end of the world as we know it.

One simple reason why the world will “end as we know it” and be renewed is because the calendar, the way we count and keep time, will have to change. Now ponder for a moment our current Julian/Gregorian calendar; 12 unnatural months made up of 28,  30 or 31 days, except, of course, leap year which has 29 days in one month, all mechanized to a 60 minute clock: ticktock, ticktock, the mouse ran up the clock… the clock struck one and down it run, ticktock, ticktock.  If we truly investigate the meaning of these calendars we will see they were created to keep a race of people enslaved, to keep the masses marching to the tune of an unnatural time.  Efficiently working and producing as this counting frequency is built on a belief that “time is money”!

If you think things are upside down and topsy- turvy on planet Earth, let us just begin with the simple premise of how we count time. It is unnatural, read unhealthy, hence, causing stress and anxiety in our bodies which in turn begin to reproduce a host of unnatural rhythms on the world around it, creating an endless cycle of unhealthiness. If we want to speak about real solutions on our planet, we must speak about living on natural time.  If we want to live on natural time we must consult with an indigenous culture who mastered the art of time, keeping time and writing calendars.

The Mayas are the master timekeepers! In the height of their civilization, 250 Ad to 900 Ad, they kept beat to 17 different calendars which kept beat to Mother Earth, the stars, the moon, the sun and the astrological movements of the planets & galaxies. Imagine, their astronomers were able to chart events back as far as 16 billion years ago and forward to our present day & age and beyond.  Scientists today stand in awe as they are just beginning to comprehend the accuracy of their calendars.  One of the Maya’s more simple calendars, one which we could begin to initiate in our lives, follows a 13 moon/month cycle, with 28 days a moon/month, syncing itself with the natural rhythm of a woman’s body. This calendar gives us 364 days a year and one day out of time.

my purple garden hammock

my purple garden hammock

Isn’t it interesting to note that the most current cycle (13 baktuns) of the Mayan calendar, which will complete a grand cycle on December 21,2012 actually began on our Gregorian date August 13, 3113 Bc? This date coincides with the start of recorded and dated western history in Babylon/Mesopotamia. This cycle for the Maya, which is counted every 5,125 years, portends the start of the dark ages, the age of tribulations.  If we peer onto a time line of recorded western history, it has certainly been dark:  wars, genocide, slavery and brutalities yet unspoken.

The ancient 7th century Mayan prophet, Pacal Votan, foretold of our advanced technological age and how the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time, thus causing deep rooted schisms of imbalance on the planet. Even though the Gregorian Calendar came into effect in the late 1500’s by order of Pope Gregory XIII, it wasn’t until the early 1700’s that England, the United States and other parts of the world adapted to this calendar from their own Julian calendar (the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time). It was at this same time in dark history the clock was being perfected.

It has only been 300 years since we began to use the Gregorian Calendar, yet, how many people even question its accuracy? In order to change from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar, societies had to lose 15 days of time so their counting systems could be in sync.  Imagine now if we lost 15 days of time- no work, no bills, no responsibilities- just waiting on a new calendar to begin. What fun! Pope Gregory XIII actually put in place his new calendar as he was trying to adjust the inaccuracies that the Julian Calendar was causing.  His, I must admit, is a finer tuned unnatural counting system.  He succeeded!  Long before the Julian or Gregorian calendars existed though, over 5000 years ago in Babylon, the cradle of Western civilization, the model calendar was created  (an artificial counting system)  a man-made, mechanized, and irrational schedule. Using this model, the clock was created (the inhabitants of earth would be separated by time). It took centuries to perfect these tools and now these creations are literally killing all of us.

Pacal Votan’s prophecy continued by outlining a return path for humanity to the ancient cycle of harmony and unity which existed prior to the year 3113bc. The premise of his instructions is that in order to save ourselves from biospheric destruction everyone must connect in time, natural time, moon time. In my previous full moon post, I spoke of the necessity of keeping the full moon sacred. In my new moon post, I spoke of honouring our female cycles in the red tent, monthly. In this post, I urge you to find your way back to earth’s natural timing frequencies.  On Mayan time, on any of the 17 calendars, time is not money;  “time is art”.  We are here to live out a purpose, our own personal art form, we are here to keep time to our own heart beat.

In order for us to survive as a species, immediate and permanent solutions must be implemented worldwide and there are no lasting solutions to be implemented in our current systems which are based on the Gregorian Calendar.    Bail outs, health care reform, peace talks- there are no solutions unless we return to natural ways and natural time!  There simply is no choice in this matter. We are presently placing band-aids on open oozing sores, unless we disinfect and heal the sore, our band-aids cannot help. Our oozing sore is our Gregorian calendar which has caused a host of problems, is outdated and is about to become obsolete.

I have a business I must open at 8:00am and a class I must teach at 1:00pm, I have kids to feed at 6:00pm and a host of other duties that keep me on the ticktock. As much as I can though, I live by my own natural timing and instinctual gut feelings. Do I feel like eating or am I eating because the clock struck one? I arrange all my bills by new moon and full moon. I even asked my landlord to allow me to pay my rent over 13 moons (I won’t mention his reaction).  I recognize the new moon and celebrate the full moon. I honour the 4 holy days, fall and spring equinox, winter and summer solstice,  I take one day out of time (July 25) and I study the Mayan calendars.  I am still in and of the secular world, but I am trying to line up with what feels right, what feels natural!

The Mayan Elders, I believe, have a small chuckle at all those who believe the world is ending, for they know we are simply in a change of cycles, a change of time. The Mayan Elders, I believe, have a heavy heart for all those who are not awake to this information. Mother Earth can no longer wait while allowing us to live on an unnatural time frequency.

Over 2,000 years ago, Mayan mathematicians, astrologers, and astronomers mapped out an astrological alignment that will occur three short years from now,  December 21, 2012, Winter Solstice.  Three Mayan cycles called the Great Cycle will close all on the same day:  the 13 baktuns  (1 baktun is 144,000 days and 13 baktuns is 5,125 years), the long count (which is 26,000 years), and another long count (which is 104,000 years).   This date will bring an end to history, our dark age history, the history we have known and recorded.  This date will usher in the new era of spiritual consciousness, environmental harmony, planetary unity and galactic interactions.  We are already in this transition! Although many people speculate what the exact result of this alignment will bring, all indigenous elders are in agreement with one simple fact: humanity will be brought to its knees, humbled, if I may, to the the truths of the universe and by the forces of nature.

Sound scary? It is three short years away .  All I know is if we return to natural time in our own organic way, we pave a path for a smooth transition.  If we are forced to that awakening, our very survival is at stake. Wake up my friends, be awake, be aware, question everything, a (r)evolution of the soul is at hand, in the words of an esteemed Mayan Elder- “It’s About Time!!!”

The clock at the volcano

The clock at the volcano

by:  Navajo Changing Woman

(Scholars of the Mayan Calendar dispute the closing date, some claim the cycle will close earlier:  link onto Jose Arguelles, MayanMajix or the 13 Moon calendar from my blog for more in-depth information on the Mayan Calendar and End Cycle Prophecies)