IxChel!  I first heard about this goddess in 1994 when the book Sastun, by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, floated into my life.  I read the book in one sitting, in one night.  Being of Belizean heritage, this story of an American woman who lived in the jungles of Belize, studying herbs with one of the last known Mayan shaman healers of the region, had me absolutely intrigued and awakened.  Within six weeks of reading this true account of Dr. Rosita and Don Elijio Panti’s life, I was packed and moving to Belize.  Little did I know, at the time, the Goddess had beckoned.

I had a wild idea… and the Fool/Maiden (Tarot Card 0) set that journey in motion.  I found myself in a canoe on the Macal River in Belize, with a Mayan man, being rowed six miles upriver to Ixchel Farm, home and workplace of Dr. Rosita Arvigo.  Although I had the moxy to get myself to her doorstep, I didn’t quite have the self esteem to pronounce that I wanted to be her next apprentice.  Whatever did stumble out of my mouth, I’ll never quite forget her reply.  She told me I was unseasoned for work in the jungle, that I was a young girl who needed some life experience.  She told me to go have a baby.

Well, since she was my absolute heroine for the moment.  I took her advice seriously, and quite literally.  Without a husband, man or prospect of any mate, I decided it was time to have a child.  Quite honestly, a strong biological urge had been nagging me to do just this.  So without further ado, the next man who showed interest was my prey.  Hence, began my journey into motherhood.  I was living on a three mile island, Caye Caulker, Belize and had been forbidden by the local health officials to deliver my first child at home, seeing as how there was no doctor, not to mention a hospital, on the island.  I do believe this is where my true relationship with Ixchel, a fellow Caribbean islander, Goddess of fertility, childbirth, healing & herbs, rainbow, the moon and all female issues, began in earnest.

I called Dr. Rosita to ask for her advice in locating a midwife.  I was determined to stay at home, like my Belizean grandmother before me, who had all twelve kids in the family home. Dr. Rosita referred me to one of her main herbal teachers and ally’s in Belize; the lovely, kind Hortence Robinson, who could neither read or write, but had delivered over 2000 babies in her career as a midwife.  Needless to say, all went very well and my first son Angel entered the world, not quite as we all planned, but safe and sound, on a wooden terrace in the tropics, with his Papa, my black cat Eclipse and the seagrape tree as witnesses.  Hortence arrived shortly post delivery, but just in time to facilitate my after-care, which is where I began to experience firsthand Belize’s deep & rich history with massage, abdominal care, vaginal steams and herbs; all treatments over which Ixchel definitely presides.


True to my lot in life, ever keen to take on more than I can manage, I went on to have five lovely children as the Empress (Tarot Card 3) walked hand in hand with me for many years.  Each and every child was delivered at home, three, in the conscientious care of indigenous midwives, and two, mysteriously, of my own accord.  Again, this is where Ixchel guided and led me through these deep rites of passage & initiations to womanhood.  I’m gonna be honest, nothing is going to make you feel stronger than delivering your own babies.  (please note:  I’m not recommending anyone to run out and do anything quite so steeped in the unknown).

Living in Meso-America will keep you right in the arms of Ixchel and once you have called upon her, be prepared to meet her in all her aspects.  She can be depicted as a beautiful Maiden holding onto her rabbit, bringing fertility, abundance and all the hope of youth.  She can be depicted as the caring Mother weaving the dreams of her life and the universe, working with the healing herbs, and offering her good medicine.  She can also be depicted as the Crone, the cosmic midwife and the destroyer, accompanied by the transformational snake on her head, wearing crossbones on her skirt and pouring out a water jug onto the Earth that may bring floods and rainstorms of destruction.

13490995 - ix chel mayan - aztec goddess of moon and fertility

I came to know her in every aspect she choose to appear.  As the Maiden she gifted me with endless fertility.  As the Mother, she offered me multiple webs to weave in which to care for my family.  As the Crone, she came to teach me about death, decay and tragic loss.

Shockingly, my fourth child and only daughter died (Tarot Card 13) on the island, at age two, of dysenterry.  My tropical dream was no longer so magical.  The path I walked, no-one coveted.  Ergo, Ix-Chel could not remain my most venerated Deity.  She was a force with whom to be reckoned.  I had to blame someone.  I blamed God/dess.  I was a grief-stricken mother whose spiritual path had failed her, a woman with no religion, a born-again atheist.

I relocated back to the USA to a small town, Ashland, Oregon (Tarot Card 16, the Tower).  I was driving one day with my friend, shortly after arriving, a huge double rainbow extended itself from one side of our 4 mile by 4 mile town, to the other.  It was so magnificent, we stopped the car to admire the width and breath and beauty of these rainbows (the picture below does not do the rainbow proper justice).  Although my friend could not possibly know the context of this appearance, I knew this was IxChel, The Lady Rainbow herself, communicating that she was indeed with me, that she had actually never forsaken me, and that I was to carry her with me to this new land.  The Goddess diaspora is real.  Atheism is terribly lonely.


I surrendered to the spiritual journey once again and began my small practice of spiritual healing with a few humble offerings, but with IxChel always at my side as my patron guide & goddess.  It took six years in Ashland to come alive and heed her call to return to Belize to work with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in earnest.  Thus, I arrived at IxChel Farm, 24 years after my initial pilgrimage, this time by road & vehicle, carrying 24 pounds of rose quartz for my daughters grave, and enrolled as a student to participate in a Mayan spiritual healing course being offered to learn the art of spiritual bathing.  A dream realized.  Some things take time.

I needed each and every one of the multiple herbal flower baths we took through these trainings.  Layers upon layers of memories and grief were released into the land of Belize at IxChel Farm.

I came to realize that due to Dr. Rosita’s life path and story, she had brought me numerous gifts: she lured me back to my homeland where I could establish real roots in sweet Belize, she gifted me the omnipotent IxChel, she encouraged me to get on with my life as a mother, she guides me in healing with the plants and herbs of Belize, but most importantly, she opened the door for me to find my true life calling and purpose (Tarot Card 21, the World).


As I approach menopause and the crone phase of life, I am busy researching a trip to Isla de Mujeres, the Island of Women, in Mexico which was IxChel’s original home.  I am spiritually preparing for this epic ceremonial pilgrimage to Her power place.  Historically women travelled to island three times in their life, to consecrate their menstruation, to pray for fertility & safe passage with childbirth and to bring offerings at menopause.  I am gathering up my gifts:  jade, clay statues, cocoa beans, turquoise, and hand woven objects; and planning, as well as anyone can plan for such a journey.  Lady Rainbow has looked after me and it is soon time to pay homage to this mysterious Goddess of the Moon (Tarot Card, 17).

This true tale, obviously, is to be continued…

In the Temple of Ixchel

I have come with my sisters before
where aqua waters arc their constant caress
around the southern point of the island.
Now when the ruins are nearly disappeared,
I walk this path that curves above the cliffs,
but once before,
I prayed and sang in procession.
Once before we laughed to be so safe
in the Temple of Ix Chelab Yax.
Faint music from the past—

flute and voice, gull,
something sweetly strung—
all for Her, the Fecund Mother.
Here I greet my gone-before,
who nods in glad surprise
to me, her elder descendant.
I walk the sea wall singing
for Daughter IxChel, for Mama Tonantzin.
The rocks remain, and the rolling sea,

where I return to honor Her.
Ask, Ixchel demands. And so, again, I do.
Goddess of Conception, change my view
and let me trust in Love.
Goddess of Birth,
in the time of the fifth sun, may I give light,
and may I learn to receive it.
Goddess of all Nurture,
grant that I and the world be done with blaming.
May I with the earth, rise as your daughter,
free and whole in love.

©Susa Silvermarie 2013


Denai Grace Fuller, Cihuatochtli, is a Mama of five, Tarot Guide, Acolyte of IxChel, spiritual healer, flower essence practitioner, flower alchemist and student of Nahualism. She can be found @ http://www.moonflowermedicine.org











“A religion without a goddess is halfway to atheism.”
― Dion Fortune



Goddess of the Sea. Mother of the Sea. Mother of Pearl. Mother of Dreams & Secrets. Empress of the Seven Oceans. Orisha of the Oceans. Womb of Creation. Constantly Coming Woman. Stella Maris (Star of the Sea). Mama Watta (Mother Water). Truly, THE Mother of All. Her name is spelled in many different ways depending on where one resides: Yemeya, Yemaya, Ymoja, Yemaja, Iemanja, Yemalla, Yemalia, Yemonja, Yemana, Balianna.

In Yoroba land, from where this Goddess originates, Yeye Omo Eja means The Mother Whose Children Are Fish. We begin as fish-like fetuses in the waters of our mothers’ wombs, we must traverse those early embryonic fluids and evolve to our human baby form. Both modern-day science and ancient cultures have an understanding that all life originated from the sea. And, one day, it is to these waters and the earth itself that we shall again return.


In the oral tradition of the Yoruba tribe of West Africa, originally Yemeya was the river goddess of their largest tributary, Ogun River, which was well-known to bring fertility. She resided far away from any ocean. She was an Orisha, a powerful force of nature. Yemeya was married to Aganyu, both were mortal god-humans, children of other mortal god-humans, created by Olodumare, the God Almighty.

Together, Yemeya and Aganyu had a son named Orungun. When Orungun became a teenager, he rebelled against his Father by raping his Mother. When Orungun attempted to rape his Mother a second time, she escaped to the highest mountaintop, the Chappal Waddi also known as the Mountain of Death, where she evoked all manner of retribution and justice by cursing her son until he died. Soon after, Yemeya found herself pregnant for her son, thus it came to pass, on that majestic mountaintop, 7900 feet above sea level, that she gave birth to 14 powerful nature spirits called Orishas. As her uterine waters spilled forth, a Great Flood ensued, which in turn created our world’s seven oceans. In her deep and regretful sorrow, Yemeya decided to take her life. Much later her bones birthed the first mortal man and woman, hence, Yemoja is called the Mother of All.

When her people were brutally captured and hoarded onto the slave ships, Yemaya had no choice but to gather her Spirit and go on this frightful journey, to protect and to guide the lives of her tribe, granting as many as possible safe passage to the New World. Africans, from this area, having never experience the expansive salty waterways, and under severe distress, naturally elevated Yemeya to the Goddess of the Ocean. The African diaspora brought Yemeya to a new land where she was to be worshiped by West Africans, Afro-Caribbeans and Brazilians alike for many purposes… fisherman pray to her for fish and prosperity, travelers and sailors pray to her for safe passage and calm seas, mothers pray to her for protection and guidance, maidens & women with empty wombs pray to her for fertility, all manners of people pray to her for seductive prowess and wealth, inhabitants of the coastal terrains pray to her for benevolent waves and gentle storms, and, of course, in those early slave days, Africans and their offspring simply prayed to survive.

Dedicated to slaves thrown over during Middle Passage!

Dedicated to slaves thrown over during Middle Passage!

According to legend, Yemaya’s first gift to the Africans of the New World was a sea shell in which her voice could always be heard. To this day we honor Yemaya when we hold a shell to our ear in order to hear her voice, the ocean. Listen!


I met Yemeya while living on the islands of Belize. She taught me how to float, how to surrender and definitely how to play in her waters. She reminded me to take time to replenish, to nurture and to nourish myself. She brought me coral, conch pearls and all manner of conch jewelry in which to beautify my body. She bewitched the fisherman on my behalf ensuring a constant supply of good seafood to my home and restaurant. She protected my young boys as they traversed the Caribbean Sea, learning to swim, to snorkel, to dive, to haul lobster, to spearfish and to play. She saved my life one stormy day on the sea while I was drowning by sending me her most treasured consort, Old Man of the Sea, Juni Zladivar. She entertained me with dolphins, turtles, manatees and many more sea creatures. She magically enlivened my life with her incandescent colors on the early morning seascapes. She healed my aches and pains with her salty waters. She comforted me when life seemed like it offered more than I could bear. She is my unwavering, most trustworthy friend. She continues to be my benefactor!


Yemeya embodies all aspects of a balanced, healthy Mother archetype… Deeply caring, kind, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, protective, comforting, empowered, abundant, providing, resplendent, nurturing, creative, merciful, generous, forbidding, powerful and stern.

“Invoke Yemeya for blessings, compassion, wisdom, fertility, creation, riches, inspiration, mother hood, female power, natural wealth, love spells, white magic, sea spells, fertility rituals, water magic, women’s issues, childbirth, sustaining life, washing away sorrows, revealing mysteries, acquiring ancient wisdom, protecting the home, learning not to give your power away, and comforting children in crisis. Invoke her as Erzukie for beauty, good fortune, and good health. Invoke her as Yemoja to cure infertility, as Yemana for rain, as Emanjah for teaching children, as Yemaya Olokun for dream magic and protecting babies in the womb; and as Yemaya Atarmagwa for money spells. Invoke Yemaya as Agwe for affection and blessings.” (https://broomcloset.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/yemaya-african-ocean-goddess/)

Consider this when building an altar to her…


Yemeya is worshiped by crescent or full moons and on February 2nd as well as the Eve of Summer Solstice. Her lucky number is seven, like the seven seas. Her favorite day of the week is Saturday. Don the colors of blue, white or silver. She loves the smell of raspberry and cinnamon. Her coveted Gems are lapis lazuli, quartz crystals, pearls, mother of pearl, coral, moonstone, aquamarine, and turquoise. Naturally, she loves fish and all the creatures of the sea including ducks, as well as doves, but especially peacocks as they have her favorite colors. Her most coveted food and flower objects are oranges, tropical flowers, watermelons, yams, grains, seaweeds and other plants growing in the sea. Bring additional offerings of melons, molasses, whole fried fish and/or pork rinds to gain her favor.

Yemaya has graced my presence to grant me her energies: a woman who has been uprooted, relocated and challenged to unbearable extremes. A mother who has created, birthed, loved, cared, and tended her child only to lose that cherished baby. An empress who has been adored, worshiped and exalted and then quite suddenly, deviled, denied and enslaved only then to rise again to her rightful and truthful position and station in life.

As I call upon the sacred energies of the Mt. Shasta glaciers, high up in the Northern California Cascade ranges, galaxies away from West Africa, I hear Yemaya… she shows me the drought conditions of the once abundant Sacramento headwaters, she turns my attention to the polluted, rapidly declining state of our Seven Seas, she holds me (and all of us Wo/Men) accountable for this imbalance.

The Goddess speaks…”Until the Mother is worshiped and returned to her rightful place as the eternal creative force of this Earth, your world will remain in turmoil and the balance of your eco-systems will continue to deteriorate. Until the Goddess is exalted and revered for the never-ending source of everything she provides, human existence itself stands threatened. It is time now to carefully listen as the Mother is calling!”

“Only women who are enabled to sense a female divinity within their own spirit can bring about the profound changes that need to be made if humanity is to last much longer as one of earth’s life forms. The survival of any species depends on the nurturing behavior of its females, not the aggressive behavior of its males. It seems clear that the best hope for humanity is to return to its pre-patriarchal ethic of male submission to the Goddess spirit, not in the hierarchical sense that men understand as power-over.” Barbara G. Walker from Restoring the Goddess

The Time of No Time: Beltane!

“Love is not a habit, a commitment or a debt.

Love simply is!”

(Paulo Coelho)

Around the medicine wheel of life we go, from season to season (solstice to equinox), the cardinal points and their mid-points speak the ancient cycles of time.  It is so important to acknowledge, honour and celebrate nature’s auspicious times.  If we are to restore spiritual order and harmony to our Earth, if we are to return to a balanced ecosystem, then we must keep the ancient earth holidays in some way. Why do you think the indigenous cultures of our world place so much emphasis on their sacred holidays and celebrations?  These are the times of heartfelt reverence and traditional worship!

Remember Samhain?   October 31st, when the veils are very thin and one can easily reach into the spiritual world of the ancestors through remembrance, offerings and ritual.  Samhain is about honoring Death, mentally and spiritually preparing oneself for the oncoming harsh Winter months when the Earth is under her death spell.    Beltane, May 1st, on the other hand, is when the veils are extremely thin again and we are honouring Life. “When the veils are so thin it is an extremely magical time, it is said that the Queen of the Faeries rides out on her white horse. Roving about on Beltane Eve,  She will try to entice people away to the fairyland” (C. Aubin).  We may use this time then to reach into the magical and mystical world of the unseen, offering spring flowers, fire and our own bodies as payment for an abundant, hot and pleasurable Summer.

“The beginning of the summer heralds an important time, for the winter is a difficult journey and weariness and disheartenment set in, personally, one is tired down to the soul.  In times past, the food stocks were low; variety was a distant memory.  The drab non-color of winter’s end perfectly represents the dullness and fatigue that permeates on so many levels to this day.  We need Beltane, as the earth needs the sun, for our very Spirit cries out for the renewal of Summers’ jubilation” (Christina Aubin).

Beltane is often called “the time of no time”, just like our current shift of ages.   “This shift was and has been referred to as the ‘Time of no Time’. We are currently in the transition period of the fourth dimension which creates the illusion of being stuck in a time warp as Earth goes through a rapid shift in time and space” (Red Lotus). If our current time on the Gregorian Calendar has been termed  “the time of no time” then, I speculate, that we must honour this holiday even more so than ever before.  This Beltane, I believe, is an important one before we are thrown into hyperspeed change-shift-destabilizing- to awakening on Planet Earth.

Years ago, I was speaking with a good girlfriend of mine on my porch, our husbands were in the house.  We were enthusiastically talking about all the old pagan laws surrounding Beltane, especially the law regarding removing our wedding rings for a night.  I jokingly said, “let us make sure to keep this alive for our daughters”.  She replied, “Why for our daughters?  What about us?”  In that moment, we were two women who supported each other in our sexual freedom, despite our husbands irritated opinions on the matter.  Ten years later, she is divorced and well, my marriage has been shaken to its core by Beltane.  Little did I know at the time, that part of my large energetic work and service to humanity and the earth, part of my soul agreement and personal purpose, was to revive Beltane in all its glory.

What then is this holiday that can cause such excitement and turmoil?  Beltane means fire of Bel; Belinos being one name for the Sun God who is celebrated on  May 1st.  Beltane, or Mayday as it is called, is celebrated with festivities typically beginning the evening before, on the last night of April.  Large community bonfires are created, fire being a crucial and important element of this holiday.  Maypoles, large poles, are erected.  The Maypole is one of the traditional symbols of Beltane, and let’s not kid ourselves about its purpose: it’s a giant phallus representing fecundity.  Young people would spend the entire night in the woods “A-Maying,” and then dance around the phallic Maypole the next morning.  This was when couples (and probably more than a few surprised triads) came staggering in from the fields, clothes in disarray and straw in their hair after a night of bonfire-inspired lustiness.  Older married couples were allowed to remove their wedding rings (and the restrictions they imply) for this one night. Young couples could undertake the greenwood marriage (an unofficial marriage which would last one year and a day).  The pious Puritans were outraged by the debauchery of Beltane celebrations.  In fact, they made Maypoles and greenwood marriages illegal in the mid 1600’s. (Everyone seems to have forgotten the deadwood divorces which can be used once a relationship hits its “deadwood” phase).

I am a Keeper and Protector of the Beltane Sabbat Celebration.  In fact, I initiated a long forgotten tradition called the deadwood divorce:  older married couples experiencing strife and stagnation could remove their rings for a year and a day:  an agreed upon seperation in order to explore other life paths:

“Love fills everything.

It cannot be desired because it is and end in itself.

It cannot betray because it has nothing to do with possession.

It cannot be held prisoner because  it is a river and will overflow its banks.

Anyone who tries to imprison love will cut off the spring that feeds it, and the trapped water will grow stagnant and rank.”

(Paulo Coelho)

At the end of the greenwood or deadwood time, the couples in question would have to decide how to proceed further with either their marriage or their divorce.

One year, not so long ago, I decided to have a grand Beltane party in my garden that I called the Maypole Dance.  I found a long pole, traditionally used on the island for hauling up the lobster traps from the sea floor, that was over 20 feet in length.  I decorated that pole with 20 descending purple ribbons 30 feet in length and I had my husband plant the Beltane pole into the ground.  Something about this act felt not only sacred, but ancient.  A few of the older villagers (ages 50-90 years old) approached me saying, “we loved the Maypole dance when we were children, how nice to see it brought back to life on the island”.  I couldn’t believe it, the Mestizo/Mayan community had a remembrance of the Maypole Dance?  I actually thought I was bringing to life a Pagan/Celtic celebration in Mayaland.  Silly me, the Maya have a long history with the Maypole.

“A myth tells of a time when there was a great drought, and food and water grew scarce throughout the land. Five young men decided that they must send a message to their God of fertility so that the rains would return and nurture the soil, and their crops would again flourish. So they went into the forest and searched for the tallest, straightest tree they could find.

When they came upon the perfect tree, they stayed with it overnight, fasting and praying for the tree’s spirit to help them in their quest. The next day they blessed the tree, then felled it and carried it back to their village, never allowing it to touch the ground. Only when they decided upon the perfect location for their ritual, did they set the tree down. The men stripped the tree of its leaves and branches, dug a hole to stand it upright, then blessed the site with ritual offerings. The men adorned their bodies with feathers so that they would appear like birds to the God of Fertility, in hope of attracting the god’s attention to their important request. With vines wrapped around their waists, they secured themselves to the pole and made their plea through their flight and the haunting sound of the flute and drum” (Vanilla Company).

The Mayan of the Yucatan area of Mexico to this day hold elaborate Maypole dances in honour of the Sun God and fertility.  ” Combining ritual, dance, music, poetry, and art, “THE TREE OF LIFE” (maypole) is a meditation on the mystery at the heart of human life.  It calls us to keep the world in balance with our very lives” (Earthdancer).  Each year in my life, the timekeeping of this sacred day simply grows and expands as I instill remembrance & hold permanence in my community and into our new crystal Earth grids.

The Tree Of Life grows
In the Land of Mystery:
There we were created;
There we were born.
There (S)He by whom all things live
Spins the thread of our lives.

Happy Beltane!

Navajo, Danaho Wiyoh (It is said, it is good!)

Beltane, the story and poem, based on my own true life experiences is available for a nominal donation ($10us).

Thank you for supporting my artistic and creative expressions!



Celestun:  A Heavenly Place of Light

Caye Caulker Beachfront

“The fire that is our essence comes from the stars and

to the stars our essences will return.

The Earth is our Mother who gave us our bodies.

After our Earth walk, our bodies will return to the Earth.

Our spirits are from the wind, as is our breath.

Our words are our breath, therefore sacred.”

-Jamie Sams

“I beseech the Star Elders, my essence self; the Earth Mother, our mother; and Tate, the Great Wind of the Lakota…

to assist me in this community where I reside…to assist lightworkers everywhere to fulfill their missions.”

Once upon a moon, when I was a much younger woman, Spirit guided me to undertake a pilgrimage from the States, where I was residing, to Belize, the land of my birth.  During that life altering journey and travel, I was led to settle on a small island off the coast of mainland Belize, named Caye Caulker.  This beautiful island inhabited by approximately 1800, mostly traditional, Catholic, Mestizo, people held absolutely no light in the mass consciousness of the villagers.  I came to slowly understood, though, that Spirit’s will was for me to remain in this particular community as the “holder” and “bringer”of the light.  I have done Spirit’s will, with my immediate family (all of whom are angelic souls) for over 14 years of our lives.  It has never been easy.

In fact, here is a typical example of my life onthe island… One year I decided to teach in the newly founded high school to create some goodwill in the community.  One of the classes I taught was yoga for physical education.  I had been branded a witch many times in Caye Caulker.  Teaching yoga only seemed to reinforce the local viewpoint that I was indeed practicing witchcraft.  Thank goodness, my boss and the high school principal supported my class 100%  and backed our position with FACTS.  Together we overcame the local beliefs and by the end of the year, the students were teaching their parents stress reducing poses.

I have continually and painstakingly engaged with the community’s extreme superstitions, obeah ( a form of black magic used to bring harm to another), and all other low level forms of energetic interactions (alcoholism, domestic violence, drug addiction, machismo behaviours and emotional & sexual abuses) over the years, while at the same time attempting to create and maintain my own piece of heaven.  I cannot emphasize enough- it has been a daunting task.  Nonetheless, it was my purpose, a clear directive from the Ancestors and the Star Elders, so I undertook my role with due diligence and compassion.  Arriving in full force to assist me in this community were the magical elementals, the standing people (the trees and plants), and the cool blues and turquoises of Yemeya’s salty Caribbean Sea, who have been my friends, my allies and my protectors in this place which holds such extremes of darkness and light.

I understand that many lightworkers have been guided to various geographic areas to do Spirit’s work in these auspicious times on Earth.  I also understand that we can no longer maintain and sustain our realities without a seriously strong support network.  The Gods have encouraged me to create “Celestun”, a heavenly place of light.  A place where lightworkers, healers, and conscious individuals can retreat and rejuvenate.  It is my intention to expand my current island business, http://www.cocoplum.typepad.com, to create this much needed place and vision.  I can no longer be one of the few people in this part of the Caribbean holding the light.  I need assistance.  I send out a request to any interested individual(s) to please join me in co-creating Celestun if they feel so compelled.  I invite any of my readers to visit my little english speaking island in the region of  Central America on the Caribbean Sea in the country of Belize.  Enough said.


Allow me to return to discussing this eminent Earth birth which was the topic of my last post, “Surrender”.  In the latter part of a woman’s pregnancy, early contractions called Braxton-Hicks, will begin to occur.  These contractions prepare a woman’s body for the actual birth and it allows her body to understand, in mild form, what the real contractions will feel like once they commence to start.  The Earth has begun her Braxton-Hicks and on one of the latest contractions (Chile Earthquake) her axis tipped and time sped up.  Wow!  We are definitely about to move and groove in this pregnancy, hence the Turkey earthquake.  On the night preceding this movement, I couldn’t sleep a wink.  All the dogs in my neighborhood felt the same as they howled and moaned the night away.  It was another huge release of energy for the earth.  Yes, the Earth herself is cracking open!  Be aware and prepared, all those who live on the fault lines, your time is drawing near.   Everytime I go into meditation, I feel the low rumbles of the  Earth quaking.  At fist, I feel fear, and then, I surrender to the force of the earth, and lastly, I breathe calm into the land.  If you can find this serenity inside your body, you can actually transmit it through your feet into the ground.  If enough people are sending a peaceful message to the land, then a community can control their surroundings and their contractions.

The earthquakes are not our only concern/movements these days.  If you listen to the world news it is simply overwhelming, between the natural disasters (another large glacier broke off, denying oxygen to the seas and their creatures) and the manmade violence (the babies and toddlers slaughtered in Nigeria in the name of religious intolerance), I simply sit back and wait on the forceful volcanic eruptions sure to follow (notice Celia Fenn discusses her friends in Chile and the oozing volcanic lava in her March earthlog)… sigh, cry…do not become immune to the information...so many souls have agreed to depart or suffer in these times so as to assure that all others will keep their hearts wide open.

The death of the old reality is so obvious.  We will never return to a reality that hoards possessions.  We will never return to a reality that enslaves another.  At present though, the oligarchy assumes the same viewpoint it has had for the last 10,000 years:  population control of the enslaved masses, while they wield and control the resources of the Earth. The oligarchy will have to fall into one of those large cracks the earth creates to make room for the compassionate souls and new leaders who wish to create our harmonious Earth.

Lately, I am constantly receiving a vision of teepees (I conjure up my friends gorgeous Earth Ship home in Taos, New Mexico).  The teepee has many symbolic meanings.   Firstly, Spirit is asking everyone once again to simplify.  Just as a woman will prepare her house for a new baby, we are being guided to prepare our teepees to be uncluttered, beautiful home dwellings that are fulfilling and life-giving.  Create an energetically clean space that is  ready to welcome a new-born baby.  Secondly,  a teepee for the Native Americans was transportable.  If the tribe felt danger or uncertainty, they could pack up their teepees and relocate.  Life itself is very fragile.  A natural disaster can wipe out your entire existence, your home and all your possessions without much notice, so over-attachment to anything is simply not healthy.  I reiterate Aluna Joy and the Star Elders message, “you can’t take anything with you but your love and your truth”.  Live lightly!  Thirdly, a teepee represents the material and our ability to manifest.  It is the Lakota symbol for wealth and well-being.    If you are currently hoarding possessions or carrying too heavy of a material load; let it go.  Get to your teepee!

Practice, even if it is just once in your life, the great give-away.  In the early 1900’s, the US government outlawed the Native American pot-latch ceremony (the give-away), as they could not understand how such “poor’ people would give away all their possessions.  It was disconcerting for the white-Eurocentric mind who believes in collecting/hoarding/saving possessions, so they made it illegal.  The give-away teaches us to release, without attachment, our greatest possessions and it teaches us above all else, that the earth is eternally fertile and all our needs will be provided for again and again through the community.  Whenever one feels lack, of anything, Spirit counsels giving away a valued possession.  Are you in need of health?  Give-away!  Are you in need of love?  Give-away!  Are you in need of money?  Give-away!  Through the eternal spiritual laws of energy and return, all ones needs will be met.

Take a look at the community around you?  What can you give-away to help ease the burden of another?  Do you have a community that will support you?  A group of like-minded individuals that care about your well-being?  Do you have your own personal Celestun, heavenly place of light? If not, it is crucial at this moment to form some sort of network.  Be it on the internet, a sacred moon circle or your collective neighborhood.  We have heard over and over again that we must come together in conscious community.  Now, more than ever.  Presently, Carl Calleman is calling for a Conscious Convergence (July 17-18, 2010) of lightworkers to prepare for the last stages of our pregnancy.    The old ship is going down , the S.O.S. has been fired.  We are approaching the ninth and final wave of the Mayan Calendar Evolutionary Theory- the cosmic unity consciousness. The only survivors, the true thrivers of the New World, will be the ones who have learned to share and care, the ones who have learned to live in unity.

Lightworkers, take heart, the morning star is shining brightly….


wishes to thank her online spiritual community, her readers, ” you have been my life raft as I continue to live and breathe light into this Caribbean community”


Rebirth by Mariette Ravet

For quite some time now, Mother Earth has been very wobbly as the magnetic poles are shifting.  We can contribute this to the fact that our Earth is heavy laden with child (the newly ascended light beings).  Obviously, the inhabitants of this Planet (all of us) will be sharing her experience.  Often this time in a pregnancy ushers in a host of birth pangs:   frustration, nausea, stress, anxiety, nervousness, absent-mindedness, procrastination, worry, heaviness, depression, tension and hopefully, above all, excitement.
Many women enter their 8th month fearing the inevitable experience which is about to descend on them.  In modern times, these women can opt for a drugged out birth or the more infamous Caesarean birth…  In the ascension process (our current birth), there are no drugs or medical procedures available to help us shortcut our way through labor.  There is only one way through the upcoming experience and that is through the vaginal canal or to be more accurate- through the galactic milky way we go, contractions and all.
The eighth month then is quite an intense time as there is no going back to what was.  Often, due to the immensity of the impending future reality, one manifests early birth/fear symptoms.
When I was pregnant with my first child, Angel, I had made elaborate plans for a forthcoming home birth with my chosen traditional Belizean midwife.  Let me mention, this was not an easy “plan” as I live on an island which has no medical doctor, much less a hospital, and the local clinic nurses were insisting that I was not allowed to remain at home. Nonetheless, I persisted.  In the beginning of my eighth month, though, I woke up one morning to extremely real and painful contractions.  I couldn’t believe those contractions were happening.  My mind reeled, “if I went into labor now”, I thought, ” I wouldn’t be able to have my much hoped for home birth “.  I was devastated, yet, the contractions continued on, wave after to wave, until, with much hesitation and eventual surrender, I prepared to leave my island home for the mainland hospital.  While shedding many tears of frustration, and attempting to bargain with the gods, my contractions came to a sudden halt.  My prayers were answered.
In my ninth month of pregnancy with Angel, at the end of my full term, (I made it), I filled up an outdoor wash basin, one large enough for me to sit in.  I placed my entire body in that water and simply sat for hours on end.  I remember my skin was quite waterlogged and wrinkly due to the hours I spent in that bathtub.  My husband kept checking on me, seeing if I wanted to come out of the tub- I didn’t.  After many hours, I started to feel very strange. I stood up and was immediately slammed by a major contraction.  With full clarity, I understood I was in labor and the water in the tub had been relieving all my symptoms.  I labored for a very short 30 minutes before I pushed my first son into the world assisted by my husband, on our porch, with my cats, the trees and the birds to bear witness.  Needless to say, the midwife didn’t make it to my birth in time.

We are four months into the Mayan Calendar 6th galactic night (November 2009- November 2010), and as I stated in my article of early December 2009 “The Quickening”, this time can be likened to a woman’s 8th month of pregnancy.  Just as I had to come to terms with the inevitable birth of my first son, Angel, so must we all realize, we are about to birth ourselves into the New World.  I have recently heard that there is actually nothing “wrong” with the Earth at this moment, She is simply very pregnant.

(Yemeya by Mariette Ravet)

Since this pregnancy and the latter part of this expecting phase is making us all feel very off kilter, I believe we need to call on the Yoruban-Brazilian Goddess, Yemeya, for assistance with helping us accomplish full surrender to the moment.  “Yemeya, beautiful goddess of the Sea, hear our prayers.  (I offer you papaya, white hibiscus flowers and copal) as this birth feels so scary, incredibly overwhelming, emotionally trying, spiritually difficult and mentally impossible.  Help us to let go, to live in the flow of the present moment and to release all our symptoms to the Great Goddess.  Help us to wait out our time (according to the Mayan Calendar Evolutionary Theory as investigated by Carl Calleman, the eight month ends November 2010, the 9th month ends February 2011, and the birth will last for 260 days until October 2011; thus the Mayan calendar ends) in patience and with joy, knowing full well we deserve a healthy birth of ease.

“What is becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding”. “Not only do I think that the upcoming period (he is referring to the 6th galactic night, November 2009- November 2010) will be unusually intense, but also energetically quite complex”,  Carl Calleman. (www.carlcalleman.com)

Now I know many of our favourite writers, myself included, have been saying that the New World is here, right now, but according to the Mayan Evolutionary Theory, we have yet to deliver this  “baby”.  So I hate to disappoint everyone, but we have until February 2011 until the full brunt of the ascension symptoms reside and another 260 days of labor which makes our expected due date:  October 2011!  Now I know every time I write about the New World being here right now, what I actually mean to say, is that we have indeed outgrown our old structures and are, without a doubt, attempting to dismantle the constructs of the old world.   We are receiving a teaser taste of the New World.  Like a woman in her eighth month who knows her old reality has ceased to exist, but that her new reality has yet to manifest.  We are All also at that point of no return.  But we have yet to actually go through the labor.  And like the old adage goes, it is not called labor for nothing.

In one’s eighth month, it doesn’t help to moan and groan and complain- this isn’t going to make the symptoms go away, this isn’t going to make the baby come any faster.  The eighth month is heavy.  The ninth month is heavier. The labor can go with ease or with extreme difficulty depending on the mother, but it is never accomplished without the required blood, sweat and tears.  This is not meant to be a doom and gloom message, more accurately, a statement to everyone to hang in there with anticipation, joy and excitement.  A new baby is a glorious miracle!

If you familiarize yourself with Calleman’s work, it will become clear- what is about to happen on Planet Earth has never before happened.  His theory states that it has taken 16.4 bllion years to reach this zenith in our consciousness.  “There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. The only Mayan inscription from ancient times, the Tortuguero monument, which describes the end (http://bit.ly/3Ni2rD) of their calendar says that nine cosmic forces will then manifest. Empirically, there is also overwhelming evidence from modern research that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels (so called Underworlds) of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all shifts, which have been driving evolution since the beginning of the universe. Such an end to all shifts could conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth”, Carl Calleman.

Birth, then!  It is such a messed up concept in today’s modern world.  In most cities, the Caesarean rates have reached an all time high between 35-45% and beyond.  Women (and men) are afraid of birth.  I ask how then are we to successfully approach ascension if birth is our model analogy?  May I repeat Calleman?, “What is becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding”.  I have said it before, I’ll say it again – we are going to have to breath.  Breathe deeply, become master breatharians .

In response to all the writers and spiritual seekers questioning?  “Are we there yet?”  Oh yes, we are there, at least in our Spirits. Our upcoming birth experience, though, our ascension, is a personal journey into the unknown, a rite of passage that one cannot escape.  Like the aboriginal tribes who demand initiation ceremonies to pass from one stage of life unto the next, so too must we undergo our own personal initiation to the other side, which coincides for everyone with the Mayan Calendars’ closing dates. Our aches and pains at this time are a natural part of the process.   The key to the remainder of the calendar is to surrender, as there is nothing left to “do” on the planet other than prepare ourselves for a beautiful journey and birth.


(Has a request:  Do any of my readers know of a literary agent or children’s book publisher to put me in contact with?)